Monday, June 12, 2006

Soccer Fever

Our soccer star!

My husband's family is Dutch.
They have soccer fever. And, given that I used to play soccer when I was young I enjoy watching soccer as well. So, since the world cup is on we are glued to the set when the Netherlands play.
Here's an interesting tidbit I did not know.
The Dutch flags colours are red, white and navy, but the soccer players wear orange (as do many of their other sports teams). The reason behind this is that the last reigning monarchs were the House of Orange. So now everyone wears orange. Fascinating, eh?
We decided to introduce Matt to soccer. We went to Toys R Us and bought a ball and then showed him soccer on tv.
He's kind of indifferent, but the pictures sure are cute.


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Naomi said...

Cute photos!!

I think soccer is a great sport for kids. Not excessively violent (well, at least, it shouldn't be!!) like hockey, and not as...well...boring as baseball.

I hope to get The Happy Boy into a league when he's old enough...i think it starts at 3! Assuming he wants to play, of course!