Saturday, March 29, 2008

Introducing: Chloe Jessica!

On behalf of Mommy Laural and her husband and son, here is little Chloe.

I can assure you Mommy Laural is doing well and little Chloe is a jewel!
More pictures will be coming soon!

Friday, March 28, 2008

A Little Princess

She's a girl!
Chloe Jessica was born at 12:29 pm today, March 28, 2008.
She is tiny - 6 lbs 6 oz.
We are totally in love.
Mommy is sore from a c-section, but managing the pain.
We will post pictures soon.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

I'm so excited!
I've done the requisite blood tests. I've had the tour of the ward. I've met with the nurses. I've had the explanation of the spinal vs. epidural vs. spinal/epidural. In case you're wondering - I will likely have the spinal.
And, I feel more than ready.
In 24 hours or so we'll be pretty much ready to go. We'll be dropping Matt off at daycare and then off to the hospital.
I've been told that with a planned c-section there's a lot of "hurry up and wait" so I plan to bring some magazines and relax as much as I can while I wait for everything to happen.
Truthfully I'm just so excited to cuddle this new little baby.
We will be posting an update here. I'm not exactly sure when, but check back if you want to see pictures and stuff.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

5 Days to Go!

Am I ever counting down!
I figure that this will likely be my last pregnancy picture. This was my Good Friday outfit. I was pretty impressed that I actually found something that was comfortable!
Depending on who you ask, I'm carrying either high or low. I've either dropped or I haven't. I look like I'm carrying a girl or I'm carrying a boy!!!
So, what do I think?
I'm definitely carrying lower than I did with Matthew. I don't think I've dropped. I don't think my face has changed all that much, but I don't really know what that means.
I haven't spoken much about my weight this pregnancy. But, since several people have asked me, with Matthew I gained around 80 lbs. (I started off a lower weight than with this baby). This time I'm hovering right around the 20 lbs mark. As much as I'm ready to have this baby, I have to say that I'm way more mobile this time around and in a lot less pain.