Saturday, October 03, 2009

Sleep ... I need it

Yesterday I had this whole post written on sleep. On how I'm exhasuted and burnt out and OMG, could I please just go away to a remote island (or you know, a quiet hotel with room service and good cable channels) and sleep and relax for at least 3 nights.
And those feelings still persist.
And my husband is still cranky from lack of sleep. As am I.
And this weekend will still be a bustle of activity wherein we try to fit in our kids activities (gymnastics/birthday party), the necessary weekend stuff (like cleaning and grocery shopping) and we will maybe be able to sneak in some other stuff that we should do like going to the gym and buying new clothes for the kids (the nanny made me a list of what we need - that's how disorganized I am).
But last night when I got home from work my perspective kind of changed.
Chloe was sitting on the floor colouring pictures with our nanny.
A little later on, when Chloe fell asleep and we had our "family quiet time" Matt sat reading to me. Let me repeat. He pulled out a book and READ TO ME. Getting all the words.
And I realized that when people tell me that this time will go quickly and that I will miss this time. Maybe they are right.
I will not miss the lack of sleep.
I am really looking forward to the moment when Chloe goes in her own bed, sleeps through the night and wakes up refreshed.
I am looking forward to the moment when Matt can wake up in the morning and pour his own cereal and watch tv while I sleep in.
But I also know that the moments that happen  the rest of the time, Chloe learning new words, Matt reciting the poems he learns at school, both us attempting cartwheels in the front yard, laughing at the silly things we all do ... I will miss those.
Even if the lack of sleep sometimes makes me appreciate them less.
And I'm pretty sure that one day Mike and I won't be so cranky with each other. And we'll stop snapping over the little things.
And I'm confident that one day Matt will be a little calmer and quieter and realize that he does not ALWAYS need to shout to get his point across.
And I know that Chloe will get bigger and not be quite so clingy and I'll be able to close the bathroom door and pee in peace knowing that she will sit still and watch tv for 30 seconds...
I hope.
Because sometimes I feel like my sanity is hanging by a thread over here.
And if I'm being totally honest, I don't really think I'm one of those people who will miss these days. I may look back on them fondly. But miss them? Not so much.
I'm ready to embrace middle school and teenage hood, etc. etc. You know - the days when you get a little bit of sleep.

You do, right????

My Super Kids

Monday, September 28, 2009

I believe

  • that it is perfectly okay to listen to one song on repeat until you know every.single.word and then use lines from that song in conversation
  • that the best times with friends are the ones you don't plan
  •  that it is fun to go to a pub and order a girly drink. Even if you are with a group of guys. Who laugh at you.
  • that saying "I'm sorry" and truly meaning it is the most powerful thing you can do when you are wrong
  •  that when a situation really sucks sometimes the only thing you can do is change your attitude. And sometimes that makes all the difference
  • that sometimes you should go shopping and only try on clothes that you would never normally buy

  • that the phrase 'forgive and forget' is stupid. Forgiveness is a gift, but sometimes you need to remember
  •  that if you are in Disneyworld and your child is whining and cranky, ice cream is a much more effective solution than getting angry.(this is also true in malls, on long car rides and when visiting relatives)
  •  that if you really love a friend, and for some reason you've drifted apart CALL!
  • that sometimes crying is the only solution, and when it is go for it.  Also. Tear fests should be followed by pizza
  • that it is okay to say you believe in God. Or that you don't. And that it is really good to discuss these issues with people who don't feel the same way as you.
  • that if you think someone is amazing tell them. Bonus points if you sit and write a note with a real pen on real paper.
  • that having a messy desk means you are really smart.
  • that you should take the time to talk to kids - and not just your own.

  • that you should try to take your vitamins.
  • that empathy is a gift ... And a curse. If you know someone empathetic (hi!) Understand that it is a weight on your shoulders
  • that everyone should listen to "Good Mother" by Jann Arden, read "the Fifth Business" by Robertson Davies and learn the difference between the words "to, two and too"
  • that mental health is something to be valued, and that if you aren't happy you should ask for help. And if you know someone who isn't happy you should offer a soft shoulder for as long as it is needed.
  • that singing in the car while driving is fun. More fun is rolling the windows down and belting it! (even if you're singing along to Miley)
  • that it's great to know how fast you can run 5 k but even better to not care how fast or far you go, and just enjoy the feeling of being outside and feeling free.
  • that it builds character to take yourself out to dinner alone, have a glass of wine and enjoy your own company. Go ahead. Splurge. Order the delicious dessert that makes you feel like a pig and enjoy not sharing it!
  • that the same goes for movies. People are only losers for going alone if they believe they are one.
  • that every woman should own a great pair of red shoes, sexy underwear that is comfortable should get a professional bra fitting (and spluge on the pretty one!)