Saturday, April 14, 2007


Matt and Kalysta hanging out

So today my cousin came over to visit.
She brought her absolutely adorable little baby, and we had a really nice visit.
It's kind of funny because we haven't really had a chance to hang out that much in the past few years. We used to spend a lot of time together through family stuff, but the fact that we went to university a long ways apart, and started careers, and had a bunch of everyday stuff going on sort of led us to not see each other that much.
Obviously having a child changed things even more. It made going out a lot more difficult, and honestly it's even harder to get together with people whose schedules are completely different than yours.
Anyway, since she's had her baby we've seen each other a little more. We also moved closer, so it's a much shorter drive to hang out.
I've gotta say, it's really nice to visit with someone who you forgot was pretty fun.
Like me, her baby was a bit of a surprise, and like me, she isn't exactly your typical Mommy and Me group participant. It was just nice to laugh about some of the dumb stuff about being a new mom. Like, the realization that all the other babies at the playgroup have the same shoes on (Robeez) so what are you missing?
She had me laughing about some of things that people totally get into. Like baby sign language (I'm not knocking it - I did baby sign language, but some people do go a little overboard). Or the whole developmental stages things.
At one point she told me that they recommended taping toys to the floor to teach the babies that things are stuck (cause and effect I guess?) She was like "Did you tape toys to the floor?" Ummmm ... no. If my child would stop crying long enough to play with a toy I was not about to frustrate him by taping it down. I kind of figured that not being able to walk and talk was frustrating enough to him. Why add more frustration?
All in all it was just nice to take a step back, have a nice visit, and hang out with someone I had forgotten was pretty cool.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pictures of Last Night

Me and my friend Michelle

Me, Her Bad Mother, Erica Ehm

(note the person crying in the picture is NOT me - it's the art on the wall behind me)

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Life is Wonderful

Tonight was wonderful.
I met two people I have wanted to meet for a very long time.
First I met Rebecca Eckler.
I love her. She had a book launch. She invited me. If you don't know me it is hard to understand. I will say that anyone who knew me before I read her first book, knocked up, saw a huge change in me after I read her book.
Her second book, wiped, is amazing too. But her first book changed my life.
I have wanted to meet her forever. And I did. And I cried. (She totally dealt with it which just makes me love her more).

I also met catherine of Her Bad Mother.
In a different way I love her. Surprisingly I cried when I met her as well.
I wish I could explain. If you know me you don't need me to. Both women, in very unique ways, have had a profund effect on my life in completely different ways.
I left tonight feeling challenged and encouraged and, dare I say it, special.

I have spent 3 years trying to prove to everyone that I am worthy of being the mother to the most amazing child in the world.

Tonight I felt worthy of being myself - Laural Dawn Adams - mother, wife, daughter, and, oh yeah, my own person.

I knew something was missing. I just didn't quite know what.

So Rebecca and Catherine - thanks! I realized tonight (in the midst of my tears) that I still exist.

I LOVE you guys!!!!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Coolest Thing Ever

When I got into work today I was greeted by an envelope on my chair.
I don't get a lot of interoffice mail, so I immediately opened it. Inside was the coolest thing ever. It was a PURPLE soother. As in THE purple soother that is discontinued and that I can't find anywhere.
But it gets better. There was a note. But, not any note. A super cool cryptic note that left me clues to figure out who this person was. It was a math code.
I have to admit that I'm not exactly the type of person to crack codes, so I did the next best thing - I made a pdf of the note and forwarded it to someone who could help me out. And, help he did.
Anyway, I didn't exactly figure out the riddle, but I did figure out the person.
And, I was pleasantly surprised by who that person was.
That's all I'm saying about it. (you know - I do have a policy about blogging about work stuff - and I probably should have asked his permission before writing about this.

So, cause you are so cool - here is my secret message back to you, my friend. Here's a clue. The key to solving this is the number 17.

pfl iftb, zre

Monday, April 09, 2007

Purple Pacifiers

(really any colour is fine - not just purple - if it looks like this!!!)

My son just turned 3.

I thought by now he would not be using a soother. Really. I did. Back when he was a screaming infant he didn't even want a soother. But, I forced it so that I could have a little peace and quiet. It took a couple of weeks, but eventually he grew to love the soother.

We had soothers in all shapes, sizes and colours. He didn't differentiate. As long as he had something in his mouth he was happy.

Recently this has changed.

In the past few months he's been specific. First it was his orange soother that he wanted so much. Easy. It was the orange nuk soother, available in most stores. He was happy. We were happy.
But then he moved on to his purple soother.

I have no idea what the appeal was. Maybe it was the colour. But, I think it was the shape. Whatever. If he wakes up at 2 am and is happy to fall asleep once he has a soother I'm all for it. I enjoy my sleep. Life is good. There are bigger things to worry about. Afterall, I have read several articles where it says 4 is the age that kids need to give up soothers.

We're good. For another year.

Of course, these articles also say that kids tend to give up soothers due to peer pressure. The fact that most of the other kids in his class don't have one does not phase Matt. He just wants his soother.

Part of me thinks it's high time to rid our household of the soothers. But then part of me doesn't want to. He's not particularly attached to a stuffed animal or a blanket or, for that matter, a specific bed. Just his one purple soother.
What's a mom to do. I send him off to daycare every day. If having his soother makes him happier then I am all for it. Nothing like a little mommy guilt to keep the soother hanging around.

But ...

He only has 1 purple soother. He lost it on Friday - and since it was a holiday - I drove all around town trying to buy him a new one. I couldn't find one at any of the stores that were open.
So we went out on Saturday. No luck.

It became apparent that the beloved purple soother was no longer available.

I spent yesterday searching the internet. Even the company that makes them has none in stock. I checked ebay. Nothing. I checked online retailers. The only ones that had them were American and I could not order from them.
So, I was a little stuck.

Finally today I called the company, Playtex. They confirmed my worst fears - that the purple soother is discontinued. No, they do not have any in their warehouse. They just stopped making them.

They put me on to a similar one. They sware the nipple is the same. I ordered 8. Why? I don't know. They only had 17 in stock, so I figure if they are a hit we'll have a stash. If they aren't I will just give the unopened ones to my friends with younger children.

But, dear internet friends, if you come across these soothers in the store - think of me. And buy them. I will pay you back. Promise (okay, if you don't know me, just give me the store name - and make them hold it. Please).

You are my last hope.

We see our peaceful soother filled nights a thing of the past if anything happens to our precious purple soother.


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Still Running ... and how Bill fits into the picture!!!

Earlier in the year I blogged a bit about running - how I had some goals, how I was enjoying it, etc.
Part of the thing that motivated me was that someone told me that I didn't exactly have a runner's mindset. And, so that spurred me on to keep going to the gym and working on it.
I could have kept blogging about it, except a)my blog isn't about running and b)I don't find it that fascinating.
Don't get me wrong. Some runners have great blogs. I thoroughly enjoyed it when my friend had a goal of running in a race and kept a blog about training (and the name "Run, Ginny, Run" was also quite inspiring!).
For me it's become a bit of a routine. About 3 days a week I go to the gym and I run. I'm impressed with myself because I'm in the 4th month of doing this and I'm still at it. I've done 5 km a couple of times and believe it or not I'm actually enjoying myself. If I have a crappy day I look forward to running it all off with my music to keep me going.
Today, though, I decided to take it outside.
Okay, because my hairdresser told me to.
Yep. I went to see Bill last week, and among other things he told me this - he does not have a runner's mindset either.
Actually, I told him about the comment my friend made, and he said "well, of course you don't have a runner's mindset. Neither do I. I can't imagine running a marathon."
It turns out that he runs about 30 minutes at a time, doesn't worry about distance or speed, and clears his head too.
And, he told me I had to keep at it - if nothing else for my mental health. And, he suggested I try running outside.
So I did. Today.
Now, either he hates me and doesn't want me as a client anymore and was trying to KILL me by suggesting I leave the gentle pace of the treadmill.
Or, he's trying to make some helpful suggestions for my health.
I'll go with the latter because I am pretty sure he could easily blacklist me, not accept me as a client and never see me again and it would be a lot less messy than killing me.
My point is - running outside is not easy.
Honestly, Bill is not the only person to suggest an outdoor run. Everyone I talk to who knows anything about running has told me to run outside. (about 10 people). It's just that Bill is the only one I listen to.
I knew I had to be worried about pace. But, that's hard!
I managed to do just over 2km in about under 15 minutes. I don't know if that's good or not, but really, ouch.
So, I will try it again.
And again.
And again.
My goal is to be able to run 5 km outside by my birthday (May 20th). Though, honestly, I don't envision myself going for a birthday run. I'm enjoying this, but not that much! I think a birthday latte will be much more my style.
That is, unless, Bill wants to come for a run, and that would change everything. Just kidding!

PS About Bill - he hated the colour and fixed the cut. I am no longer obsessively straightening my hair.