Wednesday, June 09, 2010


The end of the school year is close, and as usual I'm stressing about teacher gifts.
And honestly, I'm kind of just stressing about the end of kindergarten in general.
Matt will be done senior kindergarten this month.
I am honestly wondering where the time went. I'm also wondering how the heck I'm supposed to get some sort of teacher gift to thank the teacher that has done so much in Matt's life.
Two year's ago I met Matt's teacher, Miss K. I knew from the minute I met her that she was the perfect fit for Matt, and our family.
I was at a meet the teacher night. Chloe was really little (3 months, maybe) and Matt was 4. He was just out of daycare and at home full time with me. And everything was a challenge for him. His behaviour was out of control and I was terrified at the prospect of him going into school.
So I stuck around to talk to his teacher after we'd been told the classrooms, etc.
In about 5 minutes she made me feel at ease. And she said to me "I will work with you to make this work for Matthew."
And for the past 2 years she has done that.
I've seen Matt grow in so many ways.
This amazing teacher has not just taught Matt, she has loved him. He talks about her constantly. I know the other children, and parents, love her too.
I know that this is the best possible introduction to school my child, and I, could have ever asked for.
And now those 2 years are over.
And it seems like buying a gift card and a thank you note aren't enough.
I'm not sure what would be.
I'm not suggesting a million dollar gift. I just want something meaningful, something that says how much she means to us.
I was talking to Matt about it last night. He suggested that we either buy her a car or a zhu zhu pet.
Both good ideas.
But, I'm thinking they may not be quite what I'm looking for.
Any ideas?
Cuz I have nothing.