Friday, October 05, 2007

So - Things are Good!

I went to my first ob appointment today. And thankfully everything is fine, normal even.
I have to admit that since last week I've been doubting everything. Sure I've been feeling like crap and trying to remind myself that morning sickness = pregnant and no more bleeding is a good thing, but when you're not at the baby kicking stage yet there's nothing to really gauge it by.

So, I was looking forward to today's appointment. And all was well.

Mike joined me because I didn't want to go to the first appointment on my own. There are reasons for this. First of all, last time I had a midwife, and there was just a little office we'd driven past. This is part of a hospital and there was an ultrasound to follow (and blood tests as it turned out) and I suck at directions. I would have been wandering for ages.

It was also nice to have him at the appointment.

So, here are some of the good things. One aspect I've been debating and discussed with my family doctor, was the c-section option. So I brought this up and my ob was totally on board. She said given the reasons (a dislocated tailbone for starters) that she is supportive. The only thing she asked is that I wait to make a decision on this until closer to the due date because my mind may change. She made it abundantly clear that I can make the decision anytime or change my mind anytime, but that she just wants me to decide based on this pregnancy. I thought that was awesome. It put my mind at ease - and I love that I have options. LOVE. She's pretty cool.

We also discussed my weight and my concerns. I have only gained 6 lbs, so she wasn't worried but she said that if I feel I'm gaining too much then she'll refer me to a dietitian. I like that idea.

And then we went for an ultrasound. It was a good experience. I have a healthy, growing baby and all the signs are normal. The neck size is fine, the arms and legs and head are there and the heart beat was 153 bpm. So normal. So wonderfully wonderfully normal. I feel like a weight has been lifted. I feel like I can actually trust now that things will be fine. I know I have to believe it, but I needed to hear that heartbeat again. It was a beautiful noise.

I'm NOT food!

Yesterday at daycare another little boy bit Matthew.
Matt was totally fine. And, I wasn't concerned in the least because Matthew has done his share of biting.
In the car on the way home I asked him about it. He told me who bit him and he showed me the teeth marks. When we went through the biting stage (and it recurs whenever he's upset about something) I was given lots of advice. Many people suggested biting him back. I never did. But, to me this was the perfect learning opportunity, and I explained that that is how we feel when he bites.
I think he understood.
Who knows.
But, then I was curious about his response.
Mike asked if he cried.
So, I asked him what he said.
"I told him 'I'M NOT FOOD' and then played with someone else."
Smart! I guess when you've bitten lots of kids you know exactly how to respond.
Of course, one of the things you could do is make an apology card. Right, Kerry? For all of you crafty people, or people who just like crafty things, you have to check out my friend Kerry's blog. Not only is she an incredibly lovely person but she is also amazing at making cards. Inspired much? Matthew cannot stop talking about her son "Wiley" (Riley). It's really cute.
For instance, "Mommy, we should tell Wiley that I'm riding a big boy bike now because he prolly does too." or "Mommy, can my webkinz be friends with Wiley's webkinz??"


And ...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! At least all the Canadians.
Today I have my first ob appointment and an ultrasound, which I'm hoping is less stressful than last week! Wish me luck. I'm a little nervous about it.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

DeLurk, my friends, DeLurk!

Who knew ... it's delurking day! I found out from Ali and MTM! (In other words, all the cool people knew about it!)
If you're reading, I'd love to know. Leave a comment :) I like to know you are out there. Feedback is great. And appreciated.
And, while I'm on the topic, to everyone who has been so super sensitive and kind and helpful this past week when I've been going through some crappy health ... THANKS! I haven't really been replying because I've been sleeping. But, you make a girl feel loved.

PS I keep meaning to post about how my son got the coolest gift of a webkin, and I'm fully addicted to the webkins site. Who knew "Go Fish" was soooo addictive.

Kamakazi Kitty

Let's take a break from my icky pregnancy complaints for a bit to discuss the craziest member of my household ... Rosie Rose Petal.
For those not in the know - that would be our 5 month old kitten.
I've had kittens before. I love kittens. But, I sware Rosie is the craziest of them all. Sweet, yes. But totally insane.
As she has gotten old she has gotten crazier.
One of the joys of our older house is that our doors don't shut completely. I mean, we can close the doors, but a gentle push will open them. Because I am allergic to cats, our compromise is that I can own cats but they can't sleep in our bedroom. This is fine by Mojo, our older cat. The closed door means she sleeps somewhere else. Given that Matt has 3 beds in his room alone this has never been a problem.
But Rosie??? When she wants something she wants it. So she somehow discovered that if she wants to get into our bedroom she just has to open the door.
The other day I was having a nap and I heard a thump. I kind of woke up. Then I heard another thump. Sixteen thumps later Rosie Rose Petal managed to open the door and flew into the bedroom. She then jumped on the bed, curled up and went to sleep. I picked her up and put her in the hall, closing the door behind me. Several thumps later she was back in the room, up on the bed and moments later curled up asleep. I decided not to fight this. What's the point? She is determined and would get in.
But her craziness continues throughout the house. Take for instance her drinking. We have a bowl of water out for her every day. Most cats lap water. Not Rosie. In goes the paw. She licks the water off her paw and then wipes her paw on the mat. This is repeated until she is full.
It's insane!!!
There is more. So much more.
But, despite the craziness we love her to pieces. She follows Matt around like a puppy dog, and the two of them play. When he pulls out his trains she chases them. If he plays in the basement she's always down there with him - sometimes playing. Sometimes relaxing.
I love it!!!

Monday, October 01, 2007

I am Woman; hear me, ummm, whimper?

Remember when I first announced my pregnancy, how I was so determined that nothing would change? That everything would be fine and as easy as with my first pregnancy?
Well, all of that changed.
And I'm holding on, but barely.
Thursday knocked me off my feet and scared me a lot. I got to work, and went to the washroom where I saw lots and lots of blood. My friend (and colleague) brought me to the hospital where I stayed off and on for a couple of days. The problem really was that they couldn't figure out why it happened. But, thankfully on the first day they heard a heartbeat. And then they sent me home late that afternoon saying that only time would tell and that I had to return the next day for an ultrasound - that would actually let us know if things were okay.
They were. In fact, the baby was moving so much that they couldn't get as much information as they wanted to. As the ultrasound technician explained, the info they needed which was that there was a heartbeat and "a single live fetus" was established. The fact that it is an acrobat is something for another technician to deal with.
I went from there to the early pregnancy clinic. The final decision was that they couldn't figure out what had happened, but I needed to take it easy. Really easy. No standing, no walking, no exercising and no picking up Matthew.
By Friday I was exhausted. And I had a cold. And I felt sick.
So, I spent the weekend doing nothing. Well, Matt and I had a failed trip to Shoppers Drug Mart where we had to have Mike come and pick us up.
My muscles hurt, my throat hurts, my head hurts. I'm nervous about hurting this baby.
And, I'm not going to whine my way through pregnancy. But still. ahhhhhh!
To everyone who asked, yes. I'm fine. As fine as I think I'm going to be. I desperately need to wax my eyebrows, get a hair cut and have a good cup of coffee, but all that aside, I think we're holding it together.
Mike and I are trying to change some things - I'm going to sleep in a little later and Mike is going to help get matt up. Little things - but things to make life survivable and make me less whiny.
Any other suggestions ... bring it on.