Thursday, October 18, 2007

Sisters ...

Yesterday I rode home on the train with a friend of mine. More specifically she was a friend of my sister's and she lives next door to my parents.
We know each other kind of well, in the sense that we've been neighbours and we had a lot of similar friends, and so when we see each other on the train there is usually stuff to chat about. In our case yesterday we were talking about work.
She was mentioning how she got her job and then referred her sister who now works with her. They've worked together in the past, and get along really well. And, it just seemed natural. As she got talking about her sister and the topic of mine came into the conversation it just seemed totally natural that our sisters were so involved in our lives.
Then last night I had my sister's girls over for a few hours. They were eating a bowl of Fruit Loops together - Paige would ask for a specific colour and Kyla would hand it to her. It was such a natural act. It wasn't thought out. They weren't trying to be "good" - they were watching tv and sharing a treat.
And, it got me wondering how on earth you foster relationships like this.
I will say I'm incredibly lucky to have a sister like I do. And, I think at some point we made a decision, somewhat unconscious, that we were going to choose to be sisters and friends. (and this decision I would say, was made when we were no longer sharing a bathroom!).
But, I think it is more than that.
I've been observing different sets of siblings. Some get along really really well. Some can't stand each other.
One of my friends would tell you that she avoids her sister as much as possible - even though she loves her she just doesn't like her.
Is it parenting? Maybe. I think my parents, specifically my mom, played a role in it - she learned when to referee and when to step back and let us go at it. But now that we have a second baby coming I'm wondering what I can do - or if I can do anything. And, if it's different for boys that girls.
Now - please say you know what movie the picture above is from.
If you don't - here's another clue ...
And, though I know the family loves it when Becky and I do a little rendition of the song "sisters" at Christmas each year, I'm pretty sure that's not why we like each other.

But, since you're already singing along to the song (you are, aren't you) here are the lyrics ...

There were never such devoted sisters

Never had to have a chaperone "No, sir"
I'm there to keep my eye on her

Every little thing that we are wearing

When a certain gentleman arrived from Rome
She wore the dress and I stayed home

All kinds of weather
We stick together
The same in the rain or sun
Two diff'rent faces
But in tight places
We think and we act as one

Those who've
Seen us
Know that not a thing could come between us

Many men have tried to split us up but no one can
Lord help the mister
Who comes between me and my sister
And Lord help the sister
Who comes between me and my man

Love & Hate Thursday

I stole this idea from Janet, but I'm sure she won't mind!!

Hate: That my day at work absolutely sucked the big one today

Love: That I didn't cry (even though I wanted to). The 3:30 pm Twix and pep talk helped!

Hate: That the Gap jacket I bought was ridiculously over priced

Love: That I'm returning it because my friend Kerry came up with the PERFECT replacement coat that is fantastic

Hate: That tomorrow is Thursday when it should really be Friday

Love: That at least it's not Monday

Hate: That I'm feeling all tense from everything and my neck and shoulders hurt

Love: That I found a place where I can get massage across the street from work - and I got one today - and it's covered by benefits

Hate: This freaking pregnancy heartburn

Love: That it signals the end of Nausea - and that Tums fixes everything

Hate: That I'm missing America's Next Top Model Tonight

Love: That it's because I'm spending quality time with my nieces instead - and eating popcorn (and I'm taping it)

So .... What are yours? I'm curious!


And, a little snippet from last night's sleepover with the cousins.
After popcorn and teeth brushing we sent the kids to bed. Despite the fact that Matt has 3 beds in his bedroom, they opted to all share one bed.
My older niece fell asleep very quickly. Like in about 10 minutes. Matt and my 2-year old niece were still chatting and giggling for a long time.

When it got quiet I went upstairs to check on them. There they were, curled up together, reading a book with a flashlight.

"what are you doing?" I asked.
"Reading!" they both replied.
So, I told Matt it is time to put the book away and they needed to go to sleep.
He looked at me completely seriously and said "but Mommy, Paige can't read yet so I need to read so she can sleep." It kind of melted my heart and so I said 5 more minutes. And then I peaked in.
Sure enough, he really was teaching Paige to "read."
He was explaining to her how to count all the pictures on the page and then say what they are ("see, 1,2,3,4 umbrellas") and then Paige would copy him.
It was adorable.

I have a feeling that as they get older Paige and Matt are going to be pretty good friends.

In the end I had to bring Matt to my bed because there was no way Paige was going to sleep when she could chat with Matt. When I split them they both fell asleep in minutes.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

There are many things that Mike and I agree on - where we want to live, our goals in life, our finances, childcare options for our son, etc.
These are all good things to agree on - a strong basis for a lasting marriage.
There's just one issue that stands between us at this time of the year - Christmas.
Mike is a bit of a scrooge. I love the holiday. I'm already to start brewing apple cider; I'm debating where we will put the Christmas tree. And the other day Matthew pulled out his Christmas CD and INSISTS we play it in the car. All.The.Time!
This issue has been like an elephant in the room. Neither Mike nor I will bring it up because it could cause a fight. But the truth is I'm delighted by the Christmas excitement, and Mike hates it. We were doing really well avoiding the issue until this morning.
We are in the car. It's 7:10 am. Mike is cranky. Matthew wants the Christmas music. I turn it on, and, HORROR OF HORRORS, I started to sing along. And clap. And get Matt going. And, really, as much as Mike hates the constant Christmas tunes in the van what puts him over the edge is when I sing along.
I don't think it's my voice. It's more my enthusiasm. And the fact that I have most of the words memorized. And the fact that if I don't know a verse I kind of mumble along and pretend.
In fairness, this love of Christmas comes to me honestly.
Growing up my mom was quite happy to have Christmas in July. We'd turn on White Christmas and play our Bing Crosby records. I don't think we ever had a turkey, but I'm pretty sure we baked Christmas cookies. My mom has always believed in celebrating, and so why not have a little Christmas in July. It's not like we exchanged gifts or actually set up the tree.
So, to me, starting the Christmas tunes in October seems pretty natural. I don't start with the holiday decorations until at least the weekend after Halloween. Though this year I do feel we need to go for a little extra oomph since we are in a house. (okay, last year too, but we had just moved).
Not to mention that I started Christmas shopping this weekend and have already started bugging Mike about what we are getting people, gifts for daycare providers, etc etc.

But, while we are on topic of winter ...
I've been on the hunt for a maternity winter coat.
Here - take a look at the one I bought
I like it - a lot.
Here's the issue. It was expensive. I will maybe wear it for 2 seasons tops, and I can't really justify the amount I spent. More specifically, I can't justify that I got it at Gap Canada for $60 more than they are selling it in Gap USA - even though our dollar is AT PAR.
Why did I buy it? Well, because I panicked. I have no jacket and it's cold outside - or will be - and no maternity stores are carrying winter coats. And they didn't have many. So I bought it.
And now I regret it.
I went and checked out Old Navy. Sure they have nice coats online, but not in the store. And, since we're in Canada I can't order from their site. I won't get started on the frustration.
I'm trying to get Mike to go to Buffalo. My rationale - the $60 we would save on the coat would more than compensate for a delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory. And, I'm pregnant. And want Cheesecake. I'm just apparently not good at arm twisting. And our dollar in ON PAR.
Anyone up for a road trip? Cheesecake is on me!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sleepover for kitty cats

Rosie Rose Petal, our beloved kitten, is about 5 months now which meant one thing - time to get her spayed.
It wasn't hard to tell this was necessary. She started marking spots in the house and getting a little crazy - so we made an appointment to bring her in. The problem was explaining this to Matthew. Not only was I not quite ready to explain why cats get spayed, I was also a little hesitant to tell Matt that the cat would be in the hospital overnight.
So, in order to avoid a difficult conversation I told him that Rosie was going to have a sleepover with all of her cat friends. I thought I was pretty smart until he asked to go and see the other cats who would be at the sleepover. Luckily the staff played a long and were very helpful.
We didn't think it through too too well because the question when we went to pick her up was why had they cut her stomach open and then taped it closed.
When he has sleepovers with Kyla they just have popcorn and movies (what, no surgery?)
Just wait till I try to explain to him how this baby got in my tummy ... should be interesting!