Thursday, October 18, 2007

Love & Hate Thursday

I stole this idea from Janet, but I'm sure she won't mind!!

Hate: That my day at work absolutely sucked the big one today

Love: That I didn't cry (even though I wanted to). The 3:30 pm Twix and pep talk helped!

Hate: That the Gap jacket I bought was ridiculously over priced

Love: That I'm returning it because my friend Kerry came up with the PERFECT replacement coat that is fantastic

Hate: That tomorrow is Thursday when it should really be Friday

Love: That at least it's not Monday

Hate: That I'm feeling all tense from everything and my neck and shoulders hurt

Love: That I found a place where I can get massage across the street from work - and I got one today - and it's covered by benefits

Hate: This freaking pregnancy heartburn

Love: That it signals the end of Nausea - and that Tums fixes everything

Hate: That I'm missing America's Next Top Model Tonight

Love: That it's because I'm spending quality time with my nieces instead - and eating popcorn (and I'm taping it)

So .... What are yours? I'm curious!


And, a little snippet from last night's sleepover with the cousins.
After popcorn and teeth brushing we sent the kids to bed. Despite the fact that Matt has 3 beds in his bedroom, they opted to all share one bed.
My older niece fell asleep very quickly. Like in about 10 minutes. Matt and my 2-year old niece were still chatting and giggling for a long time.

When it got quiet I went upstairs to check on them. There they were, curled up together, reading a book with a flashlight.

"what are you doing?" I asked.
"Reading!" they both replied.
So, I told Matt it is time to put the book away and they needed to go to sleep.
He looked at me completely seriously and said "but Mommy, Paige can't read yet so I need to read so she can sleep." It kind of melted my heart and so I said 5 more minutes. And then I peaked in.
Sure enough, he really was teaching Paige to "read."
He was explaining to her how to count all the pictures on the page and then say what they are ("see, 1,2,3,4 umbrellas") and then Paige would copy him.
It was adorable.

I have a feeling that as they get older Paige and Matt are going to be pretty good friends.

In the end I had to bring Matt to my bed because there was no way Paige was going to sleep when she could chat with Matt. When I split them they both fell asleep in minutes.


MamaLee said...

Awww. It's so nice to see kids playing/getting along/helping each other.

My son does that with his sisters. It does melt my heart to watch.

And cut that heartburn stuff out. NOW!


LoriD said...

Matt is such a good cousin!

Do we get pics of the new coat?

So it's not just me... this IS the longest week ever!

AndreAnna said...

Yeah, this is a LOOOONG WEEK!


MandyPoo said...

Cool love/hate idea! I've used it on my blog!

Rebecca said...

Nexium also works great on the heart burn if the tuns stops working at any point! I feel your pain - it was a nice relief from the naseau, but not a pleasant feeling at all!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

That is so sweet--between the cousins! I wish I was close to my cousins...

Modified Mummy said...

awww, now that's just so adorable!

My son tried to have a friend sleepover once, he was absolutly thrilled with the idea. Then at 9.30pmish his friend wanted her mummy, so she went home. Poor toerag was distraught :(

I really hope that someday my son does something sweet like that, for his little brother.