Monday, October 15, 2007

Christmas Is Coming

There are many things that Mike and I agree on - where we want to live, our goals in life, our finances, childcare options for our son, etc.
These are all good things to agree on - a strong basis for a lasting marriage.
There's just one issue that stands between us at this time of the year - Christmas.
Mike is a bit of a scrooge. I love the holiday. I'm already to start brewing apple cider; I'm debating where we will put the Christmas tree. And the other day Matthew pulled out his Christmas CD and INSISTS we play it in the car. All.The.Time!
This issue has been like an elephant in the room. Neither Mike nor I will bring it up because it could cause a fight. But the truth is I'm delighted by the Christmas excitement, and Mike hates it. We were doing really well avoiding the issue until this morning.
We are in the car. It's 7:10 am. Mike is cranky. Matthew wants the Christmas music. I turn it on, and, HORROR OF HORRORS, I started to sing along. And clap. And get Matt going. And, really, as much as Mike hates the constant Christmas tunes in the van what puts him over the edge is when I sing along.
I don't think it's my voice. It's more my enthusiasm. And the fact that I have most of the words memorized. And the fact that if I don't know a verse I kind of mumble along and pretend.
In fairness, this love of Christmas comes to me honestly.
Growing up my mom was quite happy to have Christmas in July. We'd turn on White Christmas and play our Bing Crosby records. I don't think we ever had a turkey, but I'm pretty sure we baked Christmas cookies. My mom has always believed in celebrating, and so why not have a little Christmas in July. It's not like we exchanged gifts or actually set up the tree.
So, to me, starting the Christmas tunes in October seems pretty natural. I don't start with the holiday decorations until at least the weekend after Halloween. Though this year I do feel we need to go for a little extra oomph since we are in a house. (okay, last year too, but we had just moved).
Not to mention that I started Christmas shopping this weekend and have already started bugging Mike about what we are getting people, gifts for daycare providers, etc etc.

But, while we are on topic of winter ...
I've been on the hunt for a maternity winter coat.
Here - take a look at the one I bought
I like it - a lot.
Here's the issue. It was expensive. I will maybe wear it for 2 seasons tops, and I can't really justify the amount I spent. More specifically, I can't justify that I got it at Gap Canada for $60 more than they are selling it in Gap USA - even though our dollar is AT PAR.
Why did I buy it? Well, because I panicked. I have no jacket and it's cold outside - or will be - and no maternity stores are carrying winter coats. And they didn't have many. So I bought it.
And now I regret it.
I went and checked out Old Navy. Sure they have nice coats online, but not in the store. And, since we're in Canada I can't order from their site. I won't get started on the frustration.
I'm trying to get Mike to go to Buffalo. My rationale - the $60 we would save on the coat would more than compensate for a delicious dinner at Cheesecake Factory. And, I'm pregnant. And want Cheesecake. I'm just apparently not good at arm twisting. And our dollar in ON PAR.
Anyone up for a road trip? Cheesecake is on me!


SciFi Dad said...

at the risk of driving a wedge between you and Mike (I'll whisper it): Lone Star (at least the one in Richmond Hill) serves actual Cheesecake Factory cheesecakes on their dessert menu. I can't remember which flavours, but there are definitely two.


Christina. B said...

Lol, its great to know I am not the only one thinking of Christmas already. ( Deo isn't delighted either,he think i'm kinda weird, so he is on the same page as mike.)

As for coats, I am in a dilemma also! I really dont know if i should get one or not. My OB thought the baby would be here already, but i am not due till nov16. Right now i've been wearing my jackets open(as if i have the choice to close with a sweater underneath. I feel keep hesitating, I feel like buying one is such a gamble.

Kerry J. said...

Too funny! I just downloaded a new Christmas album last night (Josh Groban's brand spankin new one!). Hey I have a maternity coat that you are welcome to either buy or borrow. It's a Gap Maternity XL but is a tad more dressy than the one in your picture. I'll email you the pic and you can let me know. And let me know if you want to do something semi-homemade for daycare providers, etc... we could get together!

Anonymous said...

I would totally come with you on a shopping trip, especially one involving cheesecake and someone also trying to decide how maternity clothes work and how much to spend on them!! Too bad I am too far away!! And for the record, I too love Christmas and would set the tree up Nov 1 if Ken would let me!
Good Luck convincing Mike about the trip!

Ginny said...

So James is away on business for 4 nights. I'm totally up for a 1 or 2 night getaway for some south of the border shopping ;) Not to mention I deserve the time away after hanging out with the kids alone for the week!!

Amy said...

I'm totally on board for a trip to Buffalo! I can go Martha-ing! :)
Point me at the Kmart and I'm happy! Or, hey, there's a Burberry outlet right? Ooooh, Merry Christmas to me! :)

Leece said...

I just came back from Niagara/Buffalo. Do yourself a favour and do NOT go on a weekend! Take a day off work or you'll be at the border for HOURS! Maaaaaaybe you could twist my arm into going again! I never did get any yummy cheesecake when I was there!

nikolas said...

Thanks for the comment. I read your blog a lot, too.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Count me in!!!

Michael said...

Ok.. the van seats seven.. but please, count me out on this shopping extravaganza!

sam said...

Oh Lordy, I forgot about a Maternity winter coat.

*panic sets in*

I may be small enough still that I can get away without one???

Laural Dawn said...

Christina - I'm all about Christmas ... Love it!!! And, if you're that close I bet you'll be fine with what you have.

Sam - I think it depends on the coat you own. Both of mine are really fitted - and I can't even wear heavy sweaters under them. Hence the dilemma!

And Bonnie - SOMEDAY!!! Promise.

Teena said...

We're not big on Christmas either. Bah humbug :)

Karen MEG said...

I would so love to do a trip to Buffalo. Cheesecake or not!
That is a very cute coat! So many more options now with maternity wear! H & M and now even Zara (I noted at Yorkdale Mall). Almost enough for me to want to be pregnant again - but I'm not crazy, I said almost!
Thanks for getting me into the Christmas spirit. It really is just around the corner.

Haley-O said...

I'm coming with! I need a whole new WARDROBE! I can't believe t'is practically the season already. Crazay!