Saturday, August 18, 2007

Paint, Dog and More about Moi

We continued on our quest to update our house this weekend.
On Saturday we tackled our bedroom. By tackled I mean Mike cut chunks of our bedroom wall out in order to move electrical work. At one point we could see outside. It was a little unreal. The purpose of moving the electrical was to build a new closet for our bedroom.
While Mike built, I primed and painted about 3/4 of our room. It was FANTASTIC to get rid of the horrible pink walls. Or at least 3/4 of them.
The other quarter will be painted soon, once the dry wall mud (?) dries and Mike sands. We still haven't figured out if we're going to get a closet system (with all of the shelves, etc) or if we want just basic rods. Oh! The decisions. For now Mike's clothes are still all upstairs in the current bedroom closet (which will be closed off at a later date). And all mine are downstairs in my lovely closet. Baby steps.
I'm honestly the most excited about hanging my vermont artwork. I showed the photos to my parents who were really quite impressed with them.
And, what did Matthew do while we were doing our home renovations? He went on two different hikes with my parents. So, he had a good weekend too. That, and Treehouse did a great job of entertaining him.

Speaking of television ... we recently got DVR which is kind of like tivo. This means that we can tape all sorts of shows - and all the episodes of the show. Here's something most people don't know about me - I LOVE Dog the Bounty Hunter. (don't ask - though there are loads of closet Dog fans out there). And, since we've been recording every episode I've been watching it a lot. So much so that I've had dreams that I'm being hunted down by Dog and Beth. And I keep dreaming Leland is my best friend. I KNOW. Weird. I actually woke up pretty hysterical on Friday night because I was so scared by the dream. I must stop watching this show!

And, Finally ...

One of the best things about blogging, I think, is learning more about other people. It fascinates me to read their opinions and interests. So, when AndreAnna of Diapering Madwoman offered to ask me some questions - I was game. Here are her questions ...

1) You're a working mom like me. Do you find yourself defending this choice often or do people accept the path you've chosen?
I've found myself defending this less and less as Matthew gets older. When Matt was little and I first went back to work it was really hard on me - and so I think every time someone commented I was totally hurt and felt I had to defend myself. I also think that when you're around other moms who are also deciding what they will do everyone shares their opinion. It's a little daunting.
As I have become more comfortable with it I've realized that if someone has an issue with it that's their problem. I think no matter what choice you make (stay at home, work part time or work part-time ... not to mention your child care choice) if you are confident in it people will leave you alone.
Plus, I've also surrounded myself with other moms who understand my decision. That's not to say all my friends have chosen to go back to work, but thy have embraced the decision they have made and don't judge.
But, I am truly in awe of SAHMs!!!!

2) What is your favorite form of exercise?
Good question! I enjoyed running a lot - not in the sense that I'd become a marathon runner, but I got an amazing sense of achievement from it, and occasionally an adrenaline high. I've taken a break from it for some, shall we say, personal reasons, but will hopefully take it up next spring.
I LOVE yoga, and I think I'll start it again in the fall.
And, while I'm on the topic, I LOATHE pilates and suck at any classes that involve much rhythm. I can proudly say that I was so bad at step class that I actually have thrown teachers off. I love the idea of group exercise, but I think I frighten people.

3) What kid show do you hate and wish they would stop airing?
Big Comfy Couch - I cannot stand "Lunette and Molly, a clown and her dolly ..." I really, really can't. The whole show bugs me. And the bizarro stretching clock thing she does is frightening. Plus, her ten-second-tidy up involves throwing things under the couch which is a ridiculous thing to teach children. She needs some bins or something.
Do you even have this show in the States?
Otherwise, Max and Ruby. Do not get me started.
I have to admit, I love WonderPets and sometimes watch with Matt because it's cute.

4) Do you like being a Canadian? Anything the US offers that you think you miss out on? (Other than fluff?)
I love being Canadian. There are some great things that I really appreciate like good health care, and gay marriage.
However, I love Vermont. I'm not sure if that really answers your question, but we don't have a province here that is equal to Vermont. I think if I could I would move there. And, I know my family would come visit because they love it too. I actually have debated buying a timeshare at Trapp Family Lodge - I think it may be one thing I would regret not doing in the future. I love it that much.
And, fluff!!!
(actually, my husband says that we do have fluff here, it's just that I was raised by a health nut mom and a marshmallow hating dad, so as if they would have even thought to buy it!!!)
Oh, and of course CHEESECAKE FACTORY!!!!!

5) Are you a girly girl or more of a tom boy?
This is easy. I am a total girly girl. I love pink, I love makeup and jewelry and clothes and shopping. I really didn't like gym class. I hate things like camping and climbing trees and building stuff. I'm definitely a girly girl!

If you'd like to play, here are the rules, copied from AndreAnna's page.

Interview rules:
1. Leave me a comment saying “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.
3. You will update your blog with a post containing your the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Friday, August 17, 2007


I've written a lot about my friend Ginny on my blog.
I truly believe she's the mom friend that everyone needs - the one who seeks you out, helps keep you sane and doesn't judge you on your decision.
The thing is, what made our friendship so easy at first was that we lived so close to each other. We lived in the same condo, on the same floor. We could pick up the phone and literally meet in the hallway 30 seconds later. So much of our experience was common - we shopped at the same grocery store, we attended the same playgroups, we had the same issues with a crazy property manager (who tried to make us sing Abba at Christmas parties).
And then things changed.
Within a couple weeks I moved out of the condo (not for good) and Ginny went back to work. Then I went back to work. Then I moved back to the condo. Then I moved away from the condo. And now Ginny's family is (finally) moving out of the condo.
It's been a whirlwind friendship. And, of all the friendships I've been in, ours has probably seen the most growth literally and figuratively. We've gone from mothers agonizing over whether formula and soothers were tools of the devil (we learned better) to mothers debating whether it's better to put your child in afterschool care or daycare. We discuss the merits of the schools our 3 years olds will attend and whether my son biting me means I'm a bad mother or not.
We've also grown as women. I see both of us as more secure, confident women than we were when we first met.
There's lots I can say on my blog knowing that I won't be judged, but a lot of it I don't say out loud to many people. Ginny is my human sounding board - the person who I know may not agree with me but will most certainly not judge me.
So last night we got together.
Her mom lives near me - and Ginny was in town. I had a free evening. Our kids were taken care of, and so we met at Starbucks.
And, over lattes we shared a bunch of laughs, and reminisced a lot. We talked about the big next steps in her life (moving to a house!!!) and some of the choices I'm making in mine. And, I realized that right now we are at SUCH a different point in our lives in some ways. But, I also realized that as much as she played such a role in my life when we were at a similar point, being at different places and celebrating the differences, and the experiences and the changes with someone who may not be there with you, but certainly GETS IT is pretty freaking wonderful.
The truth is, we don't see each other nearly enough. We can go months with a quick little e-mail just to say we still exist or a hello on Facebook. But, when we do see each other I realize that the friendship we have is the kind that can withstand the craziness of life and making seeing that person just pretty cool.
So, Ginny, congrats on selling, and buying and being where you want to be. I couldn't be prouder!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Good Things ...

So this week we have been continuing on in our quest to beautify our home. I think as fall approaches and we know it will get cold, we want to make sure the space will be nice for us. (dorky, I know).

Last night we put together a gigantic bookcase. (Expedit from Ikea). We bought all sorts of storage boxes in our brown and pink theme. And then I got extra creative and had these little tins that I put on alternate shelves. We put some magazines on one shelf and I think we're going to put more of Matt's books on another. I'm loving it!!! I'll take pictures when we get all of the crap out of the dining room.

My sister is also dropping off a piece of furniture to me tonight which I will show off when we reorganize the spare room - but that's none too soon. Still, I love seeing stuff come together in our house. It's pretty exciting.

The other exciting thing was that I created my own artwork. I've been really wanting to get some nice art for our bedroom. But, the problem we have is we don't really agree on a lot of stuff. We do both like nice photographs.

So, when I was going through all the shots I took of Vermont, I realized that some turned out beautifully. I never would consider myself a photographer, but when you are somewhere that is absolutely gorgeous, as Vermont is, it's kind of hard to take a bad picture.

I had taken pictures at sunset as well as daytime. So I had a large assortment. I sent them off to be developed into 8x10's.

Surprisingly, the 8x10's turned out really really well. So, for $12 we have artwork. We're going to find some nice frames and that will be the art for the room. Mike thought about enlarging one to a really big size and hanging that. We'll see. But, I love the idea.

I can't wait to show all of the pictures.

Tonight, though, I'm taking a break from all my redecorating to go for lattes with a good friend who I don't see often enough. Is it horrible that I cancelled my dental appointment to hang out with her? Ummm yeah. But as penance I booked a new appointment on my day off next week, so I can feel appropriately guilty then. However, in fairness, it's hard to get to see Ginny since we moved - so it's worth it.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Oh how I miss Vermont! This is my sister and I at Ben & Jerry's with our kids. Every year we take a picture here. They go back to when I was about 6 or 7. I think that one day I will write a letter to the people at Ben & jerry's and tell them how much we love them and how we go every year. This ice cream lid has always been there - since I can remember. And, did you know that including scoop shop sales this is the most popular ice cream? (Cherry Garcia is their number one pint seller - FYI)
This is the current state of my hallway. Do you like all the wood? All the boxes? This weekend we are tackling the project of our bedroom. Our current closet sucks - so we are walling it up and creating a nice new large closet that will run the entire width of our room. And we are painting.
The current colour of our room is this horrible pinkish/dusty rose colour. It's horrible. I have decided that just putting up a couple of coats of primer will be far better than living with this colour any longer. To add to the horror of the room is that the woman who lived here before us was a smoker and so the walls are yellowy. (who smokes in bed anymore?) we've tried washing the walls, but the best way to cover smoke is with paint. So that is what we will do.
We also have a firm rule of "no cats in the bedroom" (I'm allergic) so hopefully our room won't be cat hair filled.
After we do our room we're turning our attention to the spare room. But, I'm not sure when. We may get inspired and go for it - at least prime it. But, who knows.

Finally ... The memes. Her Bad Mother posted all the contents of her "bag" (read: purse) and encouraged her readers to do the same. I thought this was kind of fun. And, since I love a good meme - enjoy!

I'm going to from back to front (kind of)
1) My purse. I have many, but this is the one I use most. It holds everything.
2) Back Left - My wallet (Matt & Nat) it's small. I love it
3) Next to wallet - glasses case for prescription sunglasses
4) Next to case - my Coach change purse. Love. (from my sis)
5) Next to change purse - memo from GO Transit apologizing for delays
6) Second Row from Back left - my Blackberry/Crackberry - I love and hate this
7) Tylenol
8) Sunglasses that belong in their case
9) Glasses case (with glasses)
10) Pass for work with pig-like picture of me on it
11) Lypsyl
12) Postcard from Vermont from Matthew to Kalysta - I mailed it this morning!!!
13) 2 Pens
14) A gum wrapper
15) My social girl candy. This makes me laugh - they say on them "I'm an Open Invitation" - and they are cherry flavoured. They were a gift from my parents who didn't read that closely. They make me laugh.
16) change that belongs in my change purse
17) front middle - a second cup 2 for 1 coupon and some wadded up receipts and an old cold pill
18) Photo lab photos from my sister. She's very organized. The pictures are adorable
19) My 2 Shinylicious lip glosses. My current favourites. LOVE.

FINALLY - Haley Tagged me for a meme about my middle name

Basically you just post a relevant fact for each letter of your middle name. As you should know - my middle name is Dawn (as in Laural Dawn). Easy Peasy.

D - daring
A - adventurous
W - wacky
N - noisy

There you have it. And ... I am tagging 4 people since that's how many letters are in my middle name. And, these are people I've never tagged before (or have I?)
I tag: AndreAnna, MandyPoo, MammaLee and Sam

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little less Drama, a little more Laughter

Thankfully the major biting spell in our house is almost over.
I'm not sure what prompted it, though the suggestion that it may be because Mike didn't go on vacation with us or the fact that I've been extra emotional lately may have triggered it.
Who knows.
What I do know is that thankfully Matt has retracted his teeth and is becoming the three-year-old we know and love.
And he's back to his crazy self.
The last couple of nights we've been going on walks. I know I should be at the gym again, or even running, but it's been so nice out lately and I haven't felt like going to the gym. I want to be outside. And, since Matthew is loving riding his trike it has made going for walks much easier.
Believe it or not, 99% of the time Matt listens when we tell him to slow down, he knows not to ride on to the road, and he's not really capable of riding faster than we can run. So, it makes for an enjoyable walk.
Last night's walk/ride was to Starbucks. I was craving an evening coffee - and since I never drink caffeine in the evening, there aren't that many tasty decaf choices out there. And, I thought it would make for a perfect distance which it did.
But, the funniest part of the trip was watching Matt on his trike. He is now attempting to do various tricks. So, he'll stop, pick up his trike like he's doing a jump, and then plop it down. Or, he'll do a crazy spin. Or he'll wobble back and forth. Half the time Mike and I were cracking up. It was so cute.
And, I think I'm also learning with Matt that he needs to be tired out in the evening. We are sometimes guilty of letting him watch tv while we do various things. But, I think we need to get him outside enjoying the weather.
He's already told us the next subdivision he wants to ride through, so I think we may try it out.
Mike wants to get a bike for himself. I'm thinking next year he and Matt will probably be able to go for some bike rides together.
Personally, I can't stand bike riding. So, maybe I'll jog along behind them.
(okay, who am I kidding. Maybe I'll make a cup of coffee and read and let them have some father/son bonding time... so much nicer)

Sunday, August 12, 2007


For the past few weeks I've been on this clean streak.
The problem that I have, which it seems my husabnd and son both have, is that I'm not a naturally neat person.
I have this issue where I'd love a clean house, but I have a hard time achieving it. Mike swears he doesn't see it, and Matthew takes great joy in creating messes all around him.
I'm fine with a house not being perfect. I like people, and myself of course, to feel welcome and comfortable to put their feet up and relax.
But, lately, it's been a lot less comfortable and a lot more messy.
The problem is that we aren't that organized, and so it's really hard to put stuff away somewhere where there is no place to put it. It's making me CRAZY.
So, I'm starting a rather aggressive plan to get this place in shape. I'm sorting, organizing and throwing out.
In fairness, we have lived in this house 8 months, and we have been in transition for the past few years, so we have lived out of boxes a lot. We've accumulated lots of junk.
Lst week I re-did the kitchen and put in a nice new cupboard. Our big plans for re-doing our kitchen are on hold for a bit, so I thought I could at least make some small changes.
Next step - basement.
While Mike took Matt to his parents' place for the day I cleaned, sorted and organized ALL of Matthew's toys. I threw out several bags of broken toys. I spent literally hours. And today I'm tired! But, I'm off to do laundry. FUN times!