Tuesday, August 14, 2007

A little less Drama, a little more Laughter

Thankfully the major biting spell in our house is almost over.
I'm not sure what prompted it, though the suggestion that it may be because Mike didn't go on vacation with us or the fact that I've been extra emotional lately may have triggered it.
Who knows.
What I do know is that thankfully Matt has retracted his teeth and is becoming the three-year-old we know and love.
And he's back to his crazy self.
The last couple of nights we've been going on walks. I know I should be at the gym again, or even running, but it's been so nice out lately and I haven't felt like going to the gym. I want to be outside. And, since Matthew is loving riding his trike it has made going for walks much easier.
Believe it or not, 99% of the time Matt listens when we tell him to slow down, he knows not to ride on to the road, and he's not really capable of riding faster than we can run. So, it makes for an enjoyable walk.
Last night's walk/ride was to Starbucks. I was craving an evening coffee - and since I never drink caffeine in the evening, there aren't that many tasty decaf choices out there. And, I thought it would make for a perfect distance which it did.
But, the funniest part of the trip was watching Matt on his trike. He is now attempting to do various tricks. So, he'll stop, pick up his trike like he's doing a jump, and then plop it down. Or, he'll do a crazy spin. Or he'll wobble back and forth. Half the time Mike and I were cracking up. It was so cute.
And, I think I'm also learning with Matt that he needs to be tired out in the evening. We are sometimes guilty of letting him watch tv while we do various things. But, I think we need to get him outside enjoying the weather.
He's already told us the next subdivision he wants to ride through, so I think we may try it out.
Mike wants to get a bike for himself. I'm thinking next year he and Matt will probably be able to go for some bike rides together.
Personally, I can't stand bike riding. So, maybe I'll jog along behind them.
(okay, who am I kidding. Maybe I'll make a cup of coffee and read and let them have some father/son bonding time... so much nicer)


AndreAnna said...

They have so many cool things for bike riding with your kids now - the kids bike that actually attaches to the adult bike from the back...They'll have so much fun!

Haley-O said...

The monkey's TOTALLY josh-o's in the evening. I mean, we have dinner together, but, when he comes home, they play, go to the park (while I make dinner -- and sometimes I'll join them), and then he plays with her in the bath. She gets good and tired! And, I get a little me-time. :)

So, take advantage! Let the hubby tire him out while you chillax! ;) But, then again, I'm a sahm -- I need a "break". But, still.

Skittle said...

I love your blog! kids are the best! The fact that you can enjoy being outside in the evenings is a true sign you are in Canda not Georgia! It is still in the high 90s by evening time here! No way I'm walking :)