Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Oh how I miss Vermont! This is my sister and I at Ben & Jerry's with our kids. Every year we take a picture here. They go back to when I was about 6 or 7. I think that one day I will write a letter to the people at Ben & jerry's and tell them how much we love them and how we go every year. This ice cream lid has always been there - since I can remember. And, did you know that including scoop shop sales this is the most popular ice cream? (Cherry Garcia is their number one pint seller - FYI)
This is the current state of my hallway. Do you like all the wood? All the boxes? This weekend we are tackling the project of our bedroom. Our current closet sucks - so we are walling it up and creating a nice new large closet that will run the entire width of our room. And we are painting.
The current colour of our room is this horrible pinkish/dusty rose colour. It's horrible. I have decided that just putting up a couple of coats of primer will be far better than living with this colour any longer. To add to the horror of the room is that the woman who lived here before us was a smoker and so the walls are yellowy. (who smokes in bed anymore?) we've tried washing the walls, but the best way to cover smoke is with paint. So that is what we will do.
We also have a firm rule of "no cats in the bedroom" (I'm allergic) so hopefully our room won't be cat hair filled.
After we do our room we're turning our attention to the spare room. But, I'm not sure when. We may get inspired and go for it - at least prime it. But, who knows.

Finally ... The memes. Her Bad Mother posted all the contents of her "bag" (read: purse) and encouraged her readers to do the same. I thought this was kind of fun. And, since I love a good meme - enjoy!

I'm going to from back to front (kind of)
1) My purse. I have many, but this is the one I use most. It holds everything.
2) Back Left - My wallet (Matt & Nat) it's small. I love it
3) Next to wallet - glasses case for prescription sunglasses
4) Next to case - my Coach change purse. Love. (from my sis)
5) Next to change purse - memo from GO Transit apologizing for delays
6) Second Row from Back left - my Blackberry/Crackberry - I love and hate this
7) Tylenol
8) Sunglasses that belong in their case
9) Glasses case (with glasses)
10) Pass for work with pig-like picture of me on it
11) Lypsyl
12) Postcard from Vermont from Matthew to Kalysta - I mailed it this morning!!!
13) 2 Pens
14) A gum wrapper
15) My social girl candy. This makes me laugh - they say on them "I'm an Open Invitation" - and they are cherry flavoured. They were a gift from my parents who didn't read that closely. They make me laugh.
16) change that belongs in my change purse
17) front middle - a second cup 2 for 1 coupon and some wadded up receipts and an old cold pill
18) Photo lab photos from my sister. She's very organized. The pictures are adorable
19) My 2 Shinylicious lip glosses. My current favourites. LOVE.

FINALLY - Haley Tagged me for a meme about my middle name

Basically you just post a relevant fact for each letter of your middle name. As you should know - my middle name is Dawn (as in Laural Dawn). Easy Peasy.

D - daring
A - adventurous
W - wacky
N - noisy

There you have it. And ... I am tagging 4 people since that's how many letters are in my middle name. And, these are people I've never tagged before (or have I?)
I tag: AndreAnna, MandyPoo, MammaLee and Sam


AndreAnna said...

Oh, woohoo! This was a fun post, and I was getting sick of blogging about my girly bits. lol.

MandyPoo said...

Well, I'll have to wait until I get home to take a picture of all of the junk in my purse! But I'll definitely post it - I love a good meme!

AndreAnna said...

I did them both! Phew, now i need a nap. LOL

Haley-O said...

Funnee! My brother and his wife got a picture of themselves like that at Ben and Jerry's!

I love the purse meme! It's, like, BETTER than seeing what's in someone's fridge!

sam said...

I don't wanna be it!

;) Alright, I really don't mind all that mcuh, I'll play along..

I'm afraid to do the purse meme. LOL