Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Good Things ...

So this week we have been continuing on in our quest to beautify our home. I think as fall approaches and we know it will get cold, we want to make sure the space will be nice for us. (dorky, I know).

Last night we put together a gigantic bookcase. (Expedit from Ikea). We bought all sorts of storage boxes in our brown and pink theme. And then I got extra creative and had these little tins that I put on alternate shelves. We put some magazines on one shelf and I think we're going to put more of Matt's books on another. I'm loving it!!! I'll take pictures when we get all of the crap out of the dining room.

My sister is also dropping off a piece of furniture to me tonight which I will show off when we reorganize the spare room - but that's none too soon. Still, I love seeing stuff come together in our house. It's pretty exciting.

The other exciting thing was that I created my own artwork. I've been really wanting to get some nice art for our bedroom. But, the problem we have is we don't really agree on a lot of stuff. We do both like nice photographs.

So, when I was going through all the shots I took of Vermont, I realized that some turned out beautifully. I never would consider myself a photographer, but when you are somewhere that is absolutely gorgeous, as Vermont is, it's kind of hard to take a bad picture.

I had taken pictures at sunset as well as daytime. So I had a large assortment. I sent them off to be developed into 8x10's.

Surprisingly, the 8x10's turned out really really well. So, for $12 we have artwork. We're going to find some nice frames and that will be the art for the room. Mike thought about enlarging one to a really big size and hanging that. We'll see. But, I love the idea.

I can't wait to show all of the pictures.

Tonight, though, I'm taking a break from all my redecorating to go for lattes with a good friend who I don't see often enough. Is it horrible that I cancelled my dental appointment to hang out with her? Ummm yeah. But as penance I booked a new appointment on my day off next week, so I can feel appropriately guilty then. However, in fairness, it's hard to get to see Ginny since we moved - so it's worth it.


MamaLee said...

I LOVE those shelves - I dream of them, in fact.

And lattes trump EVERYTHING, especially dental appts!!


AndreAnna said...

Who needs teeth to sip lattes?

Can't wait to see the pics!

Skittle said...

I love the shelf! About a year ago both my boyfriend and daughter were out of town for a weekend, and I got creative ;) I went around town taking photographs and had them developed in black and white and blown up to 8x10. I bought black shadow box frames and lined them around the room. I bought a black duvet cover for the bed & white sheats, then to top it off I bought a burgandy pillow & scarf window treatments. It is very simple...but a year later I still love it!

Ginny said...

Funny, this is the exact unit I have been looking at for our basement! I think it's going to be a great way to separate the family space from my craft space! I'm coming over to check it out at some point!!

LoriD said...

Oh I was just looking at those Ikea shelves. I love the cube look. Post a picture when you have it all set up, 'kay?

Teena said...

We have a lot of IKEA stuff. Not the best quality but they have some funky stuff.