Saturday, September 09, 2006

Back on the Wagon

So of course this week was Labour day, and with it came a sort of resolution.
I was reading something about how a lot of people actually make second resultions on Labour day. Like on New Year's except in the fall. I rarely make New Year's resolutions, and when I do I never keep them, so kind of dumb to find a second time in the year for me to make a resolution that I know I won't keep.
But, this feeling of fall, new beginnings, and reading about skinny jeans did get me back on the bandwagon when it came to my weight.
For the past month I've been avoiding all of my weight watchers stuff. I wasn't sticking to my weekly weigh ins, I wasn't journaling, I wasn't really even counting points. So, basically I was off track. I was still trying in the sense that I wasn't really gaining weight, I wasn't over eating, etc. In other words I was at a standstill.
But, I got back on track.
On Labour Day (after a week of trying) I weighed myself and guess what?! I finally hit 25 pounds. It's cool, but also a little sad since in July I was at 23.5 pounds. But, I guess for me it was that thing that pushed me towards realizing that I could soon hit 30 pounds. And after 30 pounds what's another 20 - y'know. And, so I started again.
Mid week my friend pointed out that if I really work I could hit my goal weight at Christmas. She's right. What a great Christmas gift to myself not to mention all the lovely Christmas gifts others could give me.
And then I weighed myself again today (I know it should be weekly, but I did go Monday to Saturday, so whatever) and again the WW magic is working because I'm dropping pounds. And with those pounds is coming confidence. Again. Finally.
I've promised myself that when I hit a certain magic number (45 pounds) I will by the Lululemon pants I really want.
When I hit 30 pounds (which I am close to) I get to see my beloved Bill the hairstylist. Hmmm ... I think I should book an appointment.
And, oh yeah, I'm down to the next level of points. This kind of sucks because it means I get to eat less calories in the day. But then it's also good becasue it means that I am losing weight. And how great is that???????
So, today I'm just being proud of myself. Because liking myself is always a good thing.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Monsters ...

Matthew is afraid of monsters.
I don't know why. His fear seemed to come out of nowhere. Okay, so we did let him watch Monsters Inc., but really he was already afraid of monsters when we let him watch it, and we sort of figured that it would show him not to be afraid of monsters.
Apparently that didn't work because the kid is terrified.
Yesterday, for instance, we were watching the Simpsons. I know - maybe not the best show for a toddler, but we were tired and I couldn't watch Dora again. (God help me when Mike starts quoting lines from Dora and we both laugh).
And, it was a good one. Except right in the middle of the show they make a commercial with a monster climbing in an old woman's window.
Matthew started screaming and clinging to me "Ahhhh!!! Mommy. Monster!"
And, given that it was not a kids show, and the purpose of the show was not to show that Monsters really are nice not mean, we kind of just had to go back to Dora and try not to dwell on that monster.
He didn't mention it again. He went to bed, all was fine. Till about 3:30 am when he ran down that hall shrieking "momma momma - monsters."
Oh dear.
Half an hour later he was back asleep, cuddled up with me (and later peeing on me - thanks Matt!).
Poor thing.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Baby # 2 ... hmmmm

NO. I'm not pregnant. There is no baby #2. You can breathe again!
But, it seems that since my child has hit the magical age of 2 everyone thinks that a second child is imminent. It started with my doctor who happens to be Matthew's doctor too.
"Now that your son is two ... have you started thinking about another?" Nope.
Then it just snowballed. We had an open house for his 2nd birthday and I sware people were looking to see if I had a bump. Nope.
The questions keep coming - parents in the park, people I work with, somewhat random strangers on the street and friends of friends and distant relatives.
For the record, I don't think that a mandatory age difference is 2 years. It's nice, I agree, but so is 3 years or 5 years.

But then today Mike and I were out at a mall shopping while Matty spent some time with his grandparents. We were on a mission to find fall clothes for Matt. We were in Walmart and ended up in the baby department. And Mike turned to me and said
"I hope our next one is a girl"
What next one? Trust me - I am 100% sure I am not pregnant, and we are not trying to get pregnant. So the comment was pretty random.
So I calmly said "are you trying to tell me you're ready for another one?"
Yep. It turned out he was. It turns out he's been ready for awhile and just didn't tell me. Good call on that. Since I am nowhere near ready to even think about another one.
And it shocked me that Mike is.

So, herewith all the reasons that I am not ready for another.
1) I am finally beginning to get comfortable with my body after 3 long years. Today I weighed myself and I hit that magical 25 pound mark. I have a ways to go. But, I'm seeing the results and I'm liking them. And I want to lose more and like myself again before I have another baby.
2) I love the stage Matthew is at. We chat. We talk. He communicates. He sleeps through the night. He walks and doens't need a stroller all the time. When I am sad he actually tries to comfort me. It's taken 2 years and 3 months (plus 10 months of pregnancy) to get to this stage. I don't really want to start over.
3) Pregnancy. Yuck.
4) Labour. Ouch.
5) Post Partum Depression. Terrified.
6) I would be giving up the last 2 years of my twenties. The way I see it, I got pregnant 5 years before I was planning to. I wasn't quite ready to give up eveyrthing I did. I don't regret it, but I also know that I want to finish my twenties before I get pregnant again.
7) I want to give another child the same love and attention I gave to Matt and at this point I can't. At least I don't think I can.
8) I don't want to live in Toronto in a small condo with 2 kids. I don't want to take 2 kids home from daycare everyday on the TTC. One almost kills me somedays. I think If I attempted to put a double stroller on the Eglinton bus at rush hours someone really would kill me. Ditto for a regular stroller and a hyper toddler.
9) I'm already tired enough. Thinking about working, then picking Matt up at daycare and taking him home on the bus while pregnant - I may kill myself.
10) We don't have enough money. There is no way we can afford to have 2 kids in daycare right now. Nor can we afford all of the other stuff that comes along with 2 kids - clothes, shoes, diapers, food, formula.

I know I know. That list sounds really selfish. It is, in fact, really selfish. But I think in a decision like this you have to be a little selfish, because if you aren't than you will make all the wrong decisions, right?

I dunno. Feel free to comment - I'd love to hear what others think.
PS why is there a random pic of me here? I dunno. Just cause - really because Mike and I agreed it's a nice picture and I hate pictures of me :)