Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why We Aren't Having Playdates for Awhile

Today Matt asked if his friend could come and play. I said no.

I'm pretty sure the lack of walls may cause a problem.

And, as much fun as it is to play with power tools ... I'm pretty sure that anything our contractor leaves at our house is probably not safe for kids.

Really, our basement is pretty torn up right now. But, renovations are going well.
I was worried that it would be kind of hellish, but so far so good. The cats are a little confused, but other than that it's not too bad.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Imagine This ...

Seriously. For Christmas I want to go to Disney World!

Saturday, December 06, 2008

Oh Christmas Tree!

This year's Christmas tree was different from others. There is a lack of ornaments, lights, and sparkly stuff.
We debated a lot about whether or not we would even have a tree.
Chloe is very active, and after spending about 2 minutes around my parents' tree I realized that we really could not do our usual glitz and glamour.
But, of course we have a tree. And of course Matthew wanted to decorate.

So we let him.

The tree is about 5 feet, and he could reach most of it. So, we let him put up whatever he wanted. And we even let him help with the lights.

Chloe also helped.

As I said, this year's tree lacks the Martha Stewart flare of previous years. Okay, I lie. I've never been into the Martha look. But, I do usually have a colour theme, hang the tinsel/ribbon in some order and get a little anal about the whole thing.

I also usually care that there is only one ornament per branch. And ornaments have to be the right way up.

This year all our candy canes turned into J's since that is the letter of the week. And all the J's are grouped together. On one branch. There is no theme. My Kristi Yamaguchi ornament is hanging on top of a bell.

But, this is my favourite Christmas tree ever. It's what Christmas is all about. And, it makes me smile. Sure, I'd love a fancy star, not the dollar store special that blinks. But, whatever. Tis the season. And I guantee we'll remember our afternoon of Christmas carols and tree decorating more than we would a fancy tree.

But, hey...
Since you're asking, want to see my sister's tree too? (and, can we all stop and enjoy the fact that the child who is sitting and smiling properly for the picture is Matthew?)

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Friday, November 28, 2008

Chilling With Grandpa

Last night was a tree lighting near the school my dad works at. So, my mom picked Matt up for a special Grandma/Grandpa evening.
My dad plays clarinet and was in a jazz band, and Matt had the role of holding a flashlight so my dad could read the music.
Matt took his job very seriously, and did a really good job, sitting still the entire time.
After the music a very special visitor came out.
The whole ride there and back Matt was thrilled with time to chat to Grandma as they spotted Christmas lights, talked about school ("Q and U are best friends") and enjoyed the festive spirit.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I'm a (Guitar) Hero

Guitar Hero IIImage by smwood71 via FlickrMike LOVES video games. Me, not so much.
I'm not opposed to them or anything. I just have no hand/eye coordination and find them extremely frustrating. Matt has a V-Smile and I find even that frustrating.
So, when Mike got an XBox 360 last year I was happy for him, but not super excited. I mean, yay for him and all, but wow.
It's not like I was about to play.
But then ... Then he went to a friend's house and played Guitar Hero. He couldn't stop talking about it, so I said he should buy it. And he did a couple of days ago.
Last night I was curious and asked him to show me the game. I mean, what's the big deal?
Maybe it's the fact that I have a background in music, so I could actually follow the game, but I was totally hooked.
I did the tutorial. I did the trial, and then I went to town.
Okay, I'm only playing the easy level, and it's not like I'm perfect. But, I'm GOOD! I totally understand the game, I can follow along with the beat, and I'm totally understanding how to do this.
It's only taken me 30 years to find a video game I enjoy.
Mike's so excited that he wants to get me my own guitar. I think he has visions of us jamming after the kids are in bed.
The next thing we're debating ... a wii.
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Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

The first Halloween for my princess!

And her brother decided to explain it all to her

We've decided today is a day to eat candy all day and nap in the afternoon. We still have a whole evening ahead of us.

Matthew was thrilled to learn the best Halloween poem ever.
"Trick or Treat
Smell my feet
Give me something good to eat
If you don't
I don't care
I'll pull down your underwear"

Yep. He's 4!

Monday, October 27, 2008

O Canada ... or something!

The sheet music for the anthem :en:O Canada, w...Image via WikipediaDinner is always an interesting time in our house. We try our best to turn off the tv and have dinner as a family.
It doesn't happen everyday, but we try.
Tonight we were talking about school, and what he does during the day. Of course they sing "O Canada" every day. So we asked him the words.

"Oh Canada. Our home and timberland"
"then there's a whole bunch of La la la"
"Oh Canada we socialize for thee."
"Oh Canada we socialize for thee."

I have NO idea what they are teaching him in class, but apparently socialism is on the agenda!

Of course, we also like to hear the stories he brings home from church. We try very hard to find out what he learned in Sunday School, and talk about it during the week.

One week they "drew pictures for apricots" (wrote letters to kids in Africa)
This week they sang "Thank you God, for giving us poo." (really, food)

It makes me wonder what he tells people we say at home. Cause really, I'm crazy enough without misinterpretations!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mmmm ... mama mio

I'll admit it. I'm a sucker for yummy body products. But, when they are fun body products designed for mommies, what's not to love?!
For a long time all the mommy products were for mommies-to-be and new moms were on their own. But, finally there are products geared to mommies who have had their babies. One of the newest ones is the mama mio line that is geared toward supermamas. I love it. Their packaging reads "delux skincare for supermamas."
I tried out the Body Buff.
I liked that it promised to make me feel supersmooth and like myself in the buff.
Ha ha. I get it. Body buff - feel great in the buff. Good luck with that one.
Anyway. I liked the product. I had it in my van and let my mom try some while we were chatting. My mom, who has tried all sorts of products couldn't get over the stuff because she felt softer right away.
So, of course I had to try it. And I loved it.
Am I softer? More touchable?
Yep. My skin does feel smoother. And, considering that it's fall and my skin is getting really dry, I'm pretty impressed. And I smell good too.
What more could this Supermomma ask for?
Oh. I know. Enough time to have a long leisurely bath to fully enjoy the product!

Letters Here, Letters There

Hjärta Smärta / Earring AlphabetImage by karen horton via FlickrSorry I haven't blogged in forever. Somehow life just seems to get in the way!
But, I have to tell you about school. Yes. We are still having challenges and time outs, and I still worry about Matthew, but ...
The one thing that worried me a lot was Matthew's lack of interest in letters. Before jk he could not care less what letter his name started with. I'd point letters out to him and he just didn't care. He didn't want to know and did not want to play along with any of my letter games.
I was a little worried. Okay, I was very worried.
A few people told me to relax and let his teacher do her job. And, since I had no choice really, I went with it.
And that teach of his? She works magic.
My child who had no interest in the alphabet has become letter obsessed.
All day he sounds out words and either guesses what letter it starts with or asks me. It's wonderful. Tiring, but wonderful.
And I'll take tiring. Because I was worried that I had a child who wouldn't read.
Not that I jump to conclusions or anything!
And, the excitement of this week?
This week the letter they are working on is the first letter of his name. This was the most exciting thing in the world yesterday.
His teacher truly is a miracle worker.
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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Fall Is Here

I can't think of anything more wonderful in fall than going to an apple farm.
Matt's "homework" this weekend was to go for a walk with his parents and look for squirrels gathering nuts. So, we got talking about going for a walk and fall leaves and such and we ended up driving to an apple farm and walking among the trees.
Matt found straw!
The kids' play area was a fenced in straw pit and he could have spent the day there. We spent quite awhile and I was baffled when many parents refused to let their kids jump in the hay because it is messy.
The hay was much more fun than the apples.

You can see Mike directing Matt to the apples. See the excitement on Matt's face? nope? It was all about the straw.

There was some excitement when Matt got ahold of the camera ...
There was more excitement when we went to the apple store and got to push a special apple cart. And then the maple syrup candy. Wow! Life was good in our 4 year old's world.
And as for Chloe?
She was just her happy, smiley self - watching her big brother and enjoying life.

Somedays I am just grateful for all I have.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Remember this little baby? You know, the one who was so teeny tiny we had to go and buy preemie-sized clothes so something would fit?
She's growing.
It's funny how it happens so quickly. She still seems so little to me. And she's still so tiny compared to her big brother.
But, she's growing.

Actually, in this picture she's still small, but it won't delete!

But, she's officially outgrown her bathtub!

What parent puts their baby on her tummy for a bath? Not me. Don't worry. But, she flips, and she has decided that she much prefers swimming to being bathed.

She has also discovered the joy of food.
We're all about the organic brown rice cereal around here. Yummy! (or not so much). Carrots aren't the hit I was hoping. But, bananas seem to somewhat of a hit. I forgot what a pain trying to get babies to eat is. She is a much neater eater than her brother.

And Matthew. Well, he's growing too. It's not quite as evident on a daily basis. But, having a kid in school. Wow! I am amazed every day by him. It's been an adjustment, but it amazes me to find out what he learned. In a week he's memorized a snake poem, learned the letter S and knows to say "here" when the teacher calls his name.
And, like a typical elementary school boy, he's learning to pose for pictures. Smiles are for wimps! It's all about the crazy faces these days.

In some ways I'm a bit sad about them growing up. But, every day I learn something new. I love that Chloe recognizes us and smiles so much. I love watching her recognize her big brother. I love that Matt's learning and growing and stretching his vocabulary. And, yet, every day I know I need to hold them close because these days fly by way too quickly!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I won't say Chloe is crawling yet, but she's getting around.
Last night during dinner we put her on her play mat (see it in the background?) while we all ate dinner. She made her way off of the mat and saw one of Matt's toys. It's a fake transformer - dubbed Optimus Joe* . So, she sort of scooted over to Joe and was playing with him.
Matt was so focused on his meal that he didn't see her. So I said "look! she's playing with your toy!" Matt hopped of his chair and ran over. I thought he was about to take it away. But, no. He wanted to show her how it worked.
Chloe just laid there watching him. In awe of her big brother.
I love those moments.
Yesterday also happened to be Matt's first FULL day of school. That meant I had an entire day to fill with Chloe. I was at a bit of a loss because it was so quiet. I know some people would have done stuff like tidy or nap or stay home, but I didn't. Oh no. I went out.
The church we attend (on a not-so-regular basis) has a moms and tots group. I got an e-mail from another mom inviting me. So I decided to go. I was surprised because I really enjoyed it, and relaxed. I didn't have my usual "moms are judging me" anxiety. I was chatting to the mom who invited me, and it turns out that our kids are in the same jk class, we just didn't know each other. And, when I went and looked at the pictures I took her daughter is actually in pictures with Matt.
So, it was nice to find a group of women to get to know. And it was also nice to meet another mom to say hi to in the playground.
Of course I also went to the mall - just because I could!
I've been trying to find Halloween costumes. The one I was going to get for Chloe was at Gymboree. It looked so cute online, but I decided against it because when you added in all the accessories the outfit was about $100. And, even if I was considering it, I wasn't about to spend all that money on a costume that you can't even wear outside.
But, I did find some great deals. And got a gym buck. Yippee!
The best part of the visit? The coolest pj's for Matt

He is obsessed with the human body and skeletons. I loved these pj's becase they are skeletons without all the scary and gross stuff that usually accompanies skeletons. He was sooooo excited, and he rarely gets excited by clothes.

* Optimus Joe was purchased at a garage sale. Matt asked his name, and since he's clearly a Transformers rip off, I said he was the cousin of Optimus Prime and his name is Joe. Joe Prime. Somehow that translated to Optimus Joe.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

First Day of School ... Well Kind of!

Today marks the first day of school for Matthew. Kind of. He's starting JK which means that at his school we have graduated entry.
Today we go as a family to meet the teacher.
Thursday he goes for a half day with half of his class.
And Tuesday he gets to start full time (every other day).
So, I'm not quite sure which day is technically his first day of school. We're going with today since it's the first time he got to wear his fancy new shoes, try on his backpack and we will be walking over.
This graduated entry thing poses a lot of problems! I mean, he has a special first day t-shirt, but he has decided to wear it on the first day he meets the other kids. That shirt is the shirt that his Uncle Steve picked out for him. It's Transformers. Very cool!
So for today we decided that we would just wear clothes that match his new shoes.
Truthfully, I just can't believe he is already in JK!!! When he was born the thought was so far from our minds. I couldn't imagine that one day my little baby would be big enough to be going to school. But here he is, very independent and very ready to see all the toys that he will see in the classroom.
I'm hoping he'll learn a lot too. I know that he likes his numbers. He loves to figure out what different numbers add up to. He's definitely a number guy. My attempts at teaching him the alphabet haven't really gotten very far. So, I'm hoping that this teacher will work some magic and show him how exciting learning is.
So, we're off. We've arranged to have Miss Paige babysit Chloe (accompanied by Aunt Becky) and Mike is coming home for our first visit.
We're so excited!!!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Girls Night Out

Before Matt came along I bonded with a lovely lady named Kyla, who happens to be my niece. The very first thing that we discovered we have in common ... a love of shoes!
So, before long we started shoe shopping. I really did take an infant to try on baby shoes. And as she got older kids shoes. When she turned 3 she enrolled in ballet class and my gift to her was ballet shoes. This year her sister turned 3 and she is also enrolled in baby ballet. So I promised to take her ballet shoe shopping also.
This week turned into a girls' night out week because how could I take Paige shoe shopping one evening and not continue the tradition with Kyla.

First we measured her feet

Then we danced around the store

And then we donned an apron to get ice cream...

Things started off well. Then ...


Phew. Aunt Laural always carries wipes and a tide to go pen. We cleaned up the chocolate and did some more ballet before buying a "Sleeping Nudie" nightgown and leaving.

Since Kyla isn't taking dance this year she decided she needed school shoes. We also decided that we were far too mature for Laura Secord and went to East Side Marios. (that's Princess Power Punch... yum.)
We did some rocking out to Hannah Montana and ended up buying Polly Pocket shoes. I didn't take enough pictures because we were having too much fun! But, all in all it was a lot of fun.
And, while all this was going on, Matt was having fun too. The first night he stayed home with Daddy and watched Spy Kids (we're loving spies lately) and the second night he had a playdate with Paige. As he pointed out to me when I told him about the girls' nights ... "I hate princesses but I hate shoe shopping even more. I'm a boy." So, he had no problem with me shopping with my nieces!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Here's a newsflash. I suck at organization. I have never been a tidy person. Growing up my parents and I had numerous fights over the state of my room. At school I could never keep my desk or locker clean. And, at work I'm constantly reminded to tidy my office or tidy my desk.

So, it comes as no surprise that I can't organize my house.

Don't misunderstand. My house is clean. Our dishes are washed and our bathrooms are clean. But when it comes to organization ... we suck!

I hate a messy house, but I just can't get it together. It drives Mike and I nuts. And his issue - he microorganizes. So, he'll have every single dish lined up in the right direction but step over piles of clothes. Really, it's a huge battle for us. And, the battle gets worse since I'm home from work right now and see the mess all day.

My big fear is passing this disorganization gene on to our children. It seems as though we have. Matt has no interest in tidying up. He loves having his toys spread out. It's been annoying me though, so off I went to Ikea to get an organization system. And I put it together (which took me 2.5 hours). Both Matt and I were dreading the cleaning. But can I tell you how much fun it has been? Seriously.

We've been sorting through all the toys and sorting has led to all sorts of discoveries. We found the complete train set! We found all his Cars toys! We found missing trucks! Life has been great. And, through it all we've been getting organized. Slowly organized, because every time we find a long lost toy a new game begins. But, I'm trying to remember that this is the whole point. I'm trying to teach Matt that it can be FUN to have a place for everything (and everything in its place).

And who knows, maybe it will spur me on to organize my stuff or come up with some great system for sorting all my kitchen containers. My real hope in life is that since I didn't manage to find a husband who likes organizing nor did I manage to have a child who likes organzing, perhaps the nanny we've hired will have some sort of organizing gene and whip our family into shape!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

She Rolls!

Chloe has been trying really hard these days to flip over. She grunts and groans and reaches and then gets stuck. It's been comical and frustrating to watch. And so cute.
Unlike Matt, Chloe doesn't scream and cry and get frustrated. She just kind of lets it go and smiles at us.
But yesterday, with much encouraging from Mike and I, and the dangling of her favourite little octopus, Chloe rolled. It was adorable. I loved the look on her face - total pride. Of course I got out the video camera to film my Olympic gymnast in training and she wouldn't do it for me. I turned off the camera, and over she went.
This happened several times. And she would look coyly up at the camera and smile. It cracks me up. I tried again this morning. Same thing. What can you do?
Because she accomplished this Olympic feat at about 10pm last night, Matt was in bed. So, when he got up this morning we put her on her little playmat and let her perform. Matt was pretty excited, and then decided he should teach her to crawl. So, he sat right next to her and kept showing her how to get from her tummy to a crawling position. The scary part? She watched and copied. She couldn't get going, but she did manage to get into position and she managed to move backwards a bit.
As cute as this is, I'm most definitely NOT ready for 2 mobile children. Matt is whirlwind enough. But 2? Scary.
So, after attempting the crawling we went out and got a baby gate. We need several, but we started with a gate for the top of the stairs. Next we need to do the bottom of the stairs and we also want to gate off the kitchen. I'm pretty sure we have a little time. And I'm also pretty sure that I am TOTALLY SCREWED.
But, yay for milestones.
Gymnastics here we come.

Monday, August 04, 2008

If You Can't Beat 'Em ... Join 'Em

Last year when I was running Matt was really interested. By the time spring rolled around he'd follow me for a couple of blocks (with Mike walking) and then they'd go to the park, I'd do my run and meet them at the park. It worked nicely.
Now that Matt is a year older, and wiser, he has decided it's not fair that Mommy gets to go for a run while he stays home. In some ways he's adopted an attitude that Chloe is the baby so he should do grown up things ... like go for a run.
In all honesty, what I enjoy about running is the solidarity. I love listening to music, tuning out any concerns I have and just enjoying the run. Sometimes I plan things in my head. Sometimes not. But, I kind of enjoy the kid break, especially now that I'm around them 24/7. So I wasn't totally keen on Matt joining me.
However, after watching Bob Greene on the Rachael Ray show, and thinking I should encourage this desire to run, I got changed into a running outfit, left my ipod on the table and invited Matt to join me.
He was so excited! (I wish I had that kind of enthusiasm for running)
Instead of my normal running route we went to the local highschool and went to the track. It's a wonderful track. It's springy and new and pretty easy to run on. My rationale was that a) if Matt fell it would be a softer landing than pavement and 2) you can pick your distance. I had visions of getting a kilometre in and Matt wanting me to carry him home. So, the track was perfect.
To be honest, I wasn't terribly hopeful that it would be a fun time. Was I ever wrong. We had a blast.
First of all, Matt is a serious runner. He's 4 years old and has endurance. We both ran 3 laps which is about 1.2 kilometres. So, for me it was a pretty short run. But, he ran the whole time. And he wasn't tired after. No heavy breathing. He was just bored of it.
The whole thing was fun though. We were racing each other and changing lanes. And skipping. Backwards! Of course we had the moment where we had to yell jokes to each other as loud as we could. And we did a lap while singing "It's a Small World." Fun.
I can't say it was the best workout ever. But, the time was good. We chatted on our walk over and back. And I realized all over again that I have a pretty cool kid.
And I'm guessing if we keep this up he'll have no problem going for real runs for me (as long as I don't make them too boring)!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ahhhh ... summer

It's summer.
It's busy around here.
The wonderful thing about being on maternity leave during the summer is that we can enjoy the lazy summer days I miss at work. So, granted 90% of the days aren't lazy with a 4 year old and 4 month old. But then there are days like today.
Chloe is napping on the couch (she's not rolling yet) and Matthew is curled up in my room watching cartoons. And I finally get some quiet for a few minutes. Ahhhh ... blissful lazy quiet. Quiet time in which I should probably be doing laundry or cleaning. And instead I'm going between reading blogs and watching Regis and Kelly.
I think that this is the first time I have watched my own morning shows since Matt's been home.
So what have we been up to?
We went on an amazing trip to Disney World. Oh how I loved it. Oh how I want to go back. Oh how I am completely obsessed with the Disney message boards, planning another trip and deciding where we will stay. (we're going next May).
There's not enough I can say about our trip. I loved it though. I think I loved it because I am a kid at heart and seeing princesses and characters was amazing. What's not to love about lunching with Cinderella and having breakfast with Mickey? I'd love to say it was all about the kids, but honestly it was also about me. I loved it. I loved standing in line and singing "It's a Small World" to my heart's content with very few strange looks. Love love love.
Matt was totally engrossed. He loved it.
And now, despite the fact that this summer is nice it's dragging. I want to go back. TOMORROW. We're not. But I want to.
In order to pass the time, and get in shape, I've gone back to running. It's slow and it's hard, and I can't push it a lot. Last year I developed 2 running routes that I did regularly - a short route and a long route. I'd just alternate them every day. So far I'm at the short route and I can do it about every other day. So, as I said, a slow start. But manageable. And, I'm not pushing myself. I'm trying to enjoy it and relax into it and not worry so much about time.
And in between all of that we're redoing parts of our house. We're laying a new kitchen/bathroom/hallway floor and putting in a new kitchen. Well, kind of new. We're sanding and painting. I hope it all works out.
I've also discovered the joys od Modge Podge and decoupaging. I've already refinished a bookshelf and 2 shelves for Chloe's Princess room. They are adorned in princesses and sparkles. I love it!
So ... what are you up to?

Friday, June 20, 2008


Yesterday was the grand opening of a Bad Boy Store not too far away from our home. The ads said there was free breakfast and fun stuff, so I thought I would bring Matt to see a store opening.
What I expected was a short line up and a quick wander around the store. What we got - an hour long line up and a packed store. Having said that, we had a really good time. Chloe slept through the whole thing, and Matt loved that they had professional pillow fighters, a mascot (we think it is a squirrel) and lots of cool furniture. He loved being allowed to shout the word "NOOOOOBODY" as loud as he possibly could.
He also really loved Mel Lastman who asked him his name and then shouted "who's better than Matthew? Noooooooooobody." It was cute.
The local newspaper photographers went a little crazy over the moment (it was like Papparazzi!) and I pulled out my camera too.

The other crazy part of the event is that they had these giant bad boy dolls all over the store. They were pretty cool because they are super sized beanie babies that say "nooooobody". Thanks to Matt's newfound popularity the store manager gave him one of these dolls. It was a very kind gesture. But the doll is bigger than Matt. And Matt loves this doll. It's his favourite toy and goes everywhere. Including the doctor. Oy. And, since it's a collector's item ... no garage sales for us.

The only bad part of the day was when Matt was dancing to the music, tripped and fell and got a giant goose egg on his head. I felt pretty bad, but he's a trooper and it didn't ruin his day at all.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pickles, Anyone?

Matthew is obsessed with pickles. I have no idea why. He loves to eat them and talk about them. His idea of a great gift is a pickle. And, the other day when we went to see a balloon-making clown and she asked what he would like he said "A pickle" (and he was delighted when she made it).
But this pickle obsession has been going on for weeks. Today at the grocery store we spent a good 5 minutes choosing which jar of pickles he wanted to get. It's a little insane.
And I made the mistake of telling him you can make pickles!
We have a good friend who is an organic gardner and sometimes makes pickles out of his cucumbers. So, I told Matt that our friend makes pickles. You would think I'd told him I'm friends with SuperMan. And, Matt has now decided that he would like to make pickles. In fact, he now wants to make pickles for presents.
How weird will it be when everyone we know gets pickles for Christmas. From a 4 year old.
Actually, I'm pretty sure our friend has given us pickles for Christmas and I never thought it was weird. But he's not 4. And he makes lots of gifts from his garden.
Now that I think about it, I think I may call him up and plan out some pickle making adventures.
And here I thought we may try making Jam.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Dance Recital

Yesterday was my niece's Irish Dance Recital.
I realized this is the 3rd year we have gone to a year-end show. It's amazing how times change. The first dance recital we were taking turns keeping baby Paige happy and content during the show. This year Paige was an almost-3 year old dancing along in her seat while we were passing baby Chloe back and forth to keep her happy. (Paige got a flower too!)

As usual, as soon as Kyla hit the stage I had to hold back tears. I'm such a proud aunt.
The show was really fun. We all got into it (though I have had a more than enough Irish jig music to last me awhile).
All the excitement tires a little princess out!

Thursday, June 12, 2008


Yesterday I took Matt for his first visit to the dentist.
I'll admit that I don't particularly enjoy going to the dentist, so I was quite anxious to find a fn dentist that Matt would like. We built it up a bit and he was so excited to go.
The place where we went has a child-life specialist who takes the kids through the visit to the dentist using puppets and pictures.
Matt, of course, had a bazillion questions and was fascinated by it all. She told him about the "sugar bugs" on his teeth and explained brushing to him. Then he got a purple disolving tablet that showed all the "sugar bugs" on his teeth. Anything that turned purple was a "sugar bug".
He was pretty excited to put the camera in his mouth to check out those sugar bugs and look for cavities.

But the best part of the visit had to be the chair. He went for a ride, got to wear suglasses and shockingly let the dentist not only check and count his teeth, but also do the flouride treatment.
This was cool. When we got there Matt got to choose a tooth brush and then he tried it out and had a "spitting contest" (to see how close he could get his spit to the drain) getting used to his new toothbrush. So when the dentist came in he did a very basic cleaning and check of his teeth using the toothbrush. That's also how he did the flouride treatment. Matt was so comfortable with it all.
The highlight for Matt was learning about "Mr.Thirsty" - the thing that sucks out saliva. He loved it. I was impressed. And, I learned about all sorts of stuff that I didn't know.
Matt got a clean bill of health. His jaw is in good shape, his teeth are straight and he has no cavities! We even got a report card!!!!
I'm guessing he was happy with his experience because when I asked him what he would like to do today his answer was "let's go back to the dentist to get rid of my sugar bugs!"