Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Letters Here, Letters There

Hjärta Smärta / Earring AlphabetImage by karen horton via FlickrSorry I haven't blogged in forever. Somehow life just seems to get in the way!
But, I have to tell you about school. Yes. We are still having challenges and time outs, and I still worry about Matthew, but ...
The one thing that worried me a lot was Matthew's lack of interest in letters. Before jk he could not care less what letter his name started with. I'd point letters out to him and he just didn't care. He didn't want to know and did not want to play along with any of my letter games.
I was a little worried. Okay, I was very worried.
A few people told me to relax and let his teacher do her job. And, since I had no choice really, I went with it.
And that teach of his? She works magic.
My child who had no interest in the alphabet has become letter obsessed.
All day he sounds out words and either guesses what letter it starts with or asks me. It's wonderful. Tiring, but wonderful.
And I'll take tiring. Because I was worried that I had a child who wouldn't read.
Not that I jump to conclusions or anything!
And, the excitement of this week?
This week the letter they are working on is the first letter of his name. This was the most exciting thing in the world yesterday.
His teacher truly is a miracle worker.
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Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Kindergarten teachers have a magical way with letters, don't they?! ;) SO glad that he is enjoying it! I'm sure a big part of it is music related and the fact that the other kids are soaking it all up too!