Friday, March 02, 2007

Making It Right

Earlier this week I wrote about my issues when I took my son to Chapters on the weekend. I was pretty annoyed.
But, then I got an e-mail from someone at Indigo (the company that owns Chapters) who had read my blog. It was a very nice e-mail. I felt much better.
And then the store manager called me today.
We had a very nice conversation. I'd said my piece in the letter. He called to apologize. We had a really nice chat. He made me feel welcome in the store. I explained where I was coming from - that kids will be kids, and let's use some tact.
He agreed.
So, I'll go back.
After all, this book just came out, and I really wanted to buy it. And I have. And it's great.
And soon the book that I've been waiting forever for is coming out - and I plan to buy it the minute I can. So ...
I really wanted to clear this up.
Cause how sucky would it be if I couldn't go to the store that I normally really love.
Good work Chapters!!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Today Matthew said "I love you, Mommy."
We were in a big rush this morning, but he needed an extra cuddle. And so we sat, as time passed way to quickly, and had an extra morning snuggle.
And, when I got up to finish getting ready he said to me "Thank you for the hugs. I love you."
When Matthew was little I wasn't sure he would ever say this to me. I can remember sitting with a good friend of mine when our babies were really little. We were sitting in a playgroup with these two infants who went from nursing to screaming and back to nursing then back to screaming.
We were exhausted. And frustrated.
And she turned to me sobbing and said "sometimes I feel like this child hates me."
I looked at her and started to cry too. No one had said it before, but I felt exactly the same way.
No matter what I tried, how much I fed him, how many parenting books I read this child would cry and cry and cry. And then nurse. And then cry some more. And he didn't sleep.
And I often had that nagging feeling that this baby just didn't like me at all.
Year one was not easy. I don't talk about it a lot because it's hard to explain to people how I loved my child so much but just didn't feel adequate or successful. And I really truly wondered if my child even liked me. (well, except for the whole nursing thing).
It slowly got better.
Eventually Matthew started to sleep through the night (18 months - though he still sometimes wakes up).
He started talking, and expressing his feelings and being this generally cool kid. And, then over these past few months I've started to realize that he actually does like me.
But today, when he told me he loved it, it melted my heart.
If someone told me two and a half years ago that one day, out of the blue, I would hear the words "I love you" it would have made it so much easier.
I love you too, Matty. With all my heart.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

whine whine whine

Maybe it is just my week to whine but whatever...
On sunday we took Matt to Chapters. We love that store. Usually. I love books. Matt loves the Thomas table. I love sipping a latte while Matt plays.
Sunday was different.
Matt way playing with the trains making train noises. He was doing more of a "woo woo" noise than a "choo choo" noise. Still - clearly a train. I was watching him and smiling.
Then a store employee walked over to me. He said "sorry to bug you but your kid's screaming is disturbing our customers. Please tell him to be quiet."
And then he walked away before I could say anything.
This is Chapters. It was Sunday at noon. My child was being good and playing. I had books in my hands to purchase.
Two days later I am still furious.
I probably should have spoken to the manager but I didn't. Why? Because I had that indignant anger where I wanted to hit someone. And I thought I would likely cry. I know sometimes tears are effective but not on Sunday. Plus we were having family time and I didn't want to ruin it by getting angry.
When we were leaving I explained to matthew that mommy was upset because the man said something mean and I explained I would be happy if we left.
He was okay with that.
And then we went home.
And as I love to do I wrote a letter. I addressed it to the store manager. And to bring my point home I also cc'd the CEO and VP marketing for indigo/chapters. My explanation - this is customer service at its worst. I was humiliated.
I sent the letters off today. I am curious about what the results will be. Will they respond? (I hope so) I sincerely hope that at the end of the day they fix the problem. Because after all, this store is supposed to welcome kids.
The sad news is that I am currently boycotting the store until I hear back (just the one location not the whole chain). And today one of my favourite authors had a book come out. And I need something to read.