Tuesday, February 27, 2007

whine whine whine

Maybe it is just my week to whine but whatever...
On sunday we took Matt to Chapters. We love that store. Usually. I love books. Matt loves the Thomas table. I love sipping a latte while Matt plays.
Sunday was different.
Matt way playing with the trains making train noises. He was doing more of a "woo woo" noise than a "choo choo" noise. Still - clearly a train. I was watching him and smiling.
Then a store employee walked over to me. He said "sorry to bug you but your kid's screaming is disturbing our customers. Please tell him to be quiet."
And then he walked away before I could say anything.
This is Chapters. It was Sunday at noon. My child was being good and playing. I had books in my hands to purchase.
Two days later I am still furious.
I probably should have spoken to the manager but I didn't. Why? Because I had that indignant anger where I wanted to hit someone. And I thought I would likely cry. I know sometimes tears are effective but not on Sunday. Plus we were having family time and I didn't want to ruin it by getting angry.
When we were leaving I explained to matthew that mommy was upset because the man said something mean and I explained I would be happy if we left.
He was okay with that.
And then we went home.
And as I love to do I wrote a letter. I addressed it to the store manager. And to bring my point home I also cc'd the CEO and VP marketing for indigo/chapters. My explanation - this is customer service at its worst. I was humiliated.
I sent the letters off today. I am curious about what the results will be. Will they respond? (I hope so) I sincerely hope that at the end of the day they fix the problem. Because after all, this store is supposed to welcome kids.
The sad news is that I am currently boycotting the store until I hear back (just the one location not the whole chain). And today one of my favourite authors had a book come out. And I need something to read.


SciFi Dad said...

That really sucks. I probably would have laughed at the insolent little prick and said, "Go ahead and tell him yourself. Good luck!"

Definitely keep us updated (and maybe send some of the thousands of dollars in Chapters gift cards to me!)

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

That does suck!
How rude! If you don't want kids playing, don't put a TRAIN TABLE in the middle of the kiddy section!

I do hope they respond and it would be super nice to give you compensation...I bet you I know what book you are waiting for....it's good, I'm a lucky one! ;)

I remember I complained verbally to the Superstore about their shopping cards for kids that are blue trucks and let the kids drive. They are stored outside and get bird poo all over them and no one ever cleans them. I was at my end when the bunny put her hand right in the poo...YUCK! If I had noticed it was there, trust me, we wouldn't have been in a special cart. Anyhow, I got no reaction at all from customer service, no sorry, nothing, she pretty much stared at me blankly and said, I'll pass that info along. I even had to buy a pack of wipes to clean up our hands and the mess, at a minimum, she should have offered to reimburse, don't you think? I should have been more forward, but I have a hard time with that...

Searaygal said...

Ugh! That's awful!!!!
What a jerk!
Which store so I can boycott it too. Hmpf! Tell my Matty to be quiet will they. Good for you writing the letter too.
I'm hoping it isn't the store at Dundas and 403 since I'm dying to get the new Sophie Kinsella too!

Leece said...

I am a firm believer in doing something about poor customer service. In fact, I'll be writing one to my travel agency after I get back from my trip. (long story) but re the book - i just got it today at Coles in the underground - go on your lunch tomorrow!

Meghan said...

Way to go by cc'ing the important people!!! Two Octobers ago I was moving into my apartment and had switched banks for convenience and *thrill*. Anyway - in the middle of moving week when I needed access to my funds they locked them on me (5 days hold...even on a money order) and essentially forced me to rely on my parents for cash (and they are the ones who gave me the money order to being with!) SO I was FURIOUS and I wrote a letter the bank manager AND the President AND the customer service people.
I got access to my cash 5 days too late, but in return I got a very big apology and a gift certificate to shoppers. I bought nail polish. Lots and lots of nail polish, hair dye...and lip balm. I also transferred back to my previous bank.

Haley-O said...

Wow! That's horrible! I'd have been like "excuse me?"

Once, a staff member there got mad at me and my friend because the kids were making a mess with the books. Come on, it's the KIDS area, and I was going to clean it up! Look at the state of most of those books, anyway! So many of them are dirty and torn!

A lot of the staff there need to take a chill pill....

Ruthie said...

Good for you!

It's totally inexcusable to provide a play area for kids, then bite their heads off when they make little train noises. Holy COW.