Friday, September 19, 2008


Remember this little baby? You know, the one who was so teeny tiny we had to go and buy preemie-sized clothes so something would fit?
She's growing.
It's funny how it happens so quickly. She still seems so little to me. And she's still so tiny compared to her big brother.
But, she's growing.

Actually, in this picture she's still small, but it won't delete!

But, she's officially outgrown her bathtub!

What parent puts their baby on her tummy for a bath? Not me. Don't worry. But, she flips, and she has decided that she much prefers swimming to being bathed.

She has also discovered the joy of food.
We're all about the organic brown rice cereal around here. Yummy! (or not so much). Carrots aren't the hit I was hoping. But, bananas seem to somewhat of a hit. I forgot what a pain trying to get babies to eat is. She is a much neater eater than her brother.

And Matthew. Well, he's growing too. It's not quite as evident on a daily basis. But, having a kid in school. Wow! I am amazed every day by him. It's been an adjustment, but it amazes me to find out what he learned. In a week he's memorized a snake poem, learned the letter S and knows to say "here" when the teacher calls his name.
And, like a typical elementary school boy, he's learning to pose for pictures. Smiles are for wimps! It's all about the crazy faces these days.

In some ways I'm a bit sad about them growing up. But, every day I learn something new. I love that Chloe recognizes us and smiles so much. I love watching her recognize her big brother. I love that Matt's learning and growing and stretching his vocabulary. And, yet, every day I know I need to hold them close because these days fly by way too quickly!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A Picture Says a Thousand Words

I won't say Chloe is crawling yet, but she's getting around.
Last night during dinner we put her on her play mat (see it in the background?) while we all ate dinner. She made her way off of the mat and saw one of Matt's toys. It's a fake transformer - dubbed Optimus Joe* . So, she sort of scooted over to Joe and was playing with him.
Matt was so focused on his meal that he didn't see her. So I said "look! she's playing with your toy!" Matt hopped of his chair and ran over. I thought he was about to take it away. But, no. He wanted to show her how it worked.
Chloe just laid there watching him. In awe of her big brother.
I love those moments.
Yesterday also happened to be Matt's first FULL day of school. That meant I had an entire day to fill with Chloe. I was at a bit of a loss because it was so quiet. I know some people would have done stuff like tidy or nap or stay home, but I didn't. Oh no. I went out.
The church we attend (on a not-so-regular basis) has a moms and tots group. I got an e-mail from another mom inviting me. So I decided to go. I was surprised because I really enjoyed it, and relaxed. I didn't have my usual "moms are judging me" anxiety. I was chatting to the mom who invited me, and it turns out that our kids are in the same jk class, we just didn't know each other. And, when I went and looked at the pictures I took her daughter is actually in pictures with Matt.
So, it was nice to find a group of women to get to know. And it was also nice to meet another mom to say hi to in the playground.
Of course I also went to the mall - just because I could!
I've been trying to find Halloween costumes. The one I was going to get for Chloe was at Gymboree. It looked so cute online, but I decided against it because when you added in all the accessories the outfit was about $100. And, even if I was considering it, I wasn't about to spend all that money on a costume that you can't even wear outside.
But, I did find some great deals. And got a gym buck. Yippee!
The best part of the visit? The coolest pj's for Matt

He is obsessed with the human body and skeletons. I loved these pj's becase they are skeletons without all the scary and gross stuff that usually accompanies skeletons. He was sooooo excited, and he rarely gets excited by clothes.

* Optimus Joe was purchased at a garage sale. Matt asked his name, and since he's clearly a Transformers rip off, I said he was the cousin of Optimus Prime and his name is Joe. Joe Prime. Somehow that translated to Optimus Joe.