Saturday, October 14, 2006


Last night Mike went out with some friends, so Matthew and I had an evening to ourselves.
And, one of the highlights of putting Matt to bed on my own - and knowing Mike is coming home late is that I get to change up the bedroom routine.
Mike is pretty regimented when it comes to the bedtime routine.
It's always at a set time, we have a little routine and Matt is in bed by 8pm.
I'm fully supportive. The longer this routine has gone on the better the results have been. We have a child who actually goes to bed and we get a full night's sleep. I'm not complaining.
But last night was different.
Matt had expended all of his energy at McDonalds (and a totally cute aside, he was hanging out with an adorable group of five year olds who were amazing with him). We came home and watched an episode of Dora and then he was off to bed. I tucked him in and kissed him goodnight and then went to watch tv.
The only thing was, I was tired, my eyes were shutting, and I knew Matt was still awake.
So I went and asked if he would like to cuddle in mommy and daddy's bed.
"Oh yes!" he said, and went running. I set the ground rules.
He had to be quiet.
He was not allowed to play with his diaper (because he often ends up peeing all over his bed - and his mattress is plastic so no biggie - I didn't want to change sheets); and
This was a special treat!

I've gotta say, things went really well.
I'm not opposed to co-sleeping, but it doesn't work well for us on a regular basis. Matt is squirmy and Mike snores, so when I have them both in bed I don't sleep. Plus, it is too crowded. But, some nights a good cuddle is pretty fun. And, last night was just such a night.
To be honest, we didn't fall asleep right away. Matty wanted to hear stories, so I told him all sorts of stories about when I was a little girl.
Matt told me stories about daycare and even tried to teach me a song.
It was a good old fashioned sleepover. And I loved it!!!
I don't actually know what time Mike got home last night. But when I woke up this morning Matt was in his own bed, cuddling with his stuffed animals and really happy.

I know this won't happen a lot, but as life changes and Matty grows up, it's nice to relish just a few extra cuddles!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Matthew the Builder

It's Friday - and for some Friday fun some pics of my little construction worker.
And, oh the elephant costume. It a hit. Matt loves it. And, it's adorable on him albeit a little girly. But those pictures will not appear before Halloween!!!

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Movin' On

Today we found out for sure that there's a spot in Matthew's old daycare.
There was some uncertainty because of the number of toddlers moving up to the preschool program. The problem that daycares encounter is that there always have to have a certain amount of children per teacher (or adult) in the classroom at all times. In this case they will either have to move one of the toddler teachers up to the preschool room or hire a new teacher.
It's not really our problem. But it kind of is because we need Matt to have a space. Which, as it turns out, he now does.
Thank God!
And, he's officially back at the old daycare as of the first Monday in December.
I've gotta say - I'm excited.
So, today I had to go into our current daycare and tell them that we are moving and Matthew will be leaving the daycare.
I was a little worried because I'm not good at this kind of stuff. I was a complete wreck when we left the old place. I cried when I told them, and on Matt's last day - well, I made my mom come with me because I didn't think I could handle saying goodbye.
But today I was totally totally fine.
In fact, I could hardly wipe the smile off my face. It was pathetic. The daycare supervisor was like "I can tell you are excited!" Ummm ... yeah.
The one sicky thing is that my favourite teacher at the old place is no longer there. I loved her, and she was the toddler teacher. But she went back to school. Part of me thinks this is good. I'm happy for her. And Matthew wouldn't be in her class anyway. So, that would be weird for him. I did like lots of the other teachers, so I'm still happy.
Plus, I love Cindy who runs the place. She's about my age and she's pretty cool. When we had initially switched Matt to a crappy daycare I called her in tears. She totally talked me through it, helped me make the decision to choose a different daycare and then had Matt and I come back for his birthday and threw him a party (there were streamers, toddlers saying happy birthday, etc - and of course I cried!!!)
So, I'm moving on. And ready to go back.
I'm now stressing - do I give them a goodbye gift? What do I do????
I'm thinking a big box of chocolate and a homemade card.

America's Next Top Model - the commentary

One of my friends, who wishes to remain anonymous, admitted to me that she is a big fan of America's Next Top Model.
So, we sit weekly and send e-mails to each other commenting on the show. (That's what blackberries are for, right?)
And, so, to make everyone's Thursday that much more exciting, I have pasted below our e-mail commentary. If you have taped the show - don't read this. We will spoil it for you.


Anchal vs. Melrose

Catfight! Catfight!
EVERYONE vs Melrose "the motor mouth" model

----- Original Message -----

They always encourage them to talk about themselves and each other, then they get slammed for it. So, weird!!! SHUT UP ANCHAL!!!

Subject: Must concentrate ...

Tyra is getting deep!!

Love AJ. Isn't that strange that Meg hasn't seen herself with a beard, I know I have....

Oh the drama
I love all y'all!!!
It is SO hard being beautiful
I looked at my stunning self in the mirror and sobbed - I'm just way too hot

They always encourage them to talk about themselves and each other, then they get slammed for it. So, weird!!! SHUT UP ANCHAL!!!


Why does Melrose always act as if everyone is there to meet and see her?

----- Original Message -----

LOL!!!! You are killing me....and it's also very true. Who do you think is heading home?

----- Original Message -----

My money is on jaeda since melrose rocked the photo shoot Loving the twins Can't wait to see the pics My crush on mr.jay increases every week. He is so cute

Did you notice that even after makeup was removed meg still had a 5 o clock shadow?
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Its bye bye Anchal (I hope)

Bye Jaeda

----- Original Message -----

Fee fi fo fum thank god???

I second that motion.... I feel bad for Jaeda I think she's too forcused on her lack of hair

----- Original Message -----

Let's kick off the 17 editor

You never know it might be Anchal as her photo wasn't that good

----- Original Message -----

I think u r right but I still want ugly anchal to go!!!

----- Original Message -----

I think that the bottom two will be Jaeda and Meg

Poor Meg

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I want to be ???? for Hallowe'en

Matthew has been talking about Halloween for awhile now.
I like Halloween; in fact I plan to take a vacation day to spend halloween with my monkey like I did last year (the year before I was on mat leave).
And, we have of course started to talk about.
Thanks to daycare, his cousin and Mike and I Matt totally understands that Halloween is all about dressing up.
So the other day I said to him "what do you want to be for Halloween?"
He said "I want to be an elephant for Halloween."
I had planned to make him a cowboy, but I'm discovering that 2 year olds have their own opinions on stuff, and he most certainly does not want to be a cowboy.
So every day I have asked him what he wants to be. And every day he has said "I want to be an elephant."
I have looked all over the place for an elephant costume. I have looked everywhere - with no avail.
But tonight I FOUND IT!!!
When I ran into the Superstore for a few groceries and some diapers I found a toddler's elephant costume. So excited.
I ran through the store, hopped in the car and said to Matt: "So ... what do you want to be for Halloween?"
His response:
"I want to be a Monkey!!!!"