Thursday, July 12, 2007

Lick's Annoys Me

Tonight we decided to go to Licks as a family. It's pretty easy because Matt likes their food, their nature burger is healthy for me and Mike is happy to have whatever they are serving.
The Licks near us is usually fairly slow. But, tonight was an exception. Tonight they were extraordinarily slow.
The painful process started when I ordered. Matt has waited in line with me for a few minutes, but eventually he and Mike gave up and went for a walk.
So, I ordered: "One kids' homeburger meal with cheese, please," is what I started with. Before I could get to mine I was stopped.
"You can't get a kid's meal. You are over 12."
I was ordering for my son, but this is dumb. So I had to point my child out to her.
Ohhhh kay.
Then I got on to ordering Mike's meal.
"I'll have the homeburger combo with large onion rings and a diet coke."
Her question "What size diet coke?"
Me: "The size that comes with a combo."
Her: "This isn't a combo anymore since you got a large."
Ohhh kay.
And then we got to the name thing.
Her: "What's your name"
me: "Laural"
Her: "What?"
Me: "Laural - L-A-U-R-A-L"
Her: "really? that's weird."

Once we got through that we moved on to getting the burgers and fries. I waited 10 minutes. There was one person in front of my. Seriously. 10 minutes. For fast food. In an empty restaurant. And then they got stuff wrong. It was frustrating.
As I finally walked away with my correct order I got called back for an extra order of fries. And I had to explain that no, I did not order those fries. And then had to wait while they made sure that I indeed did not order the fries that I did not want.


I won't get started on the whole ice cream shamozzle that occurred at the end of the meal.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not that I'm feeling old, or anything ...

But, last night I was babysitting my nieces.
It turns out that my nieces and my son are all obsessed with the question "how old are you?"
I have no problem telling them my age, but after being asked a zillion times by every child I meet, I grow a little tired of it.
So last night when my 5-year-old niece said to me "Aunt Laural, how old are you?"
I said "how old do you think I am?"
Kyla looked at me, thought about it for a minute and then said "Ummmm 82?"
She was completely serious.
It turns out that I may be buying that wrinkle cream a little earlier than anticipated.
Kyla's baby sister redeemed them, though, when she guessed that I'm 4.
I'm thinking 29 is a happy medium???

Monday, July 09, 2007

Lately I haven't been totally focused on losing weight.
I still have a goal in mind. But, it's summer. And, it's harder to go to the gym. Matt wants to play outside, we've gone on a mini-vacation, we've been gardening, we've been celebrating birthdays and holidays.
The bottom line is, I've been having too much fun to be completely focused on my eating and exercising habits.
Add to this the fact that I had a tooth pulled (don't worry - no more pictures) which has limited how much I want to eat, what I can eat, and the ability to use a straw ... and you have some very bizarre food combinations going on.
When we went to Buffalo I had every intention of stuffing myself at Cheesecake Factory, and enjoying some fine American cuisine. I did, but I wasn't that hungry. I actually whined to Mike that it was unfair that I was at my new favourite restaurant and all I wanted was soup!!!
So today I decided to weigh myself.
I knew that I've been eating poorly. I told myself as I stepped on the scale that it was totally fine whatever number came up because I would just focus back on eating healthy and lose the "vacation weight".
I almost had a heart attack when I saw the number.
It was significantly less than when I weighed myself last week.
I stepped off, let the scale go blank, and then stepped back on (it's digital).
Same number.
Then I had my shower. And got back on. Soaking wet, with a towel I was still 5 pounds lighter than last Monday.
This morning I weighed myself 7 times. I'm convinced it's not a fluke, and that I actually have lost weight. I don't get it. But I like it.
And, it's kicked me back into healthy eating because I figure I may as well see if I can lose more weight while my body is on a role!!!