Friday, April 16, 2010


I don't talk about this often here.
Matt has ADHD.
It's been a long road for us with assessments and school challenges. We have been lucky. After a little over a year we have assembled a great team. Our school is amazing. Matt's teacher is phenomenal. The Resource team amazes me. Our psychologist and psychiatrist and family doctor have all been amazing. And every day I am grateful for them.
And Matt.
Who makes all the challenges worth it.
When you're dealing with ADHD there's a couple of things you dread - phone calls from the school and the millions of forms to fill out.
And then Wednesday I got a call. From the school resource teacher.
But, the call was amazing.
"I wanted to run an idea by you. For Matt. We want to consider him for some testing. For the gifted program."
That's right.
Just thinking about this makes me cry.
We struggle with choices. I second guess decisions. Should be be in public school? Should I switch him to French Immersion? Am I pushing enough.
The team is amazing.
But my kid ... he rocks.
So, the forms I filled in last night asked different questions. They weren't about whether my son was fidgety or loud or had tendencies to misbehave.
Instead the questions were about his intelligence. Does he constantly ask questions? Is he curious? Does he get excited about new ideas and concepts?
Yes to all of the above.
Nothing is confirmed yet.
The program they are looking at is new.
But, for me it's about more than that. It's about knowing that people are seeing in Matt what we've seen all along. We have an incredible amazing child with so much potential.
And that ADHD. It's a challenge, but one we can overcome.
This isn't about me and my choices. It's about Matt. And how my kid refuses to be any less than all he can be.
I love that kid!