Saturday, January 13, 2007

Gymnastics ... we LOVE it

We loved gymnastics today. LOVED it!
There was a bit of a rough start because Matt decided that he wanted to stay home and watch Cars instead of going out. But, with the lure of a bottle of chocolate milk in the car he decided to get dressed and join me.
So, there were a few mishaps on route. Aren't there always? The first was that there was ice on the car so we got started late. And then when I was driving there I went around the corner to fast and my phone went flying. And of course it started to ring, and, since there were no cars around I slowed down in the middle of the road (empty road) and stopped and leaned over to reach the phone. Somehow I managed to shift the car into neutral and could not figure out why the car wasn't working right. And, then I went to the wrong place and it was locked. Oops.
Okay, so I told my sister I would call her back and managed to negotiate my way to the correct gymnastics facility where we arrived still in good time.
Everyone was really nice.
I got Matty into his shorts and t-shirt and then we waited for the warm up.
So, all the 9am classes are kids. So the whole gym is set up for little kids. It was super cool. BUt there's a warm up room and then a gym with all the equipment.
All the kids from that hour warm up together with the parents who are in the parent tot classes. How fun is that? I rock at Mousercise. So does Matt. It's like 7 minutes of really gentle aerobics. Matt followed along really well. I did okay too.
Then finally we met the coach and went into the gym. Basically the kids all go to different stations in groups and they go through a circuit. It's teaching them the basic gymnastic skills. We learned stuff like how to stop on the trampoline which was neat. And Matt did a zillion sommersaults. The teacher actually asked me if this was his second time doing gymnastics! I know. Soon he'll be in the Olympics.
Actually, he just loves sommersaults. And the balance beam. He was pretty excited by that one. And they also let them swing on the bars and he screamed "I'm a monkey." Adorable.
Honestly, I had a blast. And, I am looking forward to these Saturday sessions.
I was a little worried about the other parents. I didn't know what to expect. But everyone was really cool. In contrast to some of the parent/tot classes I did in Toronto, I did not feel super young. Some parents were a good 10 years older than me, but others were around my age. A couple of the parents who do this are fathers and I thought that was pretty cool.
I did, however, realize that I have the capacity of being a pushy sports parent. I kept wanting Matt to be at the front of the line. I'm embarrassed to say that I was being a tad over-excited when his sommersaults were better than the rest of the class (in my opinion) and I was thrilled when he totally listened to the teachers.
Am I one of THOSE parents??? Oh No!!!! I must check this attitude quickly. It's about fun, not competing. I know this. I must remember this.
By the end of the session I was tired. He kept me going.
Last night I went to the gym and pushed it a little too hard, so I was a little stiff to start with. And, since we're going skating this afternoon ... I'm really getting back in shape. Wow! Can you tell it's January.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Random Friday

So, since everybody has special days on their blogs (Jeff has Tuesday Newsday and a zillion people including Haley have Thursday Thirteen and Heather has Wordless Wednesday) I felt kind of left out. Hence the decision to have Random Friday.
Okay, so I get that it doesn't rhyme or follow the convention of it matching the letter of the day of the week. I say WHATEVER. My creation my name. But, if anyone has a suggestion bring it on.
Why Random Friday? Well, for those of you who know me and for those of you who have read this long enough to feel you know me, I have a lot of random thoughts.
And today's randomness.
Well, let's start with the GO Train. A friend of mine told me that in Vancouver they have trains, much like the GO Train, that have dedicated cars. There is a sleeping car where the lights are turned down low and there is a cafeteria cart where you can get coffee and stuff.
So, as I was listening to my lovely mix on my ipod this morning, Mr Timberlake singing Sexy Back gave me the best idea EVER. There needs to be a dance car.
Think about it. I don't mean every morning. But in the nights. How many times have people taken the train from suburbia to Toronto to go clubbing on like a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. And, wanted to get into the mood. Imagine a car where you could hang out and prepare for the evening ahead.
Okay, maybe not. But, I could totally go for it.
I was also thinking that it would be really nice to have a morning dj. You know, to get everyone going. Seriously, in the morning I am a much much nicer person at work if I've listened to really good music all the way to work. Granted not everyone would think that a constant repeat of Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake) and I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Scissor Sisters) is a great way to start the day. But, duh, that's what a dj is for. Ya know.


And, oh the excitement of the weekend. Okay, so how cool is this. Saturday morning Matt and I start gymnastics. We have been practicing sommersaults (by we I mean he does them and I cheer him on).
And then in the evening I'm going to a birthday party for my friend from high school. I know - weird, that I still have friends from highschool I guess. But, she decided to throw a party. I'm kind of looking forward to it. And, of course how could I not be catching a ride to a high school friend's house with Greg. Of course I am. Except, I will point out that Greg is not driving me due to my lack of driver's license, but because he lives further. And he always drives. And, maybe because he is a little afraid for me to drive. Come to think of it, I don't know if I have ever driven Greg anywhere. Hmmm ...
Whatever. Old times. Good friends. Much to talk about and catch up on. In like 2 years I think it will be our 10th highschool reunion. Ahhh! Now that is a scary thought (and HA to those of you old people who have already had your tenth reunion).

Hope you enjoyed Random Friday. Thoughts? Don't worry. You can say what you really think. I can take it.

PS Is everyone enjoying the linking action??? I finally figured it out. And, I also updated my links on the side. I know - welcome to the 21st century.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Date Night with the Cousins

I just got home from a fun and exhausting evening.
Since Mike had originally planned to go out tonight, I decided to bring Matt to McDonald's. And, since I was bringing Matt I decided to surprise him and invite his cousin. My sister was in on it too and surprised Kyla so surprises all around.
In the car I told Matt we were going to McDonald's and then I said "who do you want us to bring with us."
He shouted "Kyla" at the top of his lungs. So, I just said okay. I went home to change, and then we go to their house, slightly before them so that we could surprise Kyla. (the fact that I almost gave my brother in law a heart attack when he saw someone opening his door is totally irrelevant).
So, Kyla was excited and Matt was excited and off we went.
Now, I'm not saying I'm planning a second child. But, I will say this. Taking two children to McDonald's is way easier than just one. Why? Cause they play.
So, it was fun.
Both kids are into this thing where they pretend they are someone else. So, I was Becky then Kayla then Madison then Grandma. And they were each other. Then they were brother and sister and then they were twins.
And, Matt kept saying "I'm Kyla's Brudda" with this hilarious accent. I loved it!
At one point Kyla said to me that she wanted dessert. She suggested that Matt have ice cream and she have apples since she can't have ice-cream. Only sherbet.
And, being the ambitious mother/aunt that I am I proclaimed "Licks has sherbet!!!!" and proceeded to announce to the kids that we would go to Licks for ice cream and sherbet after the PlayLand.
Crap. Forgot to check with my sister and brother-in-law who have a somewhat tighter sugar policy in their home.
It was fine.
We were on.
So, we played in the Playland. Thank goodness there was no puking this time.
Then we went to Licks. Yum yum. If you are trying to eat healthy and not over indulge I highly recommend the Cotton Candy ice cream. Kids love it and trust me, one bite and you do not want anymore.
And, since Licks is next door to Chapters the kids wrangled their way into Chapters where we played with the Thomas Table forever. I was Harold the Helicopter. It was fun. Usually halfway into playing with the kids I forget that I am not in the privacy of my own house and I get way too into the game. And then I realize (too late) that other parents are looking at me like I have lost my mind completely. This happened tonight when I perfected the noise for Harold the helicopter and then he took a nose dive under the table. I looked up and there was a father staring down at me.
Seriously. I spend all day at least trying to be mature (yes, I know I don't always succeed, but at least I can pretend when I need to). So in the evening a little levity is just fine.
And then on the way out (finally, after reading several books) we decided to buy my sister a treat - a decaf Starbucks. Why? I don't know. Cause we love her.
So, we were in line. And waiting and waiting. And Matt announced he wanted chocolate milk. And then Kyla wanted her special chocolate milk (soy.) So, of course I said yes. Why not.
In her ultra serious voice Kyla said, and I kid you not, "You should probably call my mommy to ask her about this one, Aunt Laural. You've given me lots of sugar tonight."
Of course, I pointed out to her that I really was allowed to give her this, and suggested she just have a couple of gulps and leave the rest for morning. Phew.
And, finally we made it home. Exhausted. All of us.
Except my sister. Because her coffee wasn't really decaf. It was caffeinated. JUST KIDDING!!!
Actually, it turns out Matthew is not nearly as tired as I am because he just came running downstairs. So, it's off to fight the bedtime fight. Again.
And tomorrow he starts swimming lessons! Yippee!!!!

PS In answer to the pilates teacher thing - it's the girl who played Felicity on Road to Avonlea. Gemma something???

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What If ...

What if you you found out that someone you admired as a child - like about age 10 - taught pilates around the corner from you.
And what if your sister and her best friend (who you also really like) asked you to go to these pilates classes with you.
What would you do???
If you were me you would sign up on the spot.
Why not.
Of course I'm not going to say who this celebrity is. Trust me - unless you are a fan of the CBC you probably may not know who she is. And, given that she's teaching pilates in suburbia, she probably isn't overidden by crazed fans.
But back to my sister and her friend.
I figure there are 2 main reasons that they want me to do these semi-private pilates classes.
The first reason - cost. It's $75 per hour but you can divide it 3 ways.
The second reason - my lack of fear. See, they have a ton of paraphenalia from this show, and they want to have it signed. I think they also may want to get autographed pictures. And let's be honest - I have no qualms about approaching people and professing my complete love of them. (Do we remember when Donnie Wahlberg was shooting a movie outside the building and I threw my coffee at a VP in order to meet him. And this complete lack of embarrassment goes way back: Kurt Browning, Phantom of the Opera, Marilyn Dennis ...)
And so I have been wrangled in.
Cause I love them.
I do.
However, I HATE pilates. I've done it. It hurts my ab muscles. And, did I
mention I have a tailbone injury that I don't want to aggravate. Maybe I can convince them that I could just watch them pilaticize while I cheer them on. Or maybe I will just be the fall guy, the person who truly sucks in our threesome and I'll make my sister and her friend look good.
Okay, so below a hint on who this celebrity is ....

Monday, January 08, 2007

Workin' It Out

So it's January.
And, having gone completely off the Weight Watchers bandwagon since we moved I have decided to recommit.
And part of this was joining a gym. Yep. Me and every other overweight woman in the world joined a gym. But, why not. The one near me is cheap, quiet and convenient. I also (as if everyone can't tell) need a little me time.
Lately this me time has been spent shopping. But, that is getting expensive. And there is no point in spending money on clothes if I just dwell on my flaws. So, it's off to the gym for me. I don't intend to go overboard. Just some treadmill and maybe some classes. I'm not a gym rat. Not at all. But, as I have matured I've learned that working out my way (i.e. listening to music and blocking out music) is actually relaxing. And I like myself more. And so that's a good thing.
Plus, I've been sick for a month. And, I want to kick that.
Now, in all fairness it's not like I gained 5 million pounds over Christmas. I still fit my clothes and all of that. And, no kidding, my boss came in today and said "Wow! The holidays were good to you and you didn't gain any weight at all!" (see, this is why my boss is cool. I loved that!)
But in all honesty, the way I work is that when I'm eating well I exercise. When I go to the gym and see that an hour on the treadmill basically burned off the apple I ate in the morning I stop eating all the junk. I make the connection that I need to eat healthy.
The chips and cookies that have made their way back on to my shelves are making me realize that I'm not making that connection. The fact that I was afraid to weigh myself this morning - also a good sign that I'm out of control.
Before I got married I had the world's coolest trainer, Brian. I loved this guy because he was cool and laid back and basically knew exactly how to push me without annoying me. We used to always discuss my bizarre concepts of eating and exercising (in between lunges.) He's the one who actually drilled into my mind that if you fall off the bandwagon there is always tomorrow. So, Brian, wherever you are, I'm back on the bandwagon. And I have a new trainer.
Too bad he quit being a personal trainer to go fix computers!!!!
Anyway ...
My point is, new year new body. Or at least new year, back to the gym. Back to routine. But, I figure that I will want to wear a bathing suit this summer so I better lose some of the extra icky weight.
And speaking of resolutions, in addition to the jewellry resolution (which is going very well!) I had made another resolution. See, at work I have a tendency to call the help desk a LOT. Honestly, I feel like I am always calling. So, I did kind of resolve not to call as often. Every other day or less.
I went a full week without calling once. And then today happened. I called so many times I was afraid they would start blocking my calls. (I already got in trouble once for calling help desk people directly rather than going through the help desk). But, seriously, today was ridiculous. At least I made the effort not to call so much, right?? Right. Tomorrow no calls at all.
Time to put Matty to bed. We're going with a little later bedtime. We'll see how that works.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


We went to church today.
We had sort of been talking about it, but Matthew has been asking us since Christmas, and we figured that if a child is asking to go to church you should probably go. So, we got up nice and early and headed to the 9am service. (we would have been up anyway, but maybe not showered and dressed).
It went pretty well. Matthew loved it. Seriously. He kept running around shouting "I love church. Church is fun".
It was pretty impressive. Someone actually greeted us when we came in and took us to the room for Matt. He was in the toddler program, and it's a great Sunday School room. They had amazing toys, there were tons of kids his age, and the person running it was really helpful.
And, then on our way to the sanctuary we walked past the kids' service. Now, this is pretty neat. They actually have a church service, with music and stuff for kids (I'm guessing ages 4-12). And, seriously, the kids were rocking out when we walked past.
Our service was pretty upbeat too. Lots of music, people seemed friendly and the service wasn't painfully long.
So, do we keep going?
It's been a really long time since I've gone to church religiously. (ha ha - get it?) I grew up going to church every Sunday. To make a long story short, the church I went to for a really long time had a major major split, they fired the pastors, and about half the congregation left. And, as a very vocal 17 year old, I stood up at the final church meeting, and basically told off all the deacons at the church. I wasn't exactly welcome to return to that church EVER.
If you want to talk screwed up by religion, I'm the person to call. It was horrible and not something I ever want to re-live.
It's also not something that I want to expose my son to.
Though granted most churches don't split up like that, and most 17 year olds aren't in the position to tell the leadership of an entire church that they don't know how to run a church.
But this is what was running through my mind while my angelic toddler was demanding to go to church.
So, what now? Where do we go from here?
Matthew loved Sunday School. Like really loved it. So we'll probably go back. But, I do know that for now I'm not getting over-involved. To steal a blogging term, I'm going to be a lurker. I'm going to sit behind the scenes and I'm going to watch. And, contrary to my extremely social nature I'm not going to join everything. If there is a church social committee I'm most definitely not going to join it.
But, after Sunday School his cousins came over. And let me tell you. Sunday school did not rub off enough. He was pushing and shoving, and, well, being a two-year old boy.
So ...
As for church. We'll see. I'm not ready to commit yet. But we'll go again. And maybe I'll get used to the idea of it.
So, I'm curious ...
Does anyone have any opinions of kids and religion?