Friday, January 12, 2007

Random Friday

So, since everybody has special days on their blogs (Jeff has Tuesday Newsday and a zillion people including Haley have Thursday Thirteen and Heather has Wordless Wednesday) I felt kind of left out. Hence the decision to have Random Friday.
Okay, so I get that it doesn't rhyme or follow the convention of it matching the letter of the day of the week. I say WHATEVER. My creation my name. But, if anyone has a suggestion bring it on.
Why Random Friday? Well, for those of you who know me and for those of you who have read this long enough to feel you know me, I have a lot of random thoughts.
And today's randomness.
Well, let's start with the GO Train. A friend of mine told me that in Vancouver they have trains, much like the GO Train, that have dedicated cars. There is a sleeping car where the lights are turned down low and there is a cafeteria cart where you can get coffee and stuff.
So, as I was listening to my lovely mix on my ipod this morning, Mr Timberlake singing Sexy Back gave me the best idea EVER. There needs to be a dance car.
Think about it. I don't mean every morning. But in the nights. How many times have people taken the train from suburbia to Toronto to go clubbing on like a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night. And, wanted to get into the mood. Imagine a car where you could hang out and prepare for the evening ahead.
Okay, maybe not. But, I could totally go for it.
I was also thinking that it would be really nice to have a morning dj. You know, to get everyone going. Seriously, in the morning I am a much much nicer person at work if I've listened to really good music all the way to work. Granted not everyone would think that a constant repeat of Sexy Back (Justin Timberlake) and I Don't Feel Like Dancing (Scissor Sisters) is a great way to start the day. But, duh, that's what a dj is for. Ya know.


And, oh the excitement of the weekend. Okay, so how cool is this. Saturday morning Matt and I start gymnastics. We have been practicing sommersaults (by we I mean he does them and I cheer him on).
And then in the evening I'm going to a birthday party for my friend from high school. I know - weird, that I still have friends from highschool I guess. But, she decided to throw a party. I'm kind of looking forward to it. And, of course how could I not be catching a ride to a high school friend's house with Greg. Of course I am. Except, I will point out that Greg is not driving me due to my lack of driver's license, but because he lives further. And he always drives. And, maybe because he is a little afraid for me to drive. Come to think of it, I don't know if I have ever driven Greg anywhere. Hmmm ...
Whatever. Old times. Good friends. Much to talk about and catch up on. In like 2 years I think it will be our 10th highschool reunion. Ahhh! Now that is a scary thought (and HA to those of you old people who have already had your tenth reunion).

Hope you enjoyed Random Friday. Thoughts? Don't worry. You can say what you really think. I can take it.

PS Is everyone enjoying the linking action??? I finally figured it out. And, I also updated my links on the side. I know - welcome to the 21st century.


Deborah and Sally said...

My daughter (7)started gymnastics two weeks ago (yesterday was her second class.)
This is her first year doing it. (she's done the ballet and tap thing, but got bored with it)
As I was watching her attempting to do cartwheels, splits, and balance beam (all of which she's never done before) I was very nervous !! She wasn't "getting it" very easily and I was worried she wouldn't like it, but she came out after her first class and LOVED it. Now she wants to do it a couple times a week, we'll see.
I am really happy she enjoys it so much !!
I bet your little Matt will really enjoy it as well.
I was watching some of the younger kids (like Matt's age) and they were so cute to watch ! Of course it's more about fun at that age then actually doing gymnastics.
So have fun and give a full report :)

Amanda said...

I am SO on board with the dance train! What a great idea...sounds like fun!

Ruthie said...

So could there be a car for putting on makeup? Or could you do that on the dance car? (I love the dance car idea). Because I never have time to do it at home and people look at me funny if I do it on the way.

I also think the dance car should have a bubble machine in addition to the DJ.

Laural Dawn said...

I LOVE the bubble machine idea. Love it!
And as for the makeup ... I find it so totally bizarre when women do their makeup on the train. Lipstick, yes, but mascara and eyeliner? I sware there is one lady who transforms herself in 40 minutes. I can't help but stare some days.
Mind you, once I tweezed my eyebrows on the streetcar, but I was 19!

Naomi (Urban Mummy) said...

Tenth reunion. Wow.

Let's just say, if my class were to have a reunion this year, it would be twice that.

I was actually teaching in 1999, so, in theory, I could have been your teacher.

That is a bit too mind boggling for me!

That aside? Love the music train idea!!