Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Date Night with the Cousins

I just got home from a fun and exhausting evening.
Since Mike had originally planned to go out tonight, I decided to bring Matt to McDonald's. And, since I was bringing Matt I decided to surprise him and invite his cousin. My sister was in on it too and surprised Kyla so surprises all around.
In the car I told Matt we were going to McDonald's and then I said "who do you want us to bring with us."
He shouted "Kyla" at the top of his lungs. So, I just said okay. I went home to change, and then we go to their house, slightly before them so that we could surprise Kyla. (the fact that I almost gave my brother in law a heart attack when he saw someone opening his door is totally irrelevant).
So, Kyla was excited and Matt was excited and off we went.
Now, I'm not saying I'm planning a second child. But, I will say this. Taking two children to McDonald's is way easier than just one. Why? Cause they play.
So, it was fun.
Both kids are into this thing where they pretend they are someone else. So, I was Becky then Kayla then Madison then Grandma. And they were each other. Then they were brother and sister and then they were twins.
And, Matt kept saying "I'm Kyla's Brudda" with this hilarious accent. I loved it!
At one point Kyla said to me that she wanted dessert. She suggested that Matt have ice cream and she have apples since she can't have ice-cream. Only sherbet.
And, being the ambitious mother/aunt that I am I proclaimed "Licks has sherbet!!!!" and proceeded to announce to the kids that we would go to Licks for ice cream and sherbet after the PlayLand.
Crap. Forgot to check with my sister and brother-in-law who have a somewhat tighter sugar policy in their home.
It was fine.
We were on.
So, we played in the Playland. Thank goodness there was no puking this time.
Then we went to Licks. Yum yum. If you are trying to eat healthy and not over indulge I highly recommend the Cotton Candy ice cream. Kids love it and trust me, one bite and you do not want anymore.
And, since Licks is next door to Chapters the kids wrangled their way into Chapters where we played with the Thomas Table forever. I was Harold the Helicopter. It was fun. Usually halfway into playing with the kids I forget that I am not in the privacy of my own house and I get way too into the game. And then I realize (too late) that other parents are looking at me like I have lost my mind completely. This happened tonight when I perfected the noise for Harold the helicopter and then he took a nose dive under the table. I looked up and there was a father staring down at me.
Seriously. I spend all day at least trying to be mature (yes, I know I don't always succeed, but at least I can pretend when I need to). So in the evening a little levity is just fine.
And then on the way out (finally, after reading several books) we decided to buy my sister a treat - a decaf Starbucks. Why? I don't know. Cause we love her.
So, we were in line. And waiting and waiting. And Matt announced he wanted chocolate milk. And then Kyla wanted her special chocolate milk (soy.) So, of course I said yes. Why not.
In her ultra serious voice Kyla said, and I kid you not, "You should probably call my mommy to ask her about this one, Aunt Laural. You've given me lots of sugar tonight."
Of course, I pointed out to her that I really was allowed to give her this, and suggested she just have a couple of gulps and leave the rest for morning. Phew.
And, finally we made it home. Exhausted. All of us.
Except my sister. Because her coffee wasn't really decaf. It was caffeinated. JUST KIDDING!!!
Actually, it turns out Matthew is not nearly as tired as I am because he just came running downstairs. So, it's off to fight the bedtime fight. Again.
And tomorrow he starts swimming lessons! Yippee!!!!

PS In answer to the pilates teacher thing - it's the girl who played Felicity on Road to Avonlea. Gemma something???


Haley-O said...

I've been wondering what Playland's like.... Too bad I can't step foot inside McDonalds.... ;)

Good luck with the bedtime fight....We've been doing that here a lot, too....Naptime? No problem. Bedtime? SCREEEEEEEEEEEECH!

Anonymous said...

I loved road to avonlea

Searaygal said...

Sounds like a fabulous evening Laural! :)

Gemma Zamprogna I think is her last name. Very cool! I liked her, good actress!