Monday, January 08, 2007

Workin' It Out

So it's January.
And, having gone completely off the Weight Watchers bandwagon since we moved I have decided to recommit.
And part of this was joining a gym. Yep. Me and every other overweight woman in the world joined a gym. But, why not. The one near me is cheap, quiet and convenient. I also (as if everyone can't tell) need a little me time.
Lately this me time has been spent shopping. But, that is getting expensive. And there is no point in spending money on clothes if I just dwell on my flaws. So, it's off to the gym for me. I don't intend to go overboard. Just some treadmill and maybe some classes. I'm not a gym rat. Not at all. But, as I have matured I've learned that working out my way (i.e. listening to music and blocking out music) is actually relaxing. And I like myself more. And so that's a good thing.
Plus, I've been sick for a month. And, I want to kick that.
Now, in all fairness it's not like I gained 5 million pounds over Christmas. I still fit my clothes and all of that. And, no kidding, my boss came in today and said "Wow! The holidays were good to you and you didn't gain any weight at all!" (see, this is why my boss is cool. I loved that!)
But in all honesty, the way I work is that when I'm eating well I exercise. When I go to the gym and see that an hour on the treadmill basically burned off the apple I ate in the morning I stop eating all the junk. I make the connection that I need to eat healthy.
The chips and cookies that have made their way back on to my shelves are making me realize that I'm not making that connection. The fact that I was afraid to weigh myself this morning - also a good sign that I'm out of control.
Before I got married I had the world's coolest trainer, Brian. I loved this guy because he was cool and laid back and basically knew exactly how to push me without annoying me. We used to always discuss my bizarre concepts of eating and exercising (in between lunges.) He's the one who actually drilled into my mind that if you fall off the bandwagon there is always tomorrow. So, Brian, wherever you are, I'm back on the bandwagon. And I have a new trainer.
Too bad he quit being a personal trainer to go fix computers!!!!
Anyway ...
My point is, new year new body. Or at least new year, back to the gym. Back to routine. But, I figure that I will want to wear a bathing suit this summer so I better lose some of the extra icky weight.
And speaking of resolutions, in addition to the jewellry resolution (which is going very well!) I had made another resolution. See, at work I have a tendency to call the help desk a LOT. Honestly, I feel like I am always calling. So, I did kind of resolve not to call as often. Every other day or less.
I went a full week without calling once. And then today happened. I called so many times I was afraid they would start blocking my calls. (I already got in trouble once for calling help desk people directly rather than going through the help desk). But, seriously, today was ridiculous. At least I made the effort not to call so much, right?? Right. Tomorrow no calls at all.
Time to put Matty to bed. We're going with a little later bedtime. We'll see how that works.


Haley-O said...

I love the classes at the gym. NIA is my fave. I laugh -- and I think it's great when you have a laugh working out. :) Good luck getting fit again! I gave up on WW. I'm just trying to make healthier choices more often. :)

Amanda said...

We, too, tried the later bedtime and what we have found is that it really doesn't matter what time she goes to bed (e.g. 7, 8, even 9) she still wakes up around 6! Boo. I hope this works out better for you. What time are you putting him down and what time is he waking up, out of curiousity?

Searaygal said...

That's awesome about joining the gym. I actually finally used my elliptical last night when I got home. Covered the display with a towel and went to town! Fun times! I'm determined I have to do the same as you. But for me its not the bathing suit, its being a bridesmaid for my friend in August, and the other thing I told you about re: the car.
I must say I love the elliptical though, works for me :)
Good luck & have fun!!

Deborah and Sally said...

That's great ! I've also started working out and watching what I eat.(I take Herbalife)
I don't go to a gym, I'm to embarrased to work out around other people. I bought a dance workout DVD and it's actually really fun !!
I figured if I was going to work out I was going to do something fun so it didn't feel so much like working out, and it worked.
I'm happy though, I've already lost 2 inches from my waist and 3 lb. in a week, yea :)
Good luck on your work out, keep us updated on your progress !!