Tuesday, January 09, 2007

What If ...

What if you you found out that someone you admired as a child - like about age 10 - taught pilates around the corner from you.
And what if your sister and her best friend (who you also really like) asked you to go to these pilates classes with you.
What would you do???
If you were me you would sign up on the spot.
Why not.
Of course I'm not going to say who this celebrity is. Trust me - unless you are a fan of the CBC you probably may not know who she is. And, given that she's teaching pilates in suburbia, she probably isn't overidden by crazed fans.
But back to my sister and her friend.
I figure there are 2 main reasons that they want me to do these semi-private pilates classes.
The first reason - cost. It's $75 per hour but you can divide it 3 ways.
The second reason - my lack of fear. See, they have a ton of paraphenalia from this show, and they want to have it signed. I think they also may want to get autographed pictures. And let's be honest - I have no qualms about approaching people and professing my complete love of them. (Do we remember when Donnie Wahlberg was shooting a movie outside the building and I threw my coffee at a VP in order to meet him. And this complete lack of embarrassment goes way back: Kurt Browning, Phantom of the Opera, Marilyn Dennis ...)
And so I have been wrangled in.
Cause I love them.
I do.
However, I HATE pilates. I've done it. It hurts my ab muscles. And, did I
mention I have a tailbone injury that I don't want to aggravate. Maybe I can convince them that I could just watch them pilaticize while I cheer them on. Or maybe I will just be the fall guy, the person who truly sucks in our threesome and I'll make my sister and her friend look good.
Okay, so below a hint on who this celebrity is ....


Deborah and Sally said...

Oh my gosh, I hate pilates to !! I did them one time and will NOT do them again.
It sounds like you're in a pickle now though with "having" to do it.
Good luck with that, LOL :)

Jeff said...

Mag? It has to be Mag... it isn't Sarah, that's for sure... she's making movies...

Searaygal said...

Really? You're not into Pilates? I love it. I can't do all of it, never could even when I was going to classes a couple times a week, my back is shot, but I really enjoyed it.

I'll call you and bug you as to who it is. That's exciting!!! But it would totally intimidate me :)

Haley-O said...

I've recently taken a liking to pilates. I take a yoga/pilates fusion class, which, I think, makes the pilates more bearable for me. Every pilates instructor is different. Maybe ask if you can take a test class? See how you like it. Then, you get to meet her AND aren't committed to the full session!

Laural Dawn said...

Okay - maybe HATE is not fair. But, I don't enjoy pilates. But, hey maybe the private instruction will change all that.
And great idea about the trial class. I'll ask.

The Girl Who Loves to Knit said...