Friday, May 14, 2010


You know sometimes you want to do something.
And you think it over. And you wrestle with a decision until your small idea becomes huge? And then you second guess yourself? It's too huge. The answer will be no. I'm not worth it.
Sometimes I do that.
And that's where your friends come in. They tell you to just do it.
Or, as my one friend pointed out, the phrase "I'm not worth it" is quite possibly the dumbest thing that's ever come out of my mouth.
(unrelated conversation. but still)
To put your idea out there, and ask.
And I did that. One e-mail. One question. And a bit of a leap of faith.
Because sometimes if you really really want something and you have nothing to lose the best choice is just to ask. Because sometimes hearing the word no won't be the end of your life.
But hearing the word yes? That's a game changer. And that yes makes you believe that you are worth it. And it makes you believe that your story, your hopes, your dreams and even your mistakes are your story. And your story is pretty incredible - flaws and all.
Sometimes taking the chance is worth it.
Sometimes somebody will say yes. And that yes means more than you could ever explain or even understand.
And that yes is more than just a yes. It's a yes with a side of awesomeness.
I'm being a little cryptic because it's fun :)
And also because thanks to the power of google, it's amazing how when you post about someone specific you get lots and lots of people weighing in on your life.
Suffice it to say if you've been reading me since about January you can probably figure out what would make me as excited as I am today.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So ... It's been awhile

I haven't posted in awhile.
Sometimes life gets a little bit in the way of blogging.
And even though a blog is about your life, sometimes there are things that you just need to not put out there for everyone to read.
I've had lots to think about lately.
I know I don't have all the answers. I do know that in life everything will be okay.
We learn, we grow and life keeps going. High points, low points, blah blah blah.
But next week is my birthday. And I LOVE birthdays.

As for everything else going on ...

Matt has his assessment for enrichment today. We have already established he's a very bright child. In order to be in the enrichment program he has to be in the 98th percentile for 6 year old boys. He just turned 6. The number is very high. There's nothing we could do to prepare him for this so we just have to trust that if this is meant to be it will be. I truly believe that he's capable of doing the program, but I have no idea what his score will be. I'm trying not to worry about it. I'm just so proud that he's being considered. Also, he wants to be an actor. Fun.

Chloe. So help me she's in the terrible twos. The word "NO!" is uttered a lot. But, I'm also loving this age. Adorable. Funny. And her hair is growing so between our nanny and I we have a lot of fun with her hair. I'm sure one day she'll want to cut it so why not enjoy it while I can.

Also ...

I have a friend with an amazing blog. I love her because she's an amazing person. I also love what she can do with her craft. She's having a contest on her site. So go check it out. Because really ... I can't imagine how she does what she does.