Saturday, July 22, 2006

Home Sweet Home

I'm home ... at last.
It's been a long week. It was fun, I saw a lot of incredible things, I spent a lot of time with people I wouldn't normally have spent time with. And, I went to places that I know I would never have and probably never will again.
It was wonderful (and tiring) and I am so glad to be home.
The coolest moment ever was when I arrived back at the airport, trudging all of my luggage, and there were the boys. Mike dressed up for the occassion - not in a suit or anything, but in the shirt he knows I love, his nice shoes and khakis and did his hair. Matty had on his "mom rocks" shirt. And, I went over and of course I cried. And, then Matt cried. And, maybe even Mike had a tear. It was pretty sweet.
It was a moment I will cherish.
And, it's so good to be back.
Tomorrow though we leave again. We are going to stay at my parents' place since Matthew's daycare will be closed for two weeks. (I HATE that they close in the summer - next year we will plan vacation around that). Next week my family is taking care of him. The week after we have hired a babysitter. She's 17, Matthew and my nieces love her. And, ironically, I used to babysit her. I know it's trusting to leave a two year old with a teenage for a week but I know her entire family, I trust her completely and her mom is amazing and will be around. So, if there are any issues they will be there.
And then on top of all of this is the added fact that we got accepted to be on a reality tv show (I know - crazy) and so we are shooting for that A LOT. We're a little busy.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Almost Home Time

Tomorrow I go home.
I can't wait.
This trip has been pretty incredible on several levels. I have loved some parts and other parts were more tiring. But, it's been great.
And, I have realized a few things.
I've realized that I can be away from Matthew. It sucks and I miss him, but it's okay and we are surviving.
I've realized that I miss my husband. A lot. I just do. The Dixie Chicks (sad I know) have this line in a song that talks about sharing silences. I miss the quiet where we can be quiet together without words and be comfortable. Weird. Cause I like to talk.
I am above all looking forward to coming home and being met at the airport by my boys. I really am.
Am I homesick. Sort of kind of. It's more like I'm just ready to be home - soon ...
But for now I'm relishing the moment and not complaining.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Missing Home

Yesterday I embarked on my frist trip away from my baby.
It's been two years since I've spent more than a night away from my son and it is hard.
I'm away in Calgary on a work trip.
There are some good things. The first thing is that the flight was good, the hotel last night was great and so far the trip has run smoothly. I know that I will see a lot and learn a lot and generally it will be a good experience. I know all of this. And I am embracing it.
But, I also miss home.
I miss both of my boys. I miss their cuddles and their hugs. I missed picking Matt up at daycare today and getting the cry of "mommy mommy mommy" I always get.
Last night I felt weird when I woke up in the middle of the night and Mike wasn't there. It was weird. And, it was kind of empty.
But, I think it's also good. It's nice to miss them. It's nice to know I am missed. it was nice to get a card that Mike wrote but Matt picked (with Dora on it).And I think that you don't realize how much you love people till you miss them.
And, Friday will come soon.
Until then I will embrace the moment and the opportunity.