Thursday, July 20, 2006

Almost Home Time

Tomorrow I go home.
I can't wait.
This trip has been pretty incredible on several levels. I have loved some parts and other parts were more tiring. But, it's been great.
And, I have realized a few things.
I've realized that I can be away from Matthew. It sucks and I miss him, but it's okay and we are surviving.
I've realized that I miss my husband. A lot. I just do. The Dixie Chicks (sad I know) have this line in a song that talks about sharing silences. I miss the quiet where we can be quiet together without words and be comfortable. Weird. Cause I like to talk.
I am above all looking forward to coming home and being met at the airport by my boys. I really am.
Am I homesick. Sort of kind of. It's more like I'm just ready to be home - soon ...
But for now I'm relishing the moment and not complaining.


Michael said...

Your 'boys' can't wait to see you either!

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