Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh The Eyelashes

Last night I went to a Mary Kay party.
It was really quite a nice evening. There were 4 of us trying out glam new looks. We looked beautiful (okay maybe I looked a bit tarty, but whatever).
So, the Mary Kay lady was telling us about the eye makeup remover they have. (It's really good stuff by the way). I was drinking coffee while she was discussing the benefits of this eye makeup remover. Interesting information.
And then she told a story about how she had this client who burned her eyelashes off and how she kept using this eye makeup remover and the minerals in the eye make up remover made her eyelashes grow back.
I choked on my coffee.
Is this funny to anyone but me.
I could hardly hold in the giggles.
I was sitting next to my sister who was like "what's so funny?"
I had to reminder her of when I was missing eyelashes. Why, you may be wondering, was I without eyelashes?
That would be because I trusted my sister to wax my eyebrows. But, when she wasn't paying attention she dripped wax on my eyelashes, and along with my eyebrows came a few lashes. Ouch!
But, funny.
When I recalled that story she started to laugh too. In fact everyone started to crack up (at my trauma, people! You're laughing at my trauma. I kid. I was dying by that point).
All I could think to myself was who would have thought in that agony of having your eyelashes ripped out that you should use your mineral enhanced eye makeup remover to encourage eyelash growth.
And that thought made me giggle even more.
My friend sells Mary Kay. Next time I see her I will have to mention the benefits of the eye makeup remover. Good stuff. I'm thinking I should have some on hand for the next time Beck helps with hair removal.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

My 3 Year Old Is Kicking my Butt

I'm beyond tired these days.
I thought that when the "terrible twos" were over and before the f*&%ing fours" began there would be some peace, a nice respite from the terror that can be my son.
I was sorely mistaken.
So, here I am, entering my fifth month of parenting a 3 year old, and I am seriously exhausted. I have tried being strict. I have tried being nice. I have tried ignoring. I have tried bribing. And NOTHING works. Nothing.
One minute he's the sweetest child in the world. He's hugging me and kissing me and telling me how much he loves me. I love that. And all is right with the world.
Then suddenly he turns. And because this insane child. Something sets him off and he goes wild. It's like if I don't work with his schedule and do what he wants then he attacks. Literally.
He has starting biting again. And it hurts.
I tell him no - he bites.
I say it's time to go - he bites.
I offer him candy - he bites.
I'm covered in bruises and my patience is wearing thin.
And it's not just me. Mike feels the same way. Every time Mike turns around Matthew is biting him too. It's gotten to the point where we compare bruises at night. It's not fun. And, keep in mind he's in daycare ALL DAY.
And so on it goes. But, it doesn't help that lately I've been tired and cranky and trying to cut down on caffeine.
So basically, my child is kicking my butt. I'm sure I'll sort this out one day. But today I'm just venting. Cause really, there's not much else today. If anyone has a solution (other than copious amounts of alcohol) please let me know ...

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Back from Vacation

I'm back from vacation - 8 days with my son, my parents, my sister and her family.
I'm exhausted.
There's so much I have to talk about. There's the beauty of the mountains, the fun I had with Matthew and my family, the things we did, the meltdowns that occurred, the yummy food we ate and how I cannot imagine being a single parent to a 3-year old.
But, I'm tired.
This week wore me out.
Specifically, travelling by rental car and via train from Vermont to Toronto (in 13 hours) with heavy baggage has kicked my butt and rendered me exhausted. And, of course I came back home and decided to reorganize the kitchen. (don't ask).
Maybe tomorrow I will download some pictures, and talk about my travels.
But for now I will leave you with some of the highlights:
  • Our first night of swimming - the kids found those rings that you throw in the water and then dive for. In her excitement my sister threw it to me, missed completely and whacked my mom in the head. Once we knew my mom was okay, my mom, sister and I could not stop giggling over my dad's comment of "it's okay, dear. Becky didn't mean to hit you. We all know she has horrible aim."
  • Matthew and Kyla discovered that I could burp words. We were all floating in the pool, right before bedtime and they would give me a word and I would burp it for them. Hot!
  • We went on the Ben and Jerry's factory tour 2 times, and went to Ben and Jerry's 10 times. (Matt went 11 times). We didn't have ice cream every time.
  • I now have an ice cream cone tattoo on my ankle (it's airbrushed - not permanent)
  • Matt having a new found obsession with the word "butt". Really - where did that come from?
  • Walking on the recreation path. Who knew my child loved nature so much?
Okay. I'm done for tonight. Pictures to come.