Friday, August 10, 2007

Oh The Eyelashes

Last night I went to a Mary Kay party.
It was really quite a nice evening. There were 4 of us trying out glam new looks. We looked beautiful (okay maybe I looked a bit tarty, but whatever).
So, the Mary Kay lady was telling us about the eye makeup remover they have. (It's really good stuff by the way). I was drinking coffee while she was discussing the benefits of this eye makeup remover. Interesting information.
And then she told a story about how she had this client who burned her eyelashes off and how she kept using this eye makeup remover and the minerals in the eye make up remover made her eyelashes grow back.
I choked on my coffee.
Is this funny to anyone but me.
I could hardly hold in the giggles.
I was sitting next to my sister who was like "what's so funny?"
I had to reminder her of when I was missing eyelashes. Why, you may be wondering, was I without eyelashes?
That would be because I trusted my sister to wax my eyebrows. But, when she wasn't paying attention she dripped wax on my eyelashes, and along with my eyebrows came a few lashes. Ouch!
But, funny.
When I recalled that story she started to laugh too. In fact everyone started to crack up (at my trauma, people! You're laughing at my trauma. I kid. I was dying by that point).
All I could think to myself was who would have thought in that agony of having your eyelashes ripped out that you should use your mineral enhanced eye makeup remover to encourage eyelash growth.
And that thought made me giggle even more.
My friend sells Mary Kay. Next time I see her I will have to mention the benefits of the eye makeup remover. Good stuff. I'm thinking I should have some on hand for the next time Beck helps with hair removal.


Natalie said...

That was funny. :)

Teena said...

I hate having my eyebrows waxed (I get them threaded). I can't imagine having my eyelashes waxed. Ouch!