Friday, January 01, 2010


Some people don't believe in resolutions. I do.
I don't live by them or make crazy ones. I had a friend once who resolved to give up chocolate for a year. INSANE. She didn't it, but I have no idea what the point was.
I've had my share of good resolutions and bad ones. And I think I have rounded it down to the fact that I need one resolutions that is measurable and attainable, one that is a little bit vague and one that is a bit of a challenge.
So, here are mine.

1) I want to learn to use chopsticks. For real. Yes, I sometimes make fun of people who use them, or, you know, keep them on their desk along with their cutlery (ahem ...). But, as a certain friend pointed out to me, I probably only mock his desk chopsticks cuz I can't use them myself. Point taken, resolution #1 decided upon.

2) I want to be kinder. See. Vague. But, lately I'm not sure kindness has been my strong suit. I've been a bit mean, and a little gossipy. And I haven't made a point of trying to be nice. I mean I am to random strangers, but I will try to extend that kindness to my family and friends just a little bit more. Because these kids here - they're awesome - and I need to be a little less strict and a little more fun.

4) Finally. I want to try to enjoy my workouts. I took a couple of weeks off of the gym, and I have to say it's been nice not getting up at 4am to go to the gym. And not caring about calories. And obsessing about how fast I can run. I actually miss going to the gym, but I want to go back and enjoy what I'm doing - not care so much about the calories and the burn and all of that and just enjoy exercise. And, along those lines, I'm also going to take it a little easier. If I want to get to the gym a few minutes later and then take the later train - I'm not going to sweat it.

So there.

So .... what are yours?