Friday, January 01, 2010


Some people don't believe in resolutions. I do.
I don't live by them or make crazy ones. I had a friend once who resolved to give up chocolate for a year. INSANE. She didn't it, but I have no idea what the point was.
I've had my share of good resolutions and bad ones. And I think I have rounded it down to the fact that I need one resolutions that is measurable and attainable, one that is a little bit vague and one that is a bit of a challenge.
So, here are mine.

1) I want to learn to use chopsticks. For real. Yes, I sometimes make fun of people who use them, or, you know, keep them on their desk along with their cutlery (ahem ...). But, as a certain friend pointed out to me, I probably only mock his desk chopsticks cuz I can't use them myself. Point taken, resolution #1 decided upon.

2) I want to be kinder. See. Vague. But, lately I'm not sure kindness has been my strong suit. I've been a bit mean, and a little gossipy. And I haven't made a point of trying to be nice. I mean I am to random strangers, but I will try to extend that kindness to my family and friends just a little bit more. Because these kids here - they're awesome - and I need to be a little less strict and a little more fun.

4) Finally. I want to try to enjoy my workouts. I took a couple of weeks off of the gym, and I have to say it's been nice not getting up at 4am to go to the gym. And not caring about calories. And obsessing about how fast I can run. I actually miss going to the gym, but I want to go back and enjoy what I'm doing - not care so much about the calories and the burn and all of that and just enjoy exercise. And, along those lines, I'm also going to take it a little easier. If I want to get to the gym a few minutes later and then take the later train - I'm not going to sweat it.

So there.

So .... what are yours?


SciFi Dad said...

So is following number sequences NOT one of your resolutions? (You numbered them 1,2, and 4.) ;)

I used to try and resolve to be kinder, but then I realized that nine out of ten people were put on this planet solely for the purpose of pissing me off.

PhatDaddy said...

Hmm.. Indeed.. Solid resolutions, but I too am baffled by #3..