Saturday, June 16, 2007

Saturday Morning with my Preschooler

This morning:
I woke up and had a lovely cup of coffee and breakfast while Matty slept. This meant I could watch the series finale of Dawson's Creek on TBS (crying of course) in peace. Yes, I've seen it but how nice is some sappy tv?
About an hour later Matthew woke up. And called me from his bunkbed. "Mommy, I'm awake, come get me."
I went to get him and the first thing he did was give me a big hug and say "I love you!"
I went to brush my hair in the upstairs bathroom while he went downstairs. I soon followed him, and found him sitting on the toilet, no prompting.
"I didn't want to have an accident" he told me.
I then proceeded to give him some cereal. He ate it, and when he finished it he stood up and carried his bowl and spoon to the kitchen and put it in the sink.
I have been working on this. All of it. And, I know you should expect this of your child, but when it happens without prompting, with no whining, just like second nature... it's very rewarding!!!
Let's hope this is how today goes.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Conquered the Bay Street Rat Race!

Tonight is about celebrating for me because tonight I conquered the Bay Street Rat Race, a 5 km run in downtown Toronto.
I've been working toward this since January. I knew I wanted to run. I just didn't think I could do it. But guess what?! I could ... and I did.
And I had a blast!
Part of the fun of this event is that there is a costume element. My friend and I decided to be the "OMERinas" (that incorporates our company name) we wore tutus over our running clothes. You really just need to get into the mood!

The whole event was really really fun. (that is my friend Meghan looking very Megerrific!) We are doing our ballet pose!

My parents, husband and son came and met me at my office. And, then they walked over with my colleagues in order to watch me. It meant a lot to me. This was something I've been working toward and having people cheer you on is a big deal.

(It's all about Teamwork! Go Team!)

We had to stand at the starting line forever. This kind of worked against me because I completely psyched myself out. I could not stop shaking. So, the start was really rough. I started off with my friend, but I was so shaky that I had to stop and walk a bit to calm myself down. I just couldn't make myself run.

I kept reminding myself that I just had to make it through. So, for awhile I would run a minute and walk a minute. I just had to do it. I finally got to Bloor, and someone I work with had told me that if I got up to Bloor the way back was downhill and much easier. So, I just started to run. I blocked everything out, told myself to take it one step at a time - and DID IT.
I have to say, doing a race was amazing. People were so inspiring - cheering everyone on while they ran past - I was so encouraged. One step at a time I got through.

(on your mark, get set ...)


And, was I ever surprised when I ended up coming in first!!!!
Just kidding.
But, I had set a goal of making it in 35-40 minutes. Guess what? I did it in just under 35 minutes. If you're a runner you'll know this time isn't anything fantastic.

(Just about to cross the finish line - I was sprinting!!!)

But, if you're a runner you also know it's about testing personal limits. That's what I did. I'm proud. My previous best time was 38 minutes. I shattered that record.

When I got home there was a balloon and card waiting for me from my sister to go along with the flowers from my parents. Yep. They got it!!!

And, on top of all of this ... I set a fundraising goal of $1000. And guess what? I did it!!!!! And, that's what it's about!
We left the race talking about which race I'll be doing next. And, I think my dad is taking up the challenge to do a 5k with me.
Anyone care to join?
To everyone who supported me (financially and emotionally) THANK YOU!

My official time was 34:42 and my place was 770 (of 1185 people)

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

GO ... Read this Book

I read a lot.
Thanks to the 45 minute GO Train ride I take every day I get a wonderful chance to read all of the time. And, my tastes vary. Sometimes I'm in the mood for chic lit, sometimes for adventure, sometimes mystery, sometimes biographies. Sometimes I read the paper. Sometimes I read magazines.
But, reading each and every day is one of the greatest pleasures in my life. This can be good when I really enjoy a book, but it can also be bad when I'm a little too into a particular character and I realize I'm moody because a character is going through a tough time. (kind of like when I realized in university that as much as I loved Jann Arden, listening to her on the way to school was totally bringing me down!)
That's how into books I can get.
Last week I bought the book Stuck in Downward Dog by Chantel Simmons.
I had an inkling it was going to be a good book because I went to the bookstore following a run. I was dressed completely in lululemon (something I don't generally do when I go book shopping) and was flushed from exercise. I knew what book I was getting - so I just popped in to find that particular book. When I went to pay for it the girl at the cash squealed "ohhh! You're wearing lulu. You are soooo going to love this book." ooookay. Actually, she was really nice and we had a nice chat about everything lululemon.
And, the next day I started reading.
I have to tell you, I LOVED this book.
The main character is a girl named Mara Brennan. She is 28, the age that both her mom and her sister had perfect years. And her life is anything but perfect. After a series of crappy events she sets out to make 28 a good year. The book follows her through the year (well, not the whole year).
I won't tell you more - because I hate it when people ruin a book for me. (but, if you want to read the whole background click here)
But, I will say this ... There were parts of this book where I could relate fully and completely to this character. Like, not just a little bit, but a ton. Her friends seem perfect, their lives seem to work perfectly. She has a sister who always seems to have it a little more put together. She struggles a lot.
Oh, and she loves eating junk food, struggles with her weight and goes on cucpake dates. (yummy!)
By the end of the book I wanted to hug her. I just fell in love with this lovingly imperfect character, and her story.
What I've realized over the past year (ironically, the year I was 28 - I just tunred 29) is that people like me for me - quirks and all. And, sometimes the stuff that I struggle with the most, the fact that I wear my heart on my sleeve, cry too much (and no, not always for "dramatic effect"), laugh too hard, don't take myself all that seriously, and about a million other things ... those are the things that make me who I am.
And, when I embrace those things - I am a better person.
Reading this book made me remember all of that. And, it also made me want to go do yoga ... and eat cupcakes :)
Really, when I finished reading the book, I kept reading and read through the credits because I just couldn't put it down. That good.
The other cool thing - the person who wrote it is a blogger. And, I actually heard about her book because I linked to her blog from someone else's. So, that's just pretty cool.
So ... Go out and read - and enjoy. Cause yes, it's that good!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A friend and some cats ... achoo!

Tonight we went to visit a family friend.
My husband's mom and and this friend, Pam, have known each other since Mike and Pam's son Trell were babies. So, going to visit is one of those comfortable experiences. It's always a nice visit. Pam is easy going, loves Matthew, loves chatting, and always has coffee and treats.
She also has numerous cats.
At the moment there are 3 cats - all are Siamese (though this is kind of a fluke - she had a siamese and then rescued 2 more).
I know Siamese cats are not known to be the world's friendliest cats, but these ones are. They let me pick them up, they tolerate, and occassionally play with Matthew. It's pretty adorable.
Granted I'm allergic to cats. But, I have 2 cats who I'm not that affected by, and I took an allergy pill before I got there.
It was pretty funny because as the evening went on I got stuffier and stuffier and sneezed about a million times. I tried to carry on a conversation.
It went a little like this: "work is *ACHOO* good but *ACHOO* rather *ACHOO* busy."
And, it got to be hilarious. I just kept sitting and sniffling. I was one of those annoying people who run you out of kleenex, and you think "haven't they heard of Claritin?" Except I have - and I took one!!!
Now that I'm home I'm much better. One more benadryl and then bed.

Monday, June 11, 2007

A Tuesday Meme the Following Tuesday!!!

A week later, I've finally gotten to the meme that Mamma Lee tagged me for!!!!

Instructions: Remove the blog from the top, move all blogs up one, add yourself to the bottom.

Blogging Obsession
Jersey Mum
Full Plate
Misadventures of Mommy Laural

Five people to tag: I'm only tagging 3 - it's the boys' turn to answer these questions. Urban Daddy, James,Michael and Sci-Fi Dad

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was working full time as a waitress preparing to go to University. I had just returned from a trip to France with my best friend, and I was ready to conquer the world. I was spending pretty much every evening at 2nd Cup with my friend Patrick, drinking coffee and flirting with boys. I'm not where I thought I would be, but the me of 10 years ago would be pretty happy.

Five Snacks You Enjoy: (though I don't eat them very often)

  1. Fruit salad
  2. Cheesy Cheetos
  3. Sour Cream and Onion Chips
  4. Kit Kat bars
  5. Wine gums

Five Songs That You Know All The Lyrics To:

  1. Dilemma (Nelly and Kelly Rowland)
  2. Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne)
  3. Killing Me Softly
  4. Amazing Grace (I really love this song!)
  5. Shake it Baby, Shake it (the first and only song Matt taught me)

Five Things You Would Do If You Were a Millionaire:
  1. Fly my best friend from elementary school and her family to visit me
  2. Get my hair cut regularly by Bill
  3. Buy a large home, have more children and multiple caregivers to help me
  4. Take a long vacation
  5. Purchase a really nice car and have a driver
Five bad habits:
  1. Reading blogs too much
  2. Eating junk food
  3. Letting the house get messy
  4. watching too much tv
  5. Checking my Blackberry too often

Five Things You Like To Do:

  1. Sing while driving with the windows down
  2. Play with my son
  3. Go Shopping
  4. Blog
  5. Read

Five Things You Would Never Wear Again:

  1. Lime Green Vuarnet t-shirt
  2. Jeans with safety pins
  3. Jeans with a leather waist band
  4. Stirrup pants
  5. I'm guessing the outfit I'll be wearing at the Rat Race on Thursday

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Fun

This weekend was packed full of stuff. You can tell it's the beginning of summer because it seems like there's so much to do and not enough time to do it in.
The weekend started with a very long commute home Friday night.
I left work at 4:30 and got home at almost 8pm. I was on the train and it stopped because there were trees fallen on the track. Luckily I had a really good book and I went to the washroom before I left - so it wasn't so bad. It was slightly annoying when they told us we were all going back to one stop then went forward to the next. Then they got the chain saw out to cut trees. It was a little startling. But, we finally made it to a station in one piece where I got off and had my husband pick me up. Fun.
On Saturday we went to Peterborough for, I kid you not, a monster truck show and demolition derby. I know - I bet you didn't think I had it in me. I wisely kept my Coach bag at home, wore some old jeans and actually got into it. It was pretty fun. There were some scary moments like when one of the demolition derby cars burst into flames - but everyone was fine.
My favourite moment of the night was when Matthew turned to everyone in the crowd and shouted "they drive just like Mommy."
Smart child.
And then today we went to Woofstock. One of my friends had helped to arrange a walkathon for dogs, and so she asked if Matthew would be willing to walk her dog. Of course I said yes. I really quite like dogs, as does Matthew. And I knew he'd have fun. We really did. Her dog, Sammy, was adorable, and soooo good. I was a little worried when we handed over the leash (I had it in my hand as well) but it was totally fine. This dog was so well behaved and he just walked right along. It was impressive. Matt had visions of bringing Sammy home ... he is way too beloved for that, but it was still pretty cute.
And then this afternoon ... I sewed!
I pull out my sewing machine very rarely. I purchased my sewing machine when I thought that all good mothers made their children's Halloween costumes (this was, obviously, Matt's first Halloween because I have since learned that is a myth).
I suck at sewing. Of all the comments I ever received on my report cards, there is one I distinctly remember from 8th grade family studies (home ec) - "Laural should consider careers that don't require sewing. She is a very good cook."
Yep. I'm that bad at sewing.
But - this week is the Rat Race. In addition to the fact that the Rat Race is a race, there is another side to it - it's a costume contest.
Now, I've worked really hard to be able to do 5k, but try as I may, I'm doubting that I will come in first. So my friend (and colleague) and I have decided we will kick butt in the costume contest. I had to pull out my handy dandy sewing machine to whip up our amazing costumes. I'd post a picture, but I don't want to spoil the surprise. So stay tuned. Let's just say it is very original.
I did a demonstration for my parents, who are quite used to me, and even they agreed that we had a costume that was creative and yet I will still be able to run in.
I'm just grateful that the race doesn't start till 7:30 - most people at work will be gone before we don our outfits (and luckily my division runs our company intranet. I am quite positive I can talk them out of posting the pictures!)
And now, to top off the weekend, I'm watching Priscilla Queen of the Desert.
I feel like I need another weekend to get over this one.