Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Conquered the Bay Street Rat Race!

Tonight is about celebrating for me because tonight I conquered the Bay Street Rat Race, a 5 km run in downtown Toronto.
I've been working toward this since January. I knew I wanted to run. I just didn't think I could do it. But guess what?! I could ... and I did.
And I had a blast!
Part of the fun of this event is that there is a costume element. My friend and I decided to be the "OMERinas" (that incorporates our company name) we wore tutus over our running clothes. You really just need to get into the mood!

The whole event was really really fun. (that is my friend Meghan looking very Megerrific!) We are doing our ballet pose!

My parents, husband and son came and met me at my office. And, then they walked over with my colleagues in order to watch me. It meant a lot to me. This was something I've been working toward and having people cheer you on is a big deal.

(It's all about Teamwork! Go Team!)

We had to stand at the starting line forever. This kind of worked against me because I completely psyched myself out. I could not stop shaking. So, the start was really rough. I started off with my friend, but I was so shaky that I had to stop and walk a bit to calm myself down. I just couldn't make myself run.

I kept reminding myself that I just had to make it through. So, for awhile I would run a minute and walk a minute. I just had to do it. I finally got to Bloor, and someone I work with had told me that if I got up to Bloor the way back was downhill and much easier. So, I just started to run. I blocked everything out, told myself to take it one step at a time - and DID IT.
I have to say, doing a race was amazing. People were so inspiring - cheering everyone on while they ran past - I was so encouraged. One step at a time I got through.

(on your mark, get set ...)


And, was I ever surprised when I ended up coming in first!!!!
Just kidding.
But, I had set a goal of making it in 35-40 minutes. Guess what? I did it in just under 35 minutes. If you're a runner you'll know this time isn't anything fantastic.

(Just about to cross the finish line - I was sprinting!!!)

But, if you're a runner you also know it's about testing personal limits. That's what I did. I'm proud. My previous best time was 38 minutes. I shattered that record.

When I got home there was a balloon and card waiting for me from my sister to go along with the flowers from my parents. Yep. They got it!!!

And, on top of all of this ... I set a fundraising goal of $1000. And guess what? I did it!!!!! And, that's what it's about!
We left the race talking about which race I'll be doing next. And, I think my dad is taking up the challenge to do a 5k with me.
Anyone care to join?
To everyone who supported me (financially and emotionally) THANK YOU!

My official time was 34:42 and my place was 770 (of 1185 people)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Laural on achieving and breaking through your goals! You are an inspiration to me, just reading about your running makes me want to try, and I HATE running! Cheers!

infectiouslaughter said...

Good for you Laurel! Are you still feeling changes in your body? still loosing weight?

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Congrats, Laural! That is such awesome news. I am really proud of you--what an accomplishment. You must feel like you are flying right now :)

Steph said...

That's awesome and very inspiring!

LoriD said...

Way to go! Your costume is very cute and I think you did a very respectable time. It's definitely a rush to be running in a race. What's next... 10K?

Anonymous said...

Congrats Laural!! I love the pics! LOL


Anonymous said...

I am so darned proud of you!!! It was freaking awesome fantastic - and way too much fun.

There's the official scotia bank 5 k if you are interested... without the fund raising!

Thank you for making the costumes I had a blast!!

sam said...

OMG Laural!!! Congratulations!!!! What an amazing goal to achieve! I'm really proud of you!!

I know right where you are in all those pics! LOL

JeniBeans said...

YAY, congratulations!! You're awesome! That really takes some stamina to do that. I don't even know you but I am so proud of you. =) The emotion you put into that post gave me a good idea of how much it really meant to you.

Gongratulations on a job VERY VERY well done!

AndreAnna said...

Great job!! I think I woud have died around 12 minutes. Yup, dead. Maybe 13. But definitely dead.

Congrats again!