Tuesday, June 12, 2007

A friend and some cats ... achoo!

Tonight we went to visit a family friend.
My husband's mom and and this friend, Pam, have known each other since Mike and Pam's son Trell were babies. So, going to visit is one of those comfortable experiences. It's always a nice visit. Pam is easy going, loves Matthew, loves chatting, and always has coffee and treats.
She also has numerous cats.
At the moment there are 3 cats - all are Siamese (though this is kind of a fluke - she had a siamese and then rescued 2 more).
I know Siamese cats are not known to be the world's friendliest cats, but these ones are. They let me pick them up, they tolerate, and occassionally play with Matthew. It's pretty adorable.
Granted I'm allergic to cats. But, I have 2 cats who I'm not that affected by, and I took an allergy pill before I got there.
It was pretty funny because as the evening went on I got stuffier and stuffier and sneezed about a million times. I tried to carry on a conversation.
It went a little like this: "work is *ACHOO* good but *ACHOO* rather *ACHOO* busy."
And, it got to be hilarious. I just kept sitting and sniffling. I was one of those annoying people who run you out of kleenex, and you think "haven't they heard of Claritin?" Except I have - and I took one!!!
Now that I'm home I'm much better. One more benadryl and then bed.

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