Saturday, September 02, 2006

Matt's First Crush & a Shout Out to My Sis

Sometimes people tell you really cool things - that make you feel really special. Tonight over cake for my dad's birthday my sister told me that she goes online every night to read my blog.
Lately life has been overwhelming. And, knowing someone who loves you cares enough to tune into your life every day. Well, that's just cool. Period.
And, Beck, someday I'll teach you how to comment :)

Now on to Matt's first crush.

One of my closest friends lives down the hall from me. Yep. I'm lucky. I know. And, I've said a million times how if Ginny hadn't been here in Matt's first year, well ... I don't know. It would have sucked for sure. And, the reason I got to know Ginny is pretty much because her younger daughter, Lindsey, is 4 days older than Matt. Her older daughter, Mackenzie, will be 4 in October.

And Matt has a big crush on Mackenzie.

At first I thought he just said her name a lot because it was close to his. We call Matt Matty and they call Mackenzie Mackie. So, I just thought he was saying Mackie cause he liked it. Well, Mackie is now "Kenzie" in his world, and he is enamored.

At the tender age of 2 he is already knocking on her door and talking about her constantly. I have to say, it's the cutest thing. Like, on the bus on Friday he started to sing - at the top of his lungs. What was he singing "Kenzie. Kenzie. I LUV Kenzie." over and over and over.

And, every day we go to the garbage chute - which happens to be across the hall from their unit. He always tries to run over and open the door. I usually manage to stop him. And he always tells me "that's where Kenzie lives." Yep. I know! I really do.

How long will this last? I don't know. A little birdie has told me that Mackenzie does ask about Matt too. Too sweet. Sadly, Mac is going to jr. kindergarten this year. Will there be an older man in her future.

Hello! who cares. Matt is 2. He'll get over it. But, let's be serious here for a second. As in-laws go ... well, let's just say that he would have pretty cool ones!!!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Park Mommies

I have discovered I have a love/hate relationship with other park mommies.

There are things I love. This includes the fact that they bring their children who happen to entertain my child. Since we go to the playground right outside the daycare, I know some of the parents and kids. This is nice. I like the camraderie. I like that the kids share their respective snacks (I am learning to bring candy or cereal not an apple which turns into the communal apple).

But then there are the things that I hate.

Like the bitchy moms - the ones that are too cool for their own good and who scoff at your child's outfit. Yes, I know that my son had on flourescent green girls' corderoy overalls in a size too small with a horrible blue and yellow striped hoody tank top on the other day. Do I look like someone who would dress her kid that way. NO! It's daycare clothes. He is toilet training. No comments needed.

I also hate the moms who bring 25 toys for their own child and then get mad when your toddler tries to play with them. Seriously, share toys or don't spread them out. That's stupid. And, cheap, and your kid needs to learn to share!!!

But despite the love/hate thing, I'm beginning to get into it just a little bit. The social thing is a pretty big deal. I like being friends with the other moms. I like that the cool, pink haired kind of renegade mom who is really up on her politics chooses me to chat with over the other moms who drool with envy at her coolness. I think it's because in addition to that "pshaw you wannabe popular moms out there" vibe that I send off (not) our kids get along.

I also have to admit that I am enjoying the gossip. I can't help it. I love gossip (I admit it I admit it) and mommy gossip can be infinitely more interesting than work gossip. I don't know why, but it is. I find it incredibly interesting and I feel that I further my son's social status by being in on the gossip. Sure he's only 2, but I do want him to get invited to the good birthday parties and have the fun friends. So really this is all for him.

So bring on the playgrounds ... I love them! (Thank god my child does too)

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Poo Post

I assume there comes a time in every mother's life when something happens that makes them physically sick.
I've been puked on, peed on, changed exploda-poo diapers. Yes they were gross, but I dealt with it.
But, now we have started that wonderful time in every toddler's life - TOILET TRAINING.
I have to admit, I'm not loving it. When our daycare administrator suggested that perhaps Matthew's fascination with the potty and his genitalia may be a sign that he is ready I told her that he may be ready, but I'm not.
And trust me. I'm not.
I watched my sister, queen of all moms, toilet train my niece. I saw the stress, the frustration and the grossness (and I got the phone calls - 'did you know that Kyla will only poop in the bath - is that weird?').
So, on the weekend we bought the pull ups, the underwear, everything, and we pulled out Matt's potty. Good times. He started peeing, and was pretty proud of himself. And every day I've been pulling the potty out, turning on treehouse and putting Matt on the potty as soon as he wakes up. This has gone quite well.
Till today - when he pooped!!!
Our potty (the Royal throne that plays music whenever the child pees/poos) started to sing, and Matt seemed done, so in I went to clean it up. But, Matt seemed over excited and was pointing. Perhaps it was a lot of pee.
Our first ever poop in the potty!!!
I know this is a milestone. Fantastic. Way to go Matt.
But, it was unexpected, and quite honestly I gagged. I don't know why. I have no idea why this was so repulsive to me. But, it was gross.
Luckily Mike was home, and quickly disposed of it.
Oh the fun!

Our singing potty!

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Ever changing Toddler

Matthew has changed a lot lately.
I don't know what has happened, what we have done, or really the reason, but it seems like Matty has changed a lot lately.
The little being who I didn't quite comprehend has changed, and it seemed like this has happened overnight.
I always had a really hard time understanding my son. The love was automatic, but the comprehension not so much. Ever since he was tiny he was not a cuddler. He nursed around the clock, he liked to be held, but it was never about snuggling and cuddling and just being with me. I always found that frustrating because I love touch.
But lately this has changed. Matthew has started asking me for cuddles. I know the doubters out there will tell me that this is just his way of trying to extend his bedtime. Yes, sometimes it is. I agree. But he also just seems to want to be with us. Take for instance tv watching. It was always alone on his couch or a chair. But, now he wants to be with us, sitting on our laps, our arms wrapped around him holding him.
I don't understand this change. Part of me loves it. I feel reassured that he's growing into a child who thrives on touch and knows we are always here for him. Sometimes I wonder if it's something darker, if we aren't around him as much, if he feels he needs protection. I hope it's the former.
But, the other side of him that has developed is this change in attention span. Forgive me for being a bad parent but this is amazing.
On Sunday morning he watched Dora for 2 straight hours. I sat and read a book and he watched. Occassionally he would demand milk, toast, candy or an apple, but most of the time he was watching and singing and dancing and shouting "Swiper no swiping."
I finally understand the passionate love parents have for shows like Dora and Thomas.
Honestly, I feel like I had it rough when Matty was little and I got no sleep. There was no Baby Einstein that he actually was transfixed on - nothing. So here I am with a toddler who will watch Dora.
Thank God!!!
I'm so letting the tv be the babysitter. Just for the next few weekends :)

Sunday, August 27, 2006

More pictures from the CNE

Matty asked me to take a picture of the tractor!

Some kids love the big animals - others hate them. Matt was fascinated and hugged them all.

I told Matthew he could go on one ride. All day he told me he wanted the Merry Go Round. He was so happy with his choice. He smiled the whole time

For some fun we went to the splash park at Ontario Place. It was pretty fun except that Matt wanted to run everywhere, so I had to chase him. Some aggressive 6 year olds thought it would be really fun to spray water at me every time I went past them. Geez. Okay - it was pretty funny - and I did dry off pretty quickly...

Ever since Matt was born we struggled with sleep issues. Surprisingly not one of the sleep books we read ever mentioned taking your toddler for a walk on the midway to help him drift off - maybe that's what they meant by "some sort of white noise." I don't think Ferber would approve!

The highlight of our day - both going and returning was the trip on the streetcar. Matt was such a big boy - walking up the steps on his own (while I lugged the stroller) and finding a seat. He was pretty excited and actually stayed in his seat.

At the end of the day I turned to him and said "so, did you have a good day?" He looked at me and said "it was perfect." My sentiments exactly!!