Sunday, August 27, 2006

More pictures from the CNE

Matty asked me to take a picture of the tractor!

Some kids love the big animals - others hate them. Matt was fascinated and hugged them all.

I told Matthew he could go on one ride. All day he told me he wanted the Merry Go Round. He was so happy with his choice. He smiled the whole time

For some fun we went to the splash park at Ontario Place. It was pretty fun except that Matt wanted to run everywhere, so I had to chase him. Some aggressive 6 year olds thought it would be really fun to spray water at me every time I went past them. Geez. Okay - it was pretty funny - and I did dry off pretty quickly...

Ever since Matt was born we struggled with sleep issues. Surprisingly not one of the sleep books we read ever mentioned taking your toddler for a walk on the midway to help him drift off - maybe that's what they meant by "some sort of white noise." I don't think Ferber would approve!

The highlight of our day - both going and returning was the trip on the streetcar. Matt was such a big boy - walking up the steps on his own (while I lugged the stroller) and finding a seat. He was pretty excited and actually stayed in his seat.

At the end of the day I turned to him and said "so, did you have a good day?" He looked at me and said "it was perfect." My sentiments exactly!!


Haley-O said...

Oh wow! That is so sweet! He had a "perfect" day. What more can a mom ask for, huh? :) Mat is so adorable! :)

I have to get to the CNE, still.... Haven't been yet this year....

Nabeel said...

we have the same kinda green truck inone of the museums here in Chicago and plus we have the same kinda swimming pool facility in one of the north suburbs .. it was just interesting to see similarities.