Friday, September 01, 2006

The Park Mommies

I have discovered I have a love/hate relationship with other park mommies.

There are things I love. This includes the fact that they bring their children who happen to entertain my child. Since we go to the playground right outside the daycare, I know some of the parents and kids. This is nice. I like the camraderie. I like that the kids share their respective snacks (I am learning to bring candy or cereal not an apple which turns into the communal apple).

But then there are the things that I hate.

Like the bitchy moms - the ones that are too cool for their own good and who scoff at your child's outfit. Yes, I know that my son had on flourescent green girls' corderoy overalls in a size too small with a horrible blue and yellow striped hoody tank top on the other day. Do I look like someone who would dress her kid that way. NO! It's daycare clothes. He is toilet training. No comments needed.

I also hate the moms who bring 25 toys for their own child and then get mad when your toddler tries to play with them. Seriously, share toys or don't spread them out. That's stupid. And, cheap, and your kid needs to learn to share!!!

But despite the love/hate thing, I'm beginning to get into it just a little bit. The social thing is a pretty big deal. I like being friends with the other moms. I like that the cool, pink haired kind of renegade mom who is really up on her politics chooses me to chat with over the other moms who drool with envy at her coolness. I think it's because in addition to that "pshaw you wannabe popular moms out there" vibe that I send off (not) our kids get along.

I also have to admit that I am enjoying the gossip. I can't help it. I love gossip (I admit it I admit it) and mommy gossip can be infinitely more interesting than work gossip. I don't know why, but it is. I find it incredibly interesting and I feel that I further my son's social status by being in on the gossip. Sure he's only 2, but I do want him to get invited to the good birthday parties and have the fun friends. So really this is all for him.

So bring on the playgrounds ... I love them! (Thank god my child does too)


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Lisa b said...

There are MOMs at the parks you go to?
Sigh. Its just me and the nannies most days.

myredwagon said...

Other moms tend to annoy me. Sometimes it's just just easier hanging out with my childless friends, because there is no competition, judgement or advice giving.