Monday, August 28, 2006

My Ever changing Toddler

Matthew has changed a lot lately.
I don't know what has happened, what we have done, or really the reason, but it seems like Matty has changed a lot lately.
The little being who I didn't quite comprehend has changed, and it seemed like this has happened overnight.
I always had a really hard time understanding my son. The love was automatic, but the comprehension not so much. Ever since he was tiny he was not a cuddler. He nursed around the clock, he liked to be held, but it was never about snuggling and cuddling and just being with me. I always found that frustrating because I love touch.
But lately this has changed. Matthew has started asking me for cuddles. I know the doubters out there will tell me that this is just his way of trying to extend his bedtime. Yes, sometimes it is. I agree. But he also just seems to want to be with us. Take for instance tv watching. It was always alone on his couch or a chair. But, now he wants to be with us, sitting on our laps, our arms wrapped around him holding him.
I don't understand this change. Part of me loves it. I feel reassured that he's growing into a child who thrives on touch and knows we are always here for him. Sometimes I wonder if it's something darker, if we aren't around him as much, if he feels he needs protection. I hope it's the former.
But, the other side of him that has developed is this change in attention span. Forgive me for being a bad parent but this is amazing.
On Sunday morning he watched Dora for 2 straight hours. I sat and read a book and he watched. Occassionally he would demand milk, toast, candy or an apple, but most of the time he was watching and singing and dancing and shouting "Swiper no swiping."
I finally understand the passionate love parents have for shows like Dora and Thomas.
Honestly, I feel like I had it rough when Matty was little and I got no sleep. There was no Baby Einstein that he actually was transfixed on - nothing. So here I am with a toddler who will watch Dora.
Thank God!!!
I'm so letting the tv be the babysitter. Just for the next few weekends :)

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