Friday, April 27, 2007

Rainy Days Call For Fancy Jackets

Yesterday I got the funniest e-mail from my sister.
It turns out that the really cool puppy dog raincoat I had bought for my older niece Kyla was no longer a hit with her.
Last year I bought both Kyla and Matt raincoats that made them look like animals. Matthew has the froggie jacket and Kyla has the dalmation jacket. Matthew still loves his. Kyla, not so much.
It turns out that the kids in junior kindergarten were making fun of my niece.
An excerpt, as written by Becky (my sis):

So, Kyla's been complaining about the dog coat you got her - apparently what was cool last year, is causing her some problems this year. She says that when she puts her hood up because of the rain everyone says she looks like a dog. She will wear the rain coat but only if she has her cinderella umbrella with her to she can use that instead of putting up the dreaded hood of the coat. She's telling me all this this morning as I'm making her put it on. Paige takes one look at her in her coat and says "woof-woof". It was too funny! I'm trying to get Paige to shut up and to get Kyla to stop crying... When the dilemma is solved, I'll pass the jacket to you and Matty can wear it. I get the impression he would just slug the kid that bothered to call him a dog instead of disolve into tears.

When I read this I could not stop laughing, while at the same time feeling sorry for my niece. I mean the poor child is being called a dog.

Luckily I work very close to a store that sells rain coats. So I went to see what they had available. Luckily they carried the entire Kidorable line, which included some very feminine, and distinctly un-doglike raincoats for little girls.

Last night I went over to see Kyla, and assuage my guilt with this lovely new plastic offering (that came complete with a matching flowered hanger.) I also came bearing gifts for my younger niece. My friend's daughter (who was visiting our office yesterday) gave me the coolest butterfly umbrella for my niece. So, Kyla got a raincoat. Paige got an umbrella.

When I gave Kyla the coat I said "So, that now your friends can't call you a dog." Paige, who is almost 2, heard the word dog and started walking around saying "woof. woof." I could totally see why this would annoy Kyla to no end. Luckily we got Paige back on the word butterfly (cause of the umbrella) and Kyla tried on her new jacket to which she said:
"Great! Now they will call me a flower" (it turns out this is a good thing).

And as we all know ... April showers bring May flowers.

Aren't they cute??

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Underage Drinking ... and me!

I have been of legal drinking age for 9 years now.
I have been carded many times, but really not in ages ... Until tonight.
It was my friend's birthday today. I should point out that we work together and we are both legal drinking age.
So we thought nothing of going to Jack Astor's for a drink. We sat at the bar and ordered. The waitress looked at us and said "can i see some id?"
I laughed, but she was serious.
My friend didnt have any id. So the manager decided we could stay - but not drink alcohol (not even me!)
We decided to leave, after of course, bumping into a friend from work who enjoyed the humour in it.
Next bar.
Same thing.
We order drinks. They ask for id! Huh?
My friend swares she is never asked. I am rarely asked.
Bar #3.
At this point we were beginning to feel we needed a drink. We came up with a plan. Go in. Have a very serious conversation. When server comes over i will order 2 coronas. Go back to conversation. We debated sending my friend to the bathroom while I ordered, but we thought that may be too obvious and also, we werent sure of the legalities. (what happens if you order a drink for someone with no i.d.? Do they call the cops or are you just kicked out?)
The plan worked. Okay, really, I'd been to that bar a couple of times before and the person recognized me.
No i.d. was requested. Thank GOD!
We had a fun evening!
And I went home feeling very youthful.
And really, im not worried about the calories consumed because I know we burned them all off laughing at ourselves.

Workin' It!!!

Since I came clean with my confession this week, I didn't want to leave everyone hanging.
I went to my meeting today.
I decided to go to one mid-day, because I've been before, and it's always nice to see a nice smiling face when you have to shed all dignity, step on a scale, and weigh yourself.
This week I was focused. Seriously focused. I journaled. I exercised. I did everything I needed to do. And, I felt an amazing amount of control coming back into my life.
I know - it's weird. But it's totally true.
I turned down ice cream and junk food. And I got into the exercise. I bought shiny new running shoes, and I ran my butt off.
And, it wasn't bad. In fact, I started to enjoy it.
I didn't realize how little water I've been drinking throughout the day. Nor did I realize just how much crap I've really been eating.
Journaling every day made me watch what went in my mouth.
And ... the results?!?!
I lost 4 pounds!!! Seriously. Four pounds in one week.
I know that this is the thing with first weeks. When you have slacked off for awhile and then suddenly get back to it, the first week tends to be extra good.
But still!!!!
Plus, this puts me much closer to the goal I have set for myself.
I think I'm going to go get myself some lovely new lululemon pants to celebrate!!!
And THANK YOU to everyone who commented and made me realize that this is not something to be ashamed of. I held my head up a little bit higher this week.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Things You Don't Want to Hear ...

Last night we were over at my sister's place.
The kids (4,3 & almost 2) were downstairs playing happily while we had coffee.
Suddenly we hear the youngest start crying.

Matthew: "Mommy. Paige is crying."
Me: "Why is she crying, Matt?"
Matthew: "Paige is sad because I'm being the doctor."

You have never seen 4 adults move so quickly!!!

Maybe the kids are not quite ready to play alone.