Friday, April 27, 2007

Rainy Days Call For Fancy Jackets

Yesterday I got the funniest e-mail from my sister.
It turns out that the really cool puppy dog raincoat I had bought for my older niece Kyla was no longer a hit with her.
Last year I bought both Kyla and Matt raincoats that made them look like animals. Matthew has the froggie jacket and Kyla has the dalmation jacket. Matthew still loves his. Kyla, not so much.
It turns out that the kids in junior kindergarten were making fun of my niece.
An excerpt, as written by Becky (my sis):

So, Kyla's been complaining about the dog coat you got her - apparently what was cool last year, is causing her some problems this year. She says that when she puts her hood up because of the rain everyone says she looks like a dog. She will wear the rain coat but only if she has her cinderella umbrella with her to she can use that instead of putting up the dreaded hood of the coat. She's telling me all this this morning as I'm making her put it on. Paige takes one look at her in her coat and says "woof-woof". It was too funny! I'm trying to get Paige to shut up and to get Kyla to stop crying... When the dilemma is solved, I'll pass the jacket to you and Matty can wear it. I get the impression he would just slug the kid that bothered to call him a dog instead of disolve into tears.

When I read this I could not stop laughing, while at the same time feeling sorry for my niece. I mean the poor child is being called a dog.

Luckily I work very close to a store that sells rain coats. So I went to see what they had available. Luckily they carried the entire Kidorable line, which included some very feminine, and distinctly un-doglike raincoats for little girls.

Last night I went over to see Kyla, and assuage my guilt with this lovely new plastic offering (that came complete with a matching flowered hanger.) I also came bearing gifts for my younger niece. My friend's daughter (who was visiting our office yesterday) gave me the coolest butterfly umbrella for my niece. So, Kyla got a raincoat. Paige got an umbrella.

When I gave Kyla the coat I said "So, that now your friends can't call you a dog." Paige, who is almost 2, heard the word dog and started walking around saying "woof. woof." I could totally see why this would annoy Kyla to no end. Luckily we got Paige back on the word butterfly (cause of the umbrella) and Kyla tried on her new jacket to which she said:
"Great! Now they will call me a flower" (it turns out this is a good thing).

And as we all know ... April showers bring May flowers.

Aren't they cute??


Ruthie said...

They look so precious! I love the jackets.

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Absolutely, hands down adorable! We saw the jacket on the right when looking for the bunny, but when left to her own devices...she chose the GREEN one--a frog! Cute too.

Anonymous said...

I love it!
Why can't adults have that much fun??