Sunday, April 29, 2007

I Love LuLuLemon ... and Matt's Green "Cwocs"

I have fallen in love with Lululemon.
It's not that I've never been to the store before. I have. I've just never bought anything.
There's a couple of reasons for this. The first is that as much as I love their pants I just couldn't picture myself in them. I wanted a slightly better body image. The second is that they are expensive, which is fine if you stay one size, but I wanted to be a little more size stable before I spent the money. (I kind of am)
Yesterday my husband spontaneously suggested we go to the store.
It really was the best experience ever.
The staff were so friendly. The woman who was helping me choose the pants was amazingly helpful. She wasn't pushy, but she definitely steered me in the right direction. And, when I said that I wanted to try a tank top on with the pants, she found the perfect one.
It took awhile for me to find the perfect pants, and Mike and Matt were hanging out in the changeroom area waiting. The changeroom people were so nice to Matt. They were offering stickers, and chatting to him while I was getting changed. And when he got a little bratty, they were totally cool (Mike was pretty on top of it, but some people give you the death glare). They even let him have his own changeroom to play in and wrote his name on the board which was beyond nice.
Anyway ...
I ended up with the Reverse Groove pants. And, they totally made me go a size down which was really flattering. I loved the pants! (though I have to wait a week while they hem them)
And the top ... AMAZING!
I truly did not understand the appeal of the uber-expensive tank top until I tried one on. I fell instantly in love with this white tank top. Not only was it designed really nicely, but it's totally designed so you don't need to wear a bra underneath. When the woman told me that I almost laughed at her. I knew better - I've tried on many many shirts where no additional bra was required, and though this may be true for the less endowed, let's just say I would never consider going out of the house without a bra.
But, this tank top. Totally true to it's word. It was amazing. I'm not sure I would run without my beloved sports bra underneath. But, still. It was pretty amazing.
So I ended up leaving with the pretty white tank top. LOVE it.

And, since we were at the mall we decided to finally go and get Matt some Crocs. The daycare is not a big fan of sandals because kids injure their toes too often (weird rule, eh?). But, since the invention of crocs this rule is not a concern for me.
We took Matt to choose out his own pair of Crocs. He's pretty in love with his Diego running shoes, which actually have holes in them, so he wasn't too keen on buying new shoes. But, after I explained that Kyla has a pair and that all the cool kids (really, I did say this. Mike was not impressed) were wearing them, he actually relented and chose a pair.
He went with the bright lime green pair. They really are super adorable.
I wasn't sure if he would wear them, but he totally got into it.
By the end of the day yesterday he kept saying "I love my cwocs. I love my green crowcs."
But, really they are great shoes. He can get them on and off by himself, and if he walks in the mud we can just wash them off. The man at Sporting Life told me that once you get a pair you tend to want a couple of other colours. We'll see about that. But, I'm loving the green ones!
But, for the record, I totally think crocs on adults are not a good fashion statement. I mean, they have a place, at the beach or the cottage or gardening. But, other than ... I don't know.

And, today Matt has decided that he wants to wear big boy underwear. Hooray!!!


Lisa b said...

My friend took me into lululemon in the summer and lets just say it was expensive. I only went in bc every time before I had hated the pants but this time I found several cute pairs and that top. I totally love it.
Of course then I got pregnant so I had better fit back into all of it!

My daycare requires closed toe sandals. I thought they just didn't want them crying when their buddies stepped on their toes.

Michael said...

Certainly was a great shopping experience. I might even have to go back to get something for myself ;)

Anonymous said...

I have yet to try on a pair of crocs. I don't think they look comfy; however, they do appear to be the ultimate gardening shoes!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

That's awesome about the pants (I have never been to the store, myself), and super awesome that it was at the hubby's suggestion--he gets you!

Crocs, gotta love 'em! The bunny's feet are still too small for them, but mine aren't :) I love my Crocs. I got a pair last fall and they instantly became my "indoor" shoes--I don't like slippers. They are SO comfy and if I decide to take them outdoors, I can just wash them off and they become indoor shoes almost instantly! I agree that they aren't the biggest fashion statement in the world, but when you are running after a toddler all day--they are awesome and I wouldn't trade them in for anything! In fact, I just might know that a second pair may be coming my way soon--ahem--Mother's Day!

ali said...

reverse groove's are the best pants in the world! love them!

ZoeyBella said...

I like LuLuLemon's logo and the pants fit really well - even on my curves!

Well written blog, by the way. Keep up the great work!

Ruthie said...

Where can I find this tank top?

I have never found a tank top that doesn't actually require a bra. I'm a 36DD.

I must have this tank top. Do they have an online store?