Saturday, May 05, 2007

Memories of OCS

Last night was a pretty special evening.
The elementary school I attended as a little girl had a 25th anniversary gala.
Sometimes things like this are cheesy. To me this was pretty special. My parents were very dedicated to this school when I was a little girl. They helped to found it, and put a lot of time and energy (along with other amazing people) to create a school that would give me and thousands of other children a good foundation in life.
Growing up it was just a part of my life.
As a mother I get it. I understand how much my parents sacrificed - both financially and timewise to do this for us. It was pretty amazing to see how far the school has come.
It was also pretty amazing to see some of the people who are still there.
How's this for irony - my favourite teacher of all time was my grade 2 teacher. (She was there - though I also see her occassionally). Last night there was a silent auction and one of the prizes was a few hours of babysitting from the grade 7/8 students.
I bid on a couple of different babysitters. Guess who will be babysitting my son for 4 hours one day? You guessed it - my grade 2 teacher's daughter.
I love it!!!
And, it turns out she lives just around the corner.
I can't wait! Her mom came over thrilled to tell me. And, I was shocked and delighted.
Some of the evening's highlights for me included seeing friends and teachers I hadn't seen in years. The headmaster from when I first attended was there. I always had huge admiration for and just a little bit of fear of him.
I have to admit, I had the same mix of emotions when I saw him last night.
I got hugs from people I hadn't see in years. And, people saw me and were thrilled to see I'd grown up to be happy, healthy and have a family of my own.
It was a wonderful evening.

My grade 1 teacher (Lynn Paterson), me, my grade 2 teacher (Janet Black)
They used to seem so tall!

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kate said...

It was a special occasion for your dad and me because when you were little we had a vision that one day you and your sister would grow up to be fabulous young women with wonderful families of your own. And here you both are fulfilling that vision, partly thanks to this great school and the wonderful staff.It was a spectaular night in so many ways.