Monday, April 30, 2007

Granola Bars and Sushi

I remember watching those Quaker Chewy commercials, where every time a kid started to say something embarrassing a parent would stuff their child's face with a granola bar.
I used to think that ad was stupid.
Then today Matthew waited in line with me at the GO station while I was buying a monthly pass (it was a long wait, so Mike brought him in).
He came running up to me and shouted "Mommy! Are you my girl?"
That was pretty cute. Then I started to ask about his day. He told me all about another kid hitting him and he told me all about painting. And then out of the blue he shouted "hey! do you want to see my penis?"
I changed topics.
Then he said "Daddy snores. Daddy is a pig who snores." Crap.
Someone please pass the granola bars!
At least it entertained everyone in line.
And, on a completely unrelated topic, Mike and I have been on a bit of a health kick/kick to try to find healthy foods that we like.
For the last several years I have hated sushi. I tried it once. And I thought it was gross. I know it's so healthy. In the world of Weight Watchers it's super low in points. I've kind of been annoyed that I don't enjoy it.
For some reason Mike decided to buy a pack of veggie sushi at the grocery store today.
And we cracked it open. At first bite I hated it. But I decided to eat the whole thing. And guess what?! I liked it!!! Like I could not get enough of it. I feel like I've been converted to a whole new world of deliciousness.
In the past few days I have rediscovered salmon (actually, surprisingly high in points, but yummy and healthy, homemade salsa, a passion for adding curry to food and now sushi. Add this to the fact that I'm eating healthy flax seed infused cereal, tons of fruit and vegetables and cottage cheese.
Add the fact that I'm working on this whole running thing.
I feel like I'm really on some super health kick.
The surprising thing about all of this ... I'm enjoying it! I'm loving new foods, challenging myself with exercise and feeling healthier. Weird. But, don't misunderstand ... if anyone's cracking open the sour cream and onion chips count me in. I'm enjoying being healthy, but I'm not giving up the junk food any time soon. I'm not crazy you know!!!!
Plus ... my birthday is coming up soon and I plan to fully enjoy a delicious dinner of fajitas at Lonestar. yum yum.


Haley-O said...

You are being so inspiring! Look at YOU! And, mmmm....I've been craving (fishless) sushi lately -- must do something about that!

The Girl Who Loves to Knit said...


I SIMPLY KNEW IT - you would convert some day...sushi and non-berry flavoured tea.... that's the next step.

*Evil cackle*.... not so evil - but slightly sinister because I KNEW IT!

Laural said...

Bwah ha ha ha ha
Never shall I drink non-flavoured tea (okay, except timmies steeped tea with cream and sugar - but why bother?)
I'm a coffee girl.
But the sushi thing surprised me.
What are you doing for lunch today? Sushi???

Ruthie said...

Did you say "Veggie sushi?"

Is there no raw fish in it, then? Is it like a vegetarian burger? Because I think maybe I could handle sushi if, you know, it didn't have raw fish.