Saturday, March 31, 2007

How Long till The Terrible Two's Are Over???

We're less than a week away from 3. I've enjoyed Matthew being 2. Mostly. I don't generally give in to the whole "terrible two's" theory. I can say that I 100% enjoyed 2 over the newborn stage and have often thought if I have a second child I would like to adopt a 2-year-old.
However ...
These temper tantrums.
Today we went through temper tantrum hell. I'm thinking, and hoping, it was Matthew's last two-year-old hurrah.
First we had gymnastics. The facility we go to is gigantic. And Matthew had a complete temper tantrum. He was on the floor kicking and screaming. I think every single person in the gym could hear his wails of wanting to play in the sponge pit.
I tried EVERYTHING to calm him down. Five minutes later he did calm down when I let him do a sommersault on a mat (ironically the temper tantrum was because he did not want to do a sommersault in the first place).
But, on went the day and it wasn't that eventful. Until I took Matt to the grocery store.
All I wanted to do was get stuff for dinner. We are fortunate to live across the street, so we just walk over and pick up what we need, visit the fish and head home. Matt enjoys it. I enjoy it. We kill some time and get some dinner.
But again, an easy visit was not in the cards. Why? Because Matthew DID.NOT.WANT. TO. GO. IN. THE. CART. okay. he also did not want to walk. Or be held. He wanted to scream. So, as everyone on a nice, busy Saturday afternoon was doing their shopping my son was wailing. and wailing. and wailing.
I finally took him over to the little coffee shop area. I tried to calm him down. I tried to compromise and I finally just let him cry. And, for the first time in ages I felt like a truly horrible parent. People were staring. One lady commented. But, now that I'm a veteran mom of a toddler I was able to block it.
And then just as suddenly as the temper tantrum started it stopped. And Matthew said to me
"Mommy. I am very thirsty. Can I sit in the cart and have a drink?"
And then it was fine. I got him a drink. He sat in the cart. We had a very productive shopping trip.
And I wondered to myself whether or not the temper tantrums will end next Friday. I'm kind of hoping they will. I'm kind of thinking they won't.
We're now debating ending the evening with a trip to Chapters ... I'm thinking I'll test out the promise of the store manager that my child is welcome ANY TIME. We'll see ....

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Randomness

Did you know I actually look forward to Wednesdays now because of America's Next Top Model? LOVE it. In an addictive kind of way.
What I also love is the slightly (more) obsessed people out there who enjoy writing the re-caps. I do not have the time or ambition or obsessive nature to write a re-cap. So here is a really good one. It's hilarious. What's also hilarious is in this week's recap the guy refers to someone as a Twink. And, though I never knew the meaning of the word until my good friend, who I nicknamed Twink explained it to me, I love the nickname.
So ... enjoy. It's funny.
And in more randomness, cause today is the day for it, a new Matthewism.
Last night I went upstairs to bed and Matt was in my bed. Wide awake. So I cuddled in next to him and he got all excited and gave me a hug.
And then said to me (while rubbing my face) "Mommy, let's make some deals."
The child is almost 3.
He was trying to convince me to
a) let him watch Treehouse
b) go downstairs for awhile
c) play some games.
I said "one deal. you go to sleep."
He said "No Mommy. Two deals. First I play. Then I go to sleep."
Looks like 3 may be just as challenging as 2.
Who wants to make a deal?
And, finally, what is up with Facebook? I keep getting added. I love it. It's like all of my friends are suddenly appearing on Facebook. And, then Bloggers, like one of the coolest bloggers out there added me today. I know. Really. I'm a big dork.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Coffee & Keyboards Don't Mix

Have you ever had one of those moments where you just laugh.
Tonight was one of those nights for me.
My sister came over for coffee after we went to the gym. Matt was playing and being silly while my sister and I went on Facebook. (we both just recently discovered this). The one thing that really bugs me is when people don't put pictures on their profiles. And that's what Becky had. A BIG.GIANT.QUESTION MARK.
The thing is, Becky is stunningly pretty - so the question mark did not do her justice. (trust me - when we were younger we would go shopping together and people would stop her to complement her)
Since we couldn't find a really good picture, and since Becky is convinced she doesn't have a good picture of herself, I put this as her profile picture.
I forgot just how funny this picture was. And, the look of shock and horror on her face, combined with the moment, and just how funny the picture was I burst out laughing.
The only problem ...
My mouth was full of coffee.
The shock turned to horror when the computer froze and we couldn't get rid of the picture.
It was hilarious. And, to add to the moment Matt chose that moment to hop up on a chair and bow and say "thank you. Thank you so much."
I haven't laughed that hard in ages.


On another note, several people have asked me why I haven't blogged about switching jobs. Truthfully, I'm happy and it's great and I like it. I just don't want to blog about work.