Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Wednesday Afternoon Randomness

Did you know I actually look forward to Wednesdays now because of America's Next Top Model? LOVE it. In an addictive kind of way.
What I also love is the slightly (more) obsessed people out there who enjoy writing the re-caps. I do not have the time or ambition or obsessive nature to write a re-cap. So here is a really good one. It's hilarious. What's also hilarious is in this week's recap the guy refers to someone as a Twink. And, though I never knew the meaning of the word until my good friend, who I nicknamed Twink explained it to me, I love the nickname.
So ... enjoy. It's funny.
And in more randomness, cause today is the day for it, a new Matthewism.
Last night I went upstairs to bed and Matt was in my bed. Wide awake. So I cuddled in next to him and he got all excited and gave me a hug.
And then said to me (while rubbing my face) "Mommy, let's make some deals."
The child is almost 3.
He was trying to convince me to
a) let him watch Treehouse
b) go downstairs for awhile
c) play some games.
I said "one deal. you go to sleep."
He said "No Mommy. Two deals. First I play. Then I go to sleep."
Looks like 3 may be just as challenging as 2.
Who wants to make a deal?
And, finally, what is up with Facebook? I keep getting added. I love it. It's like all of my friends are suddenly appearing on Facebook. And, then Bloggers, like one of the coolest bloggers out there added me today. I know. Really. I'm a big dork.


Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Wow! You have one smart little cookie on your hands--watch out!!! Making deals already?!

Facebook has exploded like crazy!!!

ali said...

i'm slightly addicted to facebook. i'm finding all these people i went to high school with and haven't seen since.

did you just call me one of the coolest bloggers??!! i'm totally blushing :)

Ruthie said...

I didn't watch ANTM last night because I was so annoyed by last week and Tyra's hypocrisy.

Who got kicked off?

Anonymous said...

I totally love Mr Jay

Haley-O said...

LD! ;) I love love love ANTM. And, I totally look forward to it like you do! ;)

I refuse to do facebook. I keep getting invited and never do it. I figure do enough online, you know?

Laural Dawn said...

So ... last week Diana got kicked off. It was a really good one. And, I think it was time for Diana to get kicked off.
And, yeah. Facebook is really fun ... in moderation!!!