Friday, January 04, 2008

Birthday Plans

Despite the fact that I've been almost obsessively planning for the birth of the new baby (seriously, my husband gets weekly to-do lists) one important thing that I have not forgotten is Matthew's upcoming birthday.
As long as all goes according to plan, I'll be having a c-section in 11 weeks from today.
Matthew's birthday is 12 weeks from today.
And, yes, we will be having a birthday party.
I know that sounds a little crazy, but when your child is in school or daycare, birthday parties become a huge deal. Matt talks about his constantly. And, I really don't want to let his birthday fall through the cracks.
Four is a big deal. He gets it this year.
For months he has been talking about his birthday party. He wants it at "the tree store" which is a local indoor playground that we booked last year. He has created his list of friends. Well, it's a changing list of friends that varies in age from his one-year-old second cousin to his 98 year old great grandad, but there are some constants such as his cousins and his friend Austin.
And now we are on to a theme.
Last year's theme was Monster Trucks.
This year we are having a fire truck theme.
I'll be honest, I'm getting a little nervous about it all. I mean, excited, yes, but worried that we won't pull it off.
Can we even bring a 2 week old to an indoor playground? Matthew has made it clear that even if I'm sick I will still be at his party. And if I go I think the baby goes.
Actually, I think we're a little insane.
Who books a birthday party 2 weeks after a c-section? I think I may be calling in the WonderMommies for a little crowd control (we shall discuss over coffee and pedicures) and hope that it all turns out well.
How stressful can a birthday party be? Ha. Not stressful at all :)

Monday, December 31, 2007


I try hard to be a good mom.
My husband tries hard to be a good day.
And, occassionally we screw up. Our plans not to argue in front of our child don't always work out. We shout when we shouldn't. We have a short fuse at times. And, sometimes we step back and worry that perhaps we should be better parents.
But, then there are the days when we realize that despite the craziness of our lives, and the stress that comes along with it, that maybe we're not doing such a bad job.

Yesterday Matthew drew a picture of us, as a family.(and, since when can he draw people???).
To me it was a pretty amazing moment.
I've posted it below, but feel free to enlarge it. Matt explained it to me in detail.
It's Mommy and Daddy holding hands because we love each other. Matthew is holding Daddy's hand because I have a baby in my tummy.

So, maybe I'm not perfect all the time. But, if this is how Matt views his family I think we're doing pretty well.

Happy New Year's everyone!!!