Friday, October 06, 2006

Thansgiving Already ...

As I write this it's Saturday morning. Our dinner with my in-laws is tonight, and I volunteered to make dinner.
I love making Thanksgiving dinner and Christmas dinner. I feel like the total domestic goddess that I am not most days of the year. I love the cooking and the baking and just gernally being in control of the kitchen.
Except ...
I left myself a little short this year.
This past week was - extremely busy. The good news is that there's lots for usto be grateful for after this past week. But, grateful or not, it left me little time to prepare.
So here we are at 8:30 on Saturday morning with a whole ton of stuff to do before dinner at 5 today.
We already made the pumpkin cheesecake. But it's a 45 minute recipe that has been baking for about an hour and 15 minutes. Matthew and I have, in the meantime, made 2 pumpkin pies - about ready to go in the oven and prepared the cranberries.
Once that stuff goes in the oven (who knew you could bake cranberry sauce? My mom taught me the stove top method) I will get the turkey going, make the stuffing, etc etc.
Thank goodness I thought to thaw the turkey!
Last year at Thanksgiving I also made dinner. Except Matthew was younger, and wasn't exactly that helpful. We were also living in a crappy apartment with a bad oven and very little counter space. The condo isn't huge - but there is a lot more counter space the oven works way better and we have a dishwasher. So, lots to be thankful for.

My turkey turned out beautifully - and bonus - I made delicious cranberry auce that my father in law couldn't get enough of - apparently this was the first time he ever enjoyed cranberry sauce

PS The pumpkin cheesecake was gross!!!

While I was cooking Matt decided to try on my glasses. I know it's really unsafe, but I had to take a picture. It was cute!!!

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

It's just a rash

Today, in the middle of a crazy day at work, I got a heart stopping phone call.
Matt's teacher called me to ask me to come pick up Matthew.
"Don't worry, Matthew's okay," were her first words. That was reassuring, until she added, "But you should come and pick him up because he's not well, he has a rash and asked me to call you."
I pretty much got up, walked across to my co-worker and told her I had to go.
Thankfully she said "Go. I can turn off your computer, just go."
I took a breath, went to tell my boss who had the same reaction, and left. I think I was out of there in about 4 minutes. En route to the bus I bumped into another work friend who managed to tell me that Matt was fine.
I made it all the way to the daycare without freaking out.
It turned out that the rash was actually a really bad diaper rash. I know diaper rash is normal in kids, but this was brutal. Kayla, his teacher, said he was hysterical whenever she had to change him. They actually had to bring in an extra staff member to help change him. It was not fun.
But, then he had some spots on his face too. They thought it may have been chicken pox.
So, Mike, who also left work early, and I took Matt to the doctor.
The diaper rash was bad. We got a prescription. He should be okay.
The chicken pox.
Well ... those would be mosquito bites. Yep. Mosquito bites.
You never know.